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PlaceViewDateReferenceArtistArtist qualification
animalSouth Down ewe, bred by Mr Ellman of Glynd, Sussex1797Lambert, James, I
animalSouth Down ram, bred by Mr Ellman of Glynd, Sussex1797Lambert, James, I
ArlingtonMichelham Priory 11784Grimm, S.H.
ArlingtonMichelham Priory 21784Grimm, S.H.
ArundelCastle, the Keep1782Grimm, S.H.
BattleAbbey 1, from W1761Grose, Francis
BattleAbbey 2, from SE1762Grose, Francis
BattleChurch, brass of John Wythines1777Grose, Francis
BattlePowdermill House1815Harvey, Mary
Bishopstonechurch, font1777Grose, Francis
BodiamCastle 1, from SW1777Grose, Francis
BodiamCastle 2, from N1777Grose, Francis
BodiamChurch, brass of woman in shroud1777Grose, Francis
BodiamCastle, interior looking N1784Grimm, S.H.
BoshamChurch, crypt1778Grimm, S.H.
BoxgrovechurchHarding, James Duffield
BoxgrovePriory1761Grose, Francis
BoxgroveHalnaker House from SW1782Grimm, S.H.
BramberCastle1760Grose, Francis
BramberChurch1761Grose, Francis
Bramberchurch from N1820Prout, Samuel
BredePlace1774Grimm, S.H.
Brightonchurch: font, 2 platesGrose, Francis
Brightonblockhouse1761Grose, Francis
ChichesterCross, as in 1715; inset, clock added in 1724, and plan1715anon. before 1816
ChichesterVicars’ Close1778Grimm, S.H.
ChichesterTown Hall, formerly Greyfriars, interior1780Grimm, S.H.
ClaphamMichelgrove1760anon. before 1816
Crowhurstruins at1785Moore, James
Dentonchurch, font1777Grose, Francis
EasebourneCowdray, from NE1781Grimm, S.H.
EasebourneCowdray, from W1782Grimm, S.H.
EasebourneCowdray, inner front from the gateway1782Grimm, S.H.
EasebournePriory1782Grimm, S.H.
EasebourneCowdray, court from lodging house by Mr Russell corrected by F. Grose1783Grimm, S.H.
EasebourneCowdray, from S1785Grimm, S.H.
EasebourneCowdray, from N1786Grimm, S.H.
FelphamWilliam Blake's cottage, with the Virgin Ololon descendingBlake, William
FelphamThe Turret (also the Cell), home of William Hayley1810Engleheart, George
FelphamThe Cell, home of William Hayley, with key to the rooms1810Engleheart, George
FernhurstVerdley Castle1782Grimm, S.H.
FernhurstVerdley Castle, plan1782Grimm, S.H.
FletchingSheffield Place20th May 1777Grose, Francis
FrantBayham abbey1760Forrest, Theophilus
FrantHigh Rocks near Tunbridge Wells, from S.1802Lambert, James, I
Grinstead, Eastentrance from the Lewes road1795Latrobe, Benjamin Henry
Grinstead, EastBrambletye, ruins1830Carr, Mary
Harting, SouthUppark1707Knyff, Leonard
HastingsWhite RockMunn, Paul Sandby
HastingsCastle, planGreen, William
HastingsCastle 2, from NW1759Green, William
HastingsCastle 1, distant, from W1760Grose, Francis
HerstmonceuxCastle 2, Great Hall1776Grimm, S.H.after James Lambert II
HerstmonceuxCastle 3, Green Court from S1776Grimm, S.H.after James Lambert II
HerstmonceuxCastle 4, porter’s lodge1776Grimm, S.H.after James Lambert II
HerstmonceuxCastle 1, from SE1776Grimm, S.H.after James Lambert II
Hever [Kent]Hever Castle1788Lambert, James, I
Knowle [Kent]Knowle1784Lambert, James, I
LamberhurstScotney Castle1783Verner
LewesGrave stoneLambert, James, Iprobably
LewesGundrada's tombLambert, James, Iprobably
LewesSt John-sub-Castro from SGrose, Francis
LewesSt James’s hospital, planGreen, William
LewesPriory 1, with castle in distance, from S1761Grose, Francis
LewesPriory 21761Grose, Francis
LewesCastle1762Grose, Francis
LewesSt James’s hospital1762Grose, Francis
LewesCastle, plan1762Green, William
LewesPriory1776Bunbury, Henry William
LinchmereShulbrede PrioryGrose, Francis
MayfieldPalace, ruins ofLambert, James, I
MayfieldPlace 1, from NW1778Kennion, Edward
MayfieldPlace 2, from S1778Kennion, Edward
MayfieldPlace, Great Hall1784Grimm, S.H.
Mereworth [Kent]Mereworth Place [now Castle]1786Lambert, James, I
nideotAn engine to clear land of weeds &c. commonly called in Sussex a nideot1797Lambert, James, I
Northiamchurch, brass of Nicholas Tufton1777Grose, Francis
Penshurst [Kent]Penshurst PlaceLambert, James, I
Petworthtown, S from Market Sq.1820anon. after 1815anon.
PevenseyCastle, bird’s eye viewGrimm, S.H.
PevenseyCastle 1, from W1760Grose, Francis
PevenseyCastle 2, with Westham Church, from S1760Grose, Francis
PevenseyChurch, gravestone near chancel door1777Grose, Francis
PevenseySouth west view of Pevensey Castle1785Lambert, James, I
ploughWheel turnrist plough used in Sussex1797Lambert, James, I
RactonStansted Park1707Knyff, Leonard
RyeSpittal Lands, camp and parade of the 13th Regiment1779anon. before 1816
RyeYpres Tower1784Grimm, S.H.
SalehurstRobertsbridge Abbey1785Moore, James
ShipleyKnepp Castle1775Rooke, Hayman
Somerhill [Kent]Somerhill1783Lambert, James, I
StoughtonStansted Place, inner court, E side1778Grimm, S.H.
Sussexmap of SussexSeller, John
Tarring NevilleChurch, font1777Grose, Francis
Tonbridge [Kent]Castle and part of townLambert, James, I
WesthamChurch, gravestone in S cross1777Grose, Francis
WinchelseaChurch1760Grose, Francis
WinchelseaCamber Castle, interior1761Grose, Francis
WinchelseaGreyfriars1761Grose, Francis
WinchelseaNW gate1784Grimm, S.H.
WoolavingtonLavington House, bird's eye view on map1597?WSRO Wilberforce MSSanon. before 1816