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List of pictures belonging to : private ownership, not known from a public source of information

PlaceViewDateReferenceArtistArtist qualification
Aldringtonchurch, ruinsLambert, James, I
animalcow1791Lambert, James, II
ArlingtonMichelham Priory, gatehouse and Tudor wing1784Grimm, S.H.
ArundelCastle, courtyard1816anon. after 1815
ArundelCastle, distant view from S1833Turner, J.M.W.
Ashburnhamtrees in open landscapeLong, Amelia
AshburnhamPlace, extensive prospectKnyff, Leonard
AshburnhamPlace and park in extensive view1730Sotheby's, 13 Nov 96 (86)Tillemans, Peter
BattleAbbey, site of high altarBrooke, William Henry
Battleabbey from SW1761Grose, Franciscopy for engraver
BattleAbbey from W28th July 1762Grose, Francis
BattleAbbey28th July 1762Sandby, Paulattrib, by John Farrant
BattleAbbey, distant view1810Turner, J.M.W.
Bersted, SouthFox Hotel and public rooms from N25th July 1796Lewis, Mary
Bersted, Southchurch from W18th August 1796Lewis, Mary
Bersted, Southchurch from E19th August 1796Lewis, Mary
BodiamCastle from NE1778Witt Lib. photo.Lambert, James, II
BodiamCastle, distant view1816Turner, J.M.W.
Bolneychurch, distant view, houses in foregroundLoutherbourg, Philip de
BredePlace1813Grimm, S.H.after
BrightlingBrightling Park from the Downlands1813Turner, J.M.W.
BrightlingObservatory at Rosehill1815Turner, J.M.W.
BrightonSteine and Royal Pavilion from SERowlandson, Thomas
BrightonnearDevis, Anthony
BrightonThe Temple, belonging to T. R. KempDaniell, William
Brightonview from E over town: study for engraving1763Lambert, James, I
Brightonpanorama from Dr Russell's house to Marine Parade1807Crouch, William
Brightonand district, archaeological sketches1815Douglas, James
Brightonsea off1826Constable, John
BrightonQueen's Park, as planned1835Allom, Thomas
Brightonrailway viaduct1848Carmichael, John Wilson
Broadwaterthe cryer1807Nixon, John
Coombeschurch from map1677Whitpaine, Robert
CrowhurstPark, with view to Pevensey Bay1813Turner, J.M.W.
Dentonchurch and parsonageGrose, Francis
EasebourneCowdray House, chapel or E front1793anon. before 1816
EastdeanBeachy Head21st August 1762Grose, Francis
EastdeanBeachy Head1782ex Abbott & Holder, Apr 2003, list 353 (157)Lambert, James, Isigned
FirlePlace, tilting at the quintain revived1827anon. after 1815
FletchingSheffield Place20th May 1777Grose, Francismy attrib.
Fristonchurch25th May 1777Grose, Francis
GlyndeGlyndebourne Place1756Lambert, James, Iafter Malchair, J. B.
GlyndePlace1837anon. after 1815
Grinstead, EastBrambletye from NW?Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastBrambletye from Wall HillBourne, James
Grinstead, Eastdistant view from SE/SSEBourne, James
Grinstead, Eastbetween East Grinstead and TonbridgeBourne, James
Grinstead, EastForest Row, ? Trimmers Pond, ? Old HouseBourne, James
Grinstead, EastForest Row, TablehurstBourne, James
Grinstead, EastForest RowBourne, James
Grinstead, EastKidbrooke Park1st November 1817Varley, Cornelius
Harting, SouthUppark House and stables, distant view from S, with huntsmen and dogs1729Tillemans, Peter
HastingsbeachCarpenter, Mary
HastingsCastleDevis, Anthony
Hastingsbeach from E, with fish market1824Turner, J.M.W.
Hastingsbeach from St Leonards, looking W1855Richardson, Thomas Miles, II
HerstmonceuxCastle1813Turner, J.M.W.
IfieldIfield church, exterior1777Grose, Francis
IfieldIfield church: font1777Grose, Francis
KirdfordShillinglee Park, the Hickman's oakDevis, Anthony
landscapecottage in a wooded autumn landscapeLambert, James, Iattrib.
LaughtonPlace, rear1780Lambert, James, II
LewesSt John-sub-Castro churchLambert, James, I
LewesWestgate, from W, before demolition, from a drawing by the Rev. AustinLambert, James, IIafter Revd Rbt Austin
Lewescastle1762Grose, Franciscopy for engraver
LewesCastle and the Paddock, from Brack Mount27th September 1762Grose, Francis
LewesWestgate, S bastion, N wall demolished1778Lambert, James, II
LewesSt John sub Castro church from S1780anon. before 1816
LewesPriory ruins1780anon. before 1816
LewesSt James's Hospital, Southover1784Lambert, James, II
LewesCastle from SW; sheep in foreground1785Lambert, James, I
MayfieldPalaceGrose, Francis
Mountfieldlimkiln1815Hearne, Thomas
Mountfieldquarry1815Hearne, Thomas
Newhavenchurch from SE13th July 1784Pridden, Johnattrib. by Abbot & Holder
NewickDevis, Anthony
Newicknear Newick ParkDevis, Anthony
NinfieldStandard Hallanon.after James Lambert?
Petworthchurch1792Turner, J.M.W.
PetworthPetworth House, rotunda in the Pleasure Gardens1810Cort, Hendrick deattrib.
PevenseyCastle, keep1762Sandby, Paul
PevenseyCastle1782Taylor, R.
PevenseyCastle from NW1821Turner, J.M.W.
Ryesingle-masted ship, beached, ,0Van Dyck, Anthony
RyeGosselin, Joshua
Ryelandgate1633Van Dyck, Anthonymuch reworked by later hand
RyeYpres Tower1793Turner, J.M.W.
Shoreham, Oldchurch19th September 1769Lambert, James, I
Sussexthatched house and barnDevis, Anthony
Sussexwooden footbridge over riverDevis, Anthony
Sussexsketch book: Worthing, Arundel1807Long, Amelia
Wadhurstchurch and adjacent buildings from S1790anon.
Watlingtoncottage ornee1809Gosselin, Joshua
WealdThe Weald of Sussex1857Shalders, George
WinchelseachurchGrose, Francis
WinchelseaGosselin, Joshua
Winchelseadistant view, and Military Canal1813Turner, J.M.W.
WistonWiston Park from across the gardens with a hunting conversation in foreground1668anon. before 1816
WithyhamBuckhurst, gatehouse1792Lambert, James, IIsigned
WithyhamBuckhurst estate: 9 views of buildings1st July 1800Poppleton, Thomas