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List of pictures belonging to : Worthing Museum & Art Gallery, Worthing

PlaceViewDateReferenceArtistArtist qualification
ArundelCastle, keep1973/156anon.
Arundel4107Cox, David, II
BattleAbbeyX1974/112Rouse, James
BattleAbbey18071973/149H., H.
BattleAbbey18071973/203H., H.
Battleroad through Sir Godfrey Webster's18081973/150H., H.
BodiamCastle18071973/143H., H.
BodiamCastle18071973/143H., H.
BodiamCastle, interior18071973/160H., H.
BramberCastleX1971/875Devis, Anthony
BramberCastle18111973/155anon. before 1816
BramberCastle from a distance18111973/157anon. before 1816
BramberCastle with Chanctonbury in the distance18111973/158anon. before 1816
Broadwaterchurch4105Cox, David, II
BroadwaterOffington Park4106Cox, David, II
BroadwaterWorthing, boat with passengers beaching1991/122, ex Christie 4 Jun 74 (43)Nixon, John
Broadwaterfish house18051987/371Nixon, John
BroadwaterWorthing sea front from Montague Place to the New Inn18071974/182Nixon, John
BroadwaterSea House Hotel, Worthing18071974/184, ex Christie 4 Jun 74 (44)Nixon, John
BroadwaterTeville tolgate18071974/185, ex Christie 4 Jun 74 (44)Nixon, John
BroadwaterMontague Place18071973/391Spornberg, Jacob
BroadwaterNew Steine18081973/864anon. before 1816
BroadwaterChapel Road18101982/348anon. before 1816
Broadwatersands18111973/394anon. before 1816
BroadwaterThe Steyne18151973/865anon. before 1816
BroadwaterMontague Place18151973/881anon. before 1816
BroadwaterCamden Terrace, Montague Place18161973/866anon. after 1815
BroadwaterWorthing from the beach18181993/206Neale, J.P
BroadwaterWorthing from the beach18181993/205Neale, J.P.
Broadwaterfrom the sea1830X1973/969anon. after 1815
Broadwater18361973/389Nibbs, Richard Henry
BroadwaterOld Heene House, Heene Road18401974/118Bourne, Henrietta P.
Broadwater18411984/345anon. after 1815
Broadwaterfrom W18451979/90Fielding, Anthony Vandyke Copley
BroadwaterMarine Hotel and Old Sea House Hotel9th August 18571954/317Martin, E.
Broadwaterboat builder's yard18581973/440Hardy, John Forbe?
BroadwaterHigh street, old house1858X1971/1575Hardy, John Forbe
ChichesterSouth Downs looking over Chichester harbourX1954/377Callow, William
Coombesnear Gell's Farm18111973/144anon. before 1816
FerringHighdown Hill, view from the Miller's Tomb1770X1975/382Challen, William
Findontoll house and gate1973/213Sayers, Edward
Findonchurch18181993/208Neale, J.P.
Findondistant view of village and church18181993/207Neale, J.P.
Goringchurch from Sea Lane1955/57Earp, Henry, I
Goring18021970/100anon. before 1816
HastingsOld4560Rowbotham, Thomas Charles Leeson
HastingsCastle and church18071973/145H., H.
HastingsCastle18071973/146H., H.
HastingsGovers near18081973/147H., H.
Hastingsfishing boats18081973/502H., H.
Horsham1954/538Bourne, Henrietta P.
Lancingchurch, St James the Less1974/183, ex Christie 4 Jun 74 (43)Nixon, John
Newick1955/53Devis, Anthony
PevenseyBay18071973/503H., H.
PevenseyCastle18081973/151H., H.
PevenseyCastle18081973/192H., H.
SalvingtonHighdown, The Miller's Tomb1980/89Penley, Montague
SalvingtonHighdown, view from18121973/413anon. before 1816
SalvingtonHighdown Hill, the Miller's Cottage18181971/1573H., G.W.
Shoreham, NewNorfolk BridgeX1954/382Nash, Frederick
Shoreham, NewNorfolk Bridge2875Shepherd, George Sidney
Shoreham, Oldfrom near Gell's Farm, Coombes18111973/233anon. before 1816
Somptinglane atX1969/436Bourne, James
Somptingchurch18111973/412anon. before 1816
Somptingchurch18332284Brandard, Robert
Somptingchurch18573641Nash, Joseph
Tarring, WestHighfield Farm House, archery at3015Martin, E.
Tarring, WestOld Palace1974/180, ex Christie 4 Jun 74 (42)Nixon, John
Tarring, WestSt Andrew's church1974/181Nixon, John
Tarring, Westold mill, once John Oliver's18181993/204Neale, J.P.
Tarring, WestPalace1840X1972/1527anon. after 1815
Tarring, Weststoolball at18561956/1Martin, E.