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List of pictures belonging to : West Sussex Record Office, Chichester

PlaceViewDateReferenceArtistArtist qualification
Albournechurch1st May 1850PD 2013 (25)Tracy, Adelaide
Albournechurch interior1852PD 2013 (26)anon. after 1815
Alcistonchurch25th August 1857PD 2014 (19)Tracy, Adelaide
AldingbourneWestergatePD 2183 (27)anon.
Aldingbournechurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
AldingbourneWestergate29th August 1843PD 2183 (28)anon. after 1815
Aldingbournechurch3rd June 1851PD 2011 (91)Tracy, Adelaide
AldingbourneNorton House1854Buckle MS 348anon. after 1815
Aldringtonchurch, E endPD 1690G., H.M.C.
Aldringtonchurch, ruins from interiorPD 1691G., H.M.C.
Aldringtonchurch, ruins25th April 1856PD 2013 (53)Tracy, Adelaide
Alfristonchurch: windowF/PD, 293anon.
Alfristonchurch21st August 1857PD 2014 (17)Tracy, Adelaide
Amberleychurch interiorPD 2012 (49)Tracy, Adelaide
AmberleyCastle1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Amberleychurch28th June 1850PD 2012 (47)Tracy, Adelaide
Angmeringchurch3rd July 1851PD 2012 (80)Tracy, Adelaide
Appledramchurch1785PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Appledramchurch22nd September 1851PD 2011 (71)Tracy, Adelaide
Appledramchurch1890PD 1507Walker, Evelyn (Miss)
Ardinglychurch17th July 1854PD 2013 (73)Tracy, Adelaide
Arlingtonchurch25th August 1857PD 2014 (36)Tracy, Adelaide
Arlingtonchurch ?25th August 1857PD 2014, loose at endTracy, Adelaide
ArundelchurchF/PD504Athow, T.
ArundelCastlePD 1511Dugdale, W.
ArundelRiver Arun, nearF/PD, 331Jones, Champion
ArundelCastlePD 303cWaldegrave, Emily
ArundelCastle and parkPD 303dWaldegrave, Emily
Arundelview nearPD 303eWaldegrave, Emily
Arundel1800PD 612aanon. before 1816
Arundel1800PD 612banon. before 1816
ArundelCastle17th May 1805PD 1664 (19)anon. before 1816
ArundelCastle from E1823PD 1376Otley, Charles Bethel (Revd)
ArundelSt Nicholas's church1848PD 2012 (60)Tracy, Adelaide
Ashingtonchurch, .23rd June 1849PD 2012 (105)Tracy, Adelaide
Ashurstchurch int. two hagioscopes1st May 1850PD 2012 (108)Tracy, Adelaide
Ashurstchurch int. font1st May 1850PD 2012 (107)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Ashurstchurch18th May 1850PD 2012 (106)Tracy, Adelaide
BalcombeBalcombe Place, int., home of Ellen Christine HankeyPD 2054anon.
Balcombechurch1st July 1848PD 2013 (72)Tracy, Adelaide
Barcombechurch2nd August 1854PD 2013 (98)Tracy, Adelaide
Barlavingtonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Barlavingtonchurch, int, chancel arch1845PD 2012 (21)Walwyn, G.R.
Barlavingtonchurch, int, font1845PD 2012 (21)Walwyn, G.R.
Barlavingtonchurch30th May 1849PD 2012 (20)Tracy, Adelaide
BarnhammillPD 2153/1anon.
Barnhamchurch23rd September 1851PD 2012 (4)Tracy, Adelaide
Battlechurch, navePD 2343, f. 1ABrooke, William Henry
Battlechurch, .1st December 1852PD 2014 (72)Tracy, Adelaide
Beckleychurch .PD 2014 (92)Tracy, Adelaide
Beddinghamchurch8th September 1855PD 2014 (10)Tracy, Adelaide
Beedingchurch fontPD 2013 (19)Tracy, Adelaide
Beedingchurch24th May 1853PD 2013 (18)Tracy, Adelaide
Beeding, Lowerchurch18th May 1853PD 2013 (33)Tracy, Adelaide
Beptonchurch22nd June 1849PD 2011 (47)Tracy, Adelaide
Berstedbridge at Elbridge19th July 1805PD 835anon. before 1816
Berstedbridge at Elbridge23rd July 1805PD 836anon. before 1816
Berstedon the road from Bognor to Chichester23rd July 1805PD 837anon. before 1816
Bersted, Southchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Bersted, Southview from the church path; Miss Smith's ground on right12th October 1842PD 2002anon. after 1815
Bersted, Southchurch23rd September 1852PD 2011 (86)Tracy, Adelaide
Berwickchurch25th August 1857PD 2014 (18)Tracy, Adelaide
Berwickchurch font25th August 1857PD 2014 looseTracy, Adelaide
Bignorchurch fontPD 2012 (14)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Bignorchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Bignorchurch31st May 1849PD 2012 (13)Tracy, Adelaide
Billingshurstchurch: fontPD 2012 (90)anon.
Billingshurstchurch18th June 1849PD 2012 (89)Tracy, Adelaide
Binstedchurch: fontPD 2012 (10)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Binstedchurch2nd July 1851PD 2012 (9)anon. after 1815
Birdhamchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Birdhamchurch22nd September 1851PD 2011 (78)Tracy, Adelaide
Bishopstonechurch window in N wallPD 2013 (39)anon.
Bishopstonechurch4th September 1855PD 2014 (16)Tracy, Adelaide
Blatchingtonchurch N wall of nave int1st September 1855PD 2014 (14)Tracy, Adelaide
Blatchingtonchurch S wall of nave int1st September 1855PD 2014 (14)Tracy, Adelaide
Blatchingtonchurch1st September 1855PD 2014 (15)Tracy, Adelaide
Blatchingtonchurch interior1st September 1855PD 2014 looseTracy, Adelaide
Blatchington, Westold church, ruins,20th August 1857PD 2013 (54)Tracy, Adelaide
BodiamCastlePD 2343 f.6J., H.
Bognorcottage nearPD 303bWaldegrave, Emily
BognorRock Buildings from the beach13th October 1842PD 2005anon. after 1815
BognorThe Steyne from our lodgings1st November 1842PD 2004anon. after 1815
BognorUpper Bogner Road1st July 1868PD 1860Blackman, E.
Bolneychurch23rd May 1853PD 2013 (43)Tracy, Adelaide
Bolneychurch doorway S porch23rd May 1853PD 2013 (44)Tracy, Adelaide
Boshamchurch cryptPD 871anon.
Boshamchurch detailsPD 2013 (13)anon.
Boshamchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Boshamchurch house1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Boshamchurch1850PD 2011 (10)anon. after 1815
Boshamchurch interior1st July 1850PD 2011 (13)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Boshamchurch17th July 1850PD 2011 (11)Tracy, Adelaide
Boshamchurch interior17th July 1850PD 2011 (12)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Boshamchurch interior; font13th August 1850PD 2011 (13)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Boshamchurch1862PD 2343 f.5anon. after 1815
Botolphschurch detailsPD 2012 (121)anon.
Botolphschurch interiorPD 2012 (121)anon.
Botolphschurch20th May 1850PD 2012 (120)Tracy, Adelaide
BoxgroveGoodwood Carne's Seat, 4 viewsG/PD, 211-214anon.
BoxgroveGoodwood, view fromPD 303fWaldegrave, Emily
BoxgroveGoodwood, view fromPD 303gWaldegrave, Emily
BoxgrovePriory interiorPD 2011 (94)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
BoxgroveHalnaker Hall interior1824PD 30Rouse, James
Boxgrovechurch2nd October 1843PD 2138 (406)Bayton, C.
BoxgrovePriory interior1st June 1850PD 2011 (95)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
BoxgrovePriory27th June 1850PD 2011 (93)Tracy, Adelaide
BoxgrovePriory, remains of cloisters1st June 1851PD 2011 (96)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Brambervillage street with castle ruinsPD 2013 (30)anon.
Bramberchurch24th May 1853PD 2012 (115)Tracy, Adelaide
BramberCastle6th July 1861PD 2343, f.2aTuppen, M. Daniel
BranxholmBranxholm Hall1838PD 2343 f.4L., L.
BredechurchPD 2014 (89)Tracy, Adelaide
Bredeview of wooded road and windmill from Broad Oak1801Add. MS 45641 f.7anon. before 1816
BrightonRoyal Pavilion, saloon1800PD 2427anon. before 1816
Brighton1800PD 612canon. before 1816
BrightonRoyal Pavilion, front of building with sentry box and sentry1800Add. MS 45641 f.9anon. before 1816
Brightonbathing beach1801Add. MS 45641 f.11anon. before 1816
Brightonbathing place1801Add. MS 45641 f.12anon. before 1816
BrightonSteine1801Add. MS 45641 f.12vanon. before 1816
Brightonchurch1801Add. MS 45641 f.13anon. before 1816
Brightondistant view across bay to town1801Add. MS 45641 f.22vanon. before 1816
Brightonchurch1st May 1853PD 2013 (56)Tracy, Adelaide
BroadwaterCaesar's camp1800PD 612manon. before 1816
Broadwater1800PD 612nanon. before 1816
Broadwaterchurch16th May 1853PD 2013 (1)Tracy, Adelaide
Burphamchurch intPD 2012 (58)anon.
Burphamchurch int. S wallPD 2012 (59)anon.
Burphamchurch12th July 1850PD 2012 (57)Tracy, Adelaide
BurtonchurchPD 2012 (23anon.
Burtonchurch: fontPD 2012 (23)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Burtonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
BurtonBridge, road leading to1798M/PD, 248Cort, Hendrick de
BurtonPark, a famous oak in1798M/PD 250Cort, Hendrick de
Burtonchurch1798M/PD 250Cort, Hendrick de
BurtonBridge [? Shopham bridge in Sutton?]2nd October 1799M/PD, 247Cort, Hendrick de
Burtonchurch30th May 1849PD 2012 (22)Tracy, Adelaide
Burychurch, interiorPD 2012 (46)anon.
Burychurch: stoup outside porch doorPD 2021 (46)anon.
Burychurch: fontPD 2012 (45)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Burychurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Burychurch31st May 1849PD 2012 (44)Tracy, Adelaide
Buxtedchurch26th June 1856PD 2014 (28)Tracy, Adelaide
ChaileychurchPD 2013 (76)Tracy, Adelaide
Chalvingtonchurch30th July 1855PD 2014 (22)Tracy, Adelaide
ChichesterCathedral, pavement of choirF/PD, 308anon.
ChichesterCathedral, general viewF/PD, 334anon.
ChichesterCathedralF/PD, 379anon.
ChichesterBishop's Palace, Roman pavementF/PD, 419anon.
ChichesterCathedral, antiquities found in stone coffins opened 1829PD 419anon.
ChichesterCanons' GateF/PD 482anon.
Chichestergeneral viewF/PD, 524anon.
Chichestergeneral viewPD 1590anon.
ChichesterMarket CrossPD 2324anon.
ChichesterMarket CrossPD 2325anon.
ChichesterEast GatePD 2328anon.
ChichesterSt JohnPD 2013 (12)anon.
ChichesterCathedral interiorPD 2137 (22)anon.
Chichesterview from Goodwood?PD 2138 (41)anon.
ChichesterCathedral, from Fisbourne toll housePD 2387, 2409anon.
Chichestergeneral viewPD 1980Collins, William
ChichesterAll Saints' churchF/PD, 547Farenden, Emma?
ChichesterBroyle HouseF/PD, 520Green, R.
ChichesterBishop's PalacePD 2137 (21)H., G.W.
ChichesterCathedral, general viewPD 2137 (3)H., G.W.
ChichesterCanalPD 2137 (6)H., G.W.
ChichesterMarket CrossPD 380Kemp, William
ChichesterCathedral, general viewPD 407Kemp, William
ChichesterCathedral, view of organ with part of choirPD51King, Thomas
ChichesterBishop's Place, stone recording resident aged 85, found 1810PD 99King, Thomas
ChichesterCathedral, key-stone inPD 489King, Thomas?
ChichesterSt MartinPD 2011 (64)Tracy, Adelaide
ChichesterFarr's CourtPD 292Wimhurst, Harry?
ChichesterSt Andrew's church: fontPD 2011 (66)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
ChichesterSW prospect1736F/PD, 329Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
ChichesterCathedral from garden of Bishop's Palace1790M/PD 251Cort, Hendrick de
ChichesterEast Street Market1813F/PD 478Gilbert, Joseph Francis
ChichesterCutton's coach factory, St Pancras1825MP, 3449anon. after 1815
ChichesterMarket Cross1827F/PD, 214anon. after 1815
ChichesterHarbour1st March 1829PD 2358Lambert, George, II
ChichesterBishop's Palace, ancient painting found 182911th June 1831F/PD, 298NKing, Thomas
ChichesterMarket Cross1833PD 41anon. after 1815
ChichesterMarket Cross1835PD 2177Pether, Henry
Chichesterview from Goodwood?15th May 1840PD 2138 (12a)anon. after 1815
ChichesterCathedral, door from cloisters2nd May 1842PD 2138 (26)anon. after 1815
Chichestergate to Bishop's Palace2nd May 1842PD 2138 (25)B., C.
ChichesterMarket Cross1848PD 11Cumberbatch, L.H.
ChichesterMarket Cross1849PD 2323Carter, Owen
ChichesterSt Bartholomew1849PD 2011 (59)Tracy, Adelaide
ChichesterSt Andrew's church27th August 1852PD 2011 (65)Tracy, Adelaide
ChichesterAll Saints' church27th August 1852PD 2011 (67)Tracy, Adelaide
ChichesterSt Olave28th August 1852PD 2011 (62)Tracy, Adelaide
ChichesterSt Peter the Less26th September 1852PD 2011 (61)Tracy, Adelaide
ChichesterSt Pancras12th October 1852PD 2011 (68)Tracy, Adelaide
ChichesterCathedral, general view1856PD 458anon. after 1815
ChichesterCathedral, general view1856PD 459anon. after 1815
ChichesterCanal1856PD 460anon. after 1815
ChichesterGrey Friars1858F/PD, 352Farenden, Emma
Chichestercottage near1858F/PD 363Farenden, Emma
Chiddinglychurch tower1849Add. MS. 45638, f.28Hare, Augustus
Chiddinglychurch13th July 1849Add. MS. 45638, f.27Hare, Augustus
Chiddinglychurch12th September 1857PD 2014 (35)Tracy, Adelaide
Chidhamchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Chidhamchurch17th July 1850PD 2011 (9)Tracy, Adelaide
Chidhamchurch: font17th July 1850PD 2011 (10) (1)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
ChilgrovehousePD 2137 (2)anon.
Chilgrovehouses in1812PD 2139-43Woods, Margaret Thorntonof Chilgrove House
Chilgroveinn21st August 1846PD 2138 (24b)anon. after 1815
Chiltington, Westchurch porchPD 2012 (88)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Chiltington, Westchurch2nd June 1849PD 2012 (87)Tracy, Adelaide
Chithurstchurch fontPD 2011 (41)anon.
Chithurstchurch porchPD 2011 (41)Tracy, Adelaide
Chithurstchurch5th October 1848PD 2011 (40)Tracy, Adelaide
Clapham1800PD 612danon. before 1816
Clapham1800PD 612eanon. before 1816
Claphamchurch17th March 1853PD 2012 (126)Tracy, Adelaide
Claytonchurch27th July 1854PD 2013 (64)Tracy, Adelaide
ClimpingchurchF/PD, 521anon.
Climpingchurch pulpitPD 2012 (70)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Climpingchurch16th October 1852PD 2012 (69)Tracy, Adelaide
CoateschurchPD 984anon.
CoateschurchPD 985anon.
Coateschurch fontPD 2012 (37)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Coateschurch: sedilia1st June 1849PD 2012 (38)anon. after 1815
Coateschurch1st June 1849PD 2012 (36)Tracy, Adelaide
Cockingchurch: fontPD 2011 (49)anon.from sketches by JB and AH
Cockingchurch: fontPD 2013 (6)anon.
Cockingchurch: fontPD 2013 (7)anon.
Cockingchurch22nd June 1849PD 2011 (48)Tracy, Adelaide
Coldwalthamchurch: fontPD 2012 (40)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Coldwalthamchurch1st June 1849PD 2012 (39)Tracy, Adelaide
ComptonLittle Green, old house (before)1793Add. MS. 520Repton, Humphry
ComptonLittle Green, new house (after)1793Add. MS. 520Repton, Humphry
Comptonchurch, with gravediggers20th June 1849PD 2011 (25)Tracy, Adelaide
Coombeschurch interior, detailsPD 2012 (123)anon.
Coombeschurch interiorPD 2012 (123)Borrer, A.D.
Coombeschurch: font1st May 1850PD 2012 (123)Borrer, A.D.
Coombeschurch interior, detail20th May 1850PD 2012 (124)Borrer, A.D.
Coombeschurch20th May 1850PD 2012 (122)Tracy, Adelaide
CowfoldLonghouse farmPD 2090anon.
Cowfoldchurch from W21st May 1853PD 2013 (30)Tracy, Adelaide
Cowfoldchurch from W1855PD 2013 (29)Otter, Mrsfrom her sketch
CrawleyElm at1801Add MS 45641, f.8anon. before 1816
Crawleychurch1st July 1848PD 2013 (41)Tracy, Adelaide
CrowhurstchurchF/PD 554anon.
Crowhurstyew tree in churchyardF/PD 556anon.
CrowhurstPlaceF/PD 555Hall, Moreton
CrowhurstPlace, stairs seen from upper storeyF/PD 557Sachs, J.
CrowhurstPlaceF/PD 553Thomson, Hugh
CrowhurstchurchPD 2013 (107)Tracy, Adelaide
CuckfieldchurchPD 2013 (70)anon.
Cuckfieldchurch1801Add. MS. 45641, f.24v.anon. before 1816
Cuckfieldchurch23rd May 1853PD 2013 (71)Tracy, Adelaide
DeanHouse, built 16711846PD 1143anon. after 1815
Dean, Eastchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Dean, Eastchurch, S door1st June 1850PD 2011 (103)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Dean, Eastchurch26th June 1850PD 2011 (102)Tracy, Adelaide
Dean, Eastchurch29th June 1855PD 2011 (44)Tracy, Adelaide
Dean, WestchurchPD 303aWaldegrave
Dean, WestvicaragePD 303hWaldegrave
Dean, Westchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Dean, Westchurch26th June 1850PD 2011 (50)Tracy, Adelaide
Dentonchurch8th September 1855PD 2014 (loose at end)Tracy, Adelaide
Dentonchurch, S wall8th September 1855PD 2014 (loose at end)Tracy, Adelaide
Dentonchurch8th September 1855PD 2014 (13)Tracy, Adelaide
Didlingchurch9th October 1848PD 2011 (46)Tracy, Adelaide
Ditchlingchurch21st July 1852PD 2011 (69)Tracy, Adelaide
Ditchlingchurch21st July 1852PD 546 (ex Borrer Coll III f. 69Tracy, Adelaide
Donningtonchurch: fontPD 2011 (73)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Donningtonchurch22nd September 1851PD 2011 (72)Tracy, Adelaide
Dunctonchurch: fontPD 2012 (19)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Dunctonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Dunctonchurch30th May 1849PD 2012 (18)Tracy, Adelaide
Earnleychurch: fonrPD 2011 (82)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Earnleychurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Earnleychurch1820F/PD, 218Smith, C.J.
Earnleychurch24th September 1852PD 2011 (81)Tracy, Adelaide
Earthamchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Earthamchurch, chancel1st June 1850PD 2011 (100)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Earthamchurch, chancel arch1st June 1850PD 2011 (100)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Earthamchurch: font1st June 1850PD 2011 (101)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Earthamchurch11th June 1850PD 2011 (99)Tracy, Adelaide
EasebourneCowdray, imaginary rear viewCowdray MS 5127anon.
EasebourneCowdray, gatewayPD 2138 (37)anon.
EasebourneCowdray, imaginary viewCowdray MS 5127Cooper, T.K.
EasebourneCowdray, imaginary viewCowdray MS 5127Cooper, T.K.
EasebourneCowdrayPD 2137 (12)H., G.W.
EasebourneCowdray ruinsPD 1462Otley, Charles Bethel (Revd)
EasebourneCowdray, interior remains of Buck HallCowdray MS 5127Rouse, James
Easebournechurchyard, yewPD 2011 (114)Tracy, Adelaide
EasebourneCowdray LodgeCowdray MS 5132/27W., C.M.
EasebourneCowdray Park, cottage in1792M/PD, 267Cort, Hendrick de
EasebourneCowdray from Whiphill1792M/PD, 340Cort, Hendrick de
Easebournechapel and view of Cowdray from Park1793M/PD 252Cort, Hendrick de
EasebourneCowdray, Fountain Court1793M/PD 253Cort, Hendrick de
EasebourneCowdray House, remains of four old towers round1793M/PD 254Cort, Hendrick de
EasebourneCowdray Park near the Petworth Gate and the Large Beech near the Pound1793M/PD 255Cort, Hendrick de
EasebourneCowdray Park large beech in the Park and Large Beech near the Pound1793M/PD 256Cort, Hendrick de
EasebourneCowdray Park1793M/PD 257Cort, Hendrick de
EasebournePriory Chapel1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
EasebourneCowdray House1824Cowdray MS 5132/1Austin, B.Salvin, A.?
EasebourneCowdray House1824Cowdray MS 5132/2Austin, B.Salvin, A.?
EasebourneCowdray House, details1824Cowdray MS 5132/3Austin, B.Salvin, A.?
EasebourneCowdray House, SW view, Kitchen Tower1824Cowdray MS 5132/4Austin, B.Salvin, A.?
EasebourneCowdray House,windows of the Buck Hall, and the Porch1824Cowdray MS 5132/5Austin, B.Salvin, A.?
EasebourneCowdray, ruins3rd November 1842PD 2138 (1c)B., C.
Easebournechurch: font18th June 1849PD 2013 (5)anon. after 1815
Easebournechurch19th June 1849PD 2011 (113)Tracy, Adelaide
Easebournechurch: font20th June 1849PD 2013 (5)anon. after 1815
EastbourneSt Mary's church: interiorPD 2014 (45A)anon.
EastbourneshipsAdd. MS. 45649, f.21Hare, Augustus
EastbourneshipsAdd. MS. 45649, f.23Hare, Augustus
EastbourneSt Mary's church1st July 1855PD 2014 (45)Tracy, Adelaide
Eastergatechurch7th July 1851PD 2012 (7)Tracy, Adelaide
EdburtonchurchPD 2012 (19)anon.
EdburtonchurchPD 2013 (20)Tracy, Adelaide
Edburtonchurch and village1794M/PD 258Cort, Hendrick de
EdburtonPerching?1794M/PD 259Cort, Hendrick de
EdburtonAle house at Fulking [Shepherd and Dog]1794M/PD, 260Cort, Hendrick de
Edburtonchurch1844Par, 78/7/3B., F.
Egdeanchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Egdeanchurch10th October 1848PD 2012 (24)Tracy, Adelaide
ElstedchurchPD 2011 (33)Tracy, Adelaide
Fairlightchurch: end of a pewAdd. MS. 45640, f.30Hare, Augustus
Falmerchurch1st May 1848PD 2013 (79)Tracy, Adelaide
FelphamchurchPD 1848anon.
Felphamchurch, interior, door and fontPD 2014 (loose at end)anon.
Felphamchurch: chancel doorPD 2012 (2)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Felphamchurch: fontPD 2012 (2)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Felphamchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Felphamchurch22nd September 1851PD 2012 (1)Tracy, Adelaide
Fernhurstchurch: windowPD 985anon.
Fernhurstchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Fernhurstchurch6th October 1848PD 2011 (116)Tracy, Adelaide
Ferringchurch: stoup within N doorPD 2012 (78)anon.
Ferringchurch: fontPD 2012 (77)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
FerringHighdown Hill1800PD 612fanon. before 1816
Ferringchurch2nd July 1852PD 2012 (76)Tracy, Adelaide
FindonNorthend, Mrs Thorpe's cottagePD 1483anon.
FindonchurchPD 1482Trower, Walter (Mrs)
Findonchurch1800PD 612ganon. before 1816
Findonchurch: font16th May 1852PD 2012 (119)anon. after 1815
Findonchurch16th May 1853PD 2012 (118)Tracy, Adelaide
Firlechurch: porchPD 2014 (20)anon.
FirlePlace11th June 1841PD 2138 (40a)anon. after 1815
Firlechurch1st September 1857PD 2014 (21)Tracy, Adelaide
FishbourneToll HousePD 2387anon.
Fishbournechurch from SWPD 2011 (68v)anon.
FishbourneMillPD 2137 (14)H., G.W.
Fishbournechurch5th October 1852PD 2011 (69)Tracy, Adelaide
FittleworthlandscapeM/PD, 339Mitford, Philadelphia
FittleworthBedham Common, houses on map1650Mitford MS., 1000Osborne, James
Fittleworthchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
FittleworthMill1825Add. MS. 2597, f.16Gibson, Elizabeth
FittleworthBedham, luncheon party20th September 1843M/PD, 408Stratenus, A.
Fittleworthchurch10th October 1848PD 2012 (34)Tracy, Adelaide
FletchingSheffield Place, trees in park1801Add. MS. 45641, f.16anon. before 1816
Fletchingvillage and church, distant view over lake1801Add. MS. 45641, f.17anon. before 1816
FletchingSheffield Place, distant view through park1801Add. MS. 45641, f.18anon. before 1816
Fletchingchurch26th June 1856PD 2014 (4)Tracy, Adelaide
Folkingtonchurch9th July 1855PD 2014 (39)Tracy, Adelaide
Fordchurch, with Sir Wm Garaway's tombF/PD, 522anon.
Fordchurch2nd July 1851PD 2012 (66)Tracy, Adelaide
FrantBayham Abbey2nd July 1849Add MS 45638 f.25Hare, Augustus
Frantchurch1st June 1852PD 2014 (53)Tracy, Adelaide
Fristonchurch3rd July 1855PD 2014 (43)Tracy, Adelaide
Fulkingsheep-wash1794M/PD, 261Cort, Hendrick de
Funtingtonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
FuntingtonKingley Bottom5th July 1838PD 461anon. after 1815
FuntingtonKingley Bottom and Bow Hill1840PD 462anon. after 1815
Funtingtonchurch27th June 1850PD 2011 (17)Tracy, Adelaide
GlyndechurchPD 2014 (9)Tracy, Adelaide
GoringCastle Goring1800PD 612hanon. before 1816
GoringCastle Goring1800PD 612ianon. before 1816
GraffhamchurchPD 1024anon.
Graffhamchurch: fontPD 2011 (109)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Graffhamchurch30th May 1849PD 2011 (108)Tracy, Adelaide
Greathamchurch1st June 1849PD 2012 (43)Tracy, Adelaide
Grinstead, Eastchurch8th August 1848PD 2014 (3)Tracy, Adelaide
Grinstead, Westchurch: font1st May 1850PD 2013 (29)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Grinstead, Westchurch29th May 1850PD 2013 (28)Tracy, Adelaide
HailshamchurchPD 2014 (49)Tracy, Adelaide
Hamseychurch: font2nd August 1854PD 2013 (97)anon. after 1815
Hamseychurch2nd August 1854PD 2013 (96)Tracy, Adelaide
HangletonchurchPD 2013 (50)Tracy, Adelaide
Hangletonchurch, St Peter1846PD 2013 (49)anon. after 1815
HardhamchurchPD 2012 (42)anon.
HardhamPriory1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Hardhamchurch23rd June 1849PD 2013 (41)Tracy, Adelaide
Hartfieldchurch: font21st June 1849PD 2013 (1)anon. after 1815
Hartfieldchurch2nd June 1852PD 2014 (30)Tracy, Adelaide
Hartingview from Furlong Hill, near Midhurst24th July 1805PD 1027anon. before 1816
Harting, Southchurch: fontPD 2011 (32)anon.
Harting, SouthUppark1810Add. MS. 1318Repton, Humphry
Harting, Southchurch21st June 1849PD 2011 (31)Tracy, Adelaide
HastingsSt Clement's church: fontPD 2014 (84)anon.
HastingsAll Saints church1847PD 2014 (85)Tracy, Adelaide
HastingsSt Clement's church1st November 1852PD 2014 (84)Tracy, Adelaide
Heightonchurch ruins8th September 1855PD 2014 (12)Tracy, Adelaide
Hellinglychurch31st July 1855PD 2014 (50)Tracy, Adelaide
HenfieldHenfield PlacePD 2013 (102)anon.
Henfieldchurch and Red OaksPD 2013 (106)anon.
HenfieldOreham Common, nearPD 2013 (103)Borrer, Adelaide
Henfieldbrick and timber housePD 2091L., J.W.
HenfieldCrouch Hill toll housePD 2092M., J.
HenfieldchurchPD 2013 (21)Tracy, Adelaide
HenfieldVicarage1794M/PD, 262Cort, Hendrick de
HenfieldVicarage1794M/PD, 263Cort, Hendrick de
HenfieldBeltgate, Barrow Hill1846PD 2013 (104)Tracy, Adelaide
HerstmonceuxCastle, interior roomAdd. MS. 45640, f.2Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxCastleAdd. MS. 45640, f.29Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxCastleAdd. MS. 45640, f.29vHare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxCastle1844PD 1496Hartshorne, Albert
HerstmonceuxCastle1844PD 1497Hartshorne, Albert
HerstmonceuxCastle1844PD 1498Hartshorne, Albert
HerstmonceuxFlowers Green, park1845Add. MS. 45639, f.Hare, Augustus
Herstmonceuxfarmhouse1845Add. MS. 45639, f.10Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxFlowers Green1845Add. MS. 45639, f.11Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxStunts Green1845Add. MS. 45639, f.12Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxLime, outbuildings1845Add. MS. 45639, f.13Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxLime (cottage), Hare's home1845Add. MS. 45639, f.14Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxChapel Row1845Add. MS. 45639, f.16Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxHerstmonceux Place1845Add. MS. 45639, f.20Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxGardner Street, cottages1845Add. MS. 45639, f.22Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxLime, outbuildings1845Add. MS. 45639, f.23Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxChisham Farmhouse1845Add. MS. 45639, f.24Hare, Augustus
Herstmonceuxfarmhouse1845Add. MS. 45639, f.8Hare, Augustus
Herstmonceuxhouses and trees1845Add. MS. 45639, f.9Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxCowbeech Farm5th August 1845Add. MS. 45639, f.25Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxCastle6th August 1845Add. MS 45639, f.26Hare, Augustus
HerstmonceuxCastle, gatehouse7th June 1849Add. MS. 45638, f.20Hare, Augustus
Herstmonceuxchurch1st August 1855PD 2014 (65)Tracy, Adelaide
HeyshottchurchPD 2623anon.
HeyshottchurchPD 2624anon.
Heyshottchurch: fontPD 2013 (1)anon.
Heyshottchurch: fontPD 2011 (107)B., A.
Heyshottchurch22nd June 1849PD 2011 (106)Tracy, Adelaide
Hoathly, Eastchurch: fontPD 2013 (74)anon.
Hoathly, Eastchurch17th July 1854PD 2013 (75)Tracy, Adelaide
Hoathly, Eastchurch17th September 1857PD 2014 (34)Tracy, Adelaide
Hollingtonchurch1847PD 2014 (83)Tracy, Adelaide
HorshamSouthwater, The Cock Inn, on the Worthing roadPD 2275anon.
Horshamchurch from SEPD 2279anon.
HorshamchurchPD 2013 (15)anon.
Horshamchurch18th May 1853PD 2013 (34)Tracy, Adelaide
Horsted Keyneschurch8th August 1848PD 2014 (2)Tracy, Adelaide
Horsted, Littlechurch15th September 1857PD 2014 (25)Tracy, Adelaide
Houghtonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Houghtonchurch: font1st June 1850PD 2012 (51)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Houghtonchurch12th June 1850PD 2012 (50)Tracy, Adelaide
Hovechurch13th July 1854PD 2013 (55)Tracy, Adelaide
Hunstonchurch15th October 1852PD 2011 (74)Tracy, Adelaide
Hunstonchurch, chancel arch15th October 1852PD 2011 (75)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
HurstpierpointFriar's Oak coaching housePD 2388Earp, Frederick
Hurstpierpointchurch, newPD 2013 (46)Tracy, Adelaide
HurstpierpointDanny House1794M/PD, 264Cort, Hendrick de
HurstpierpointDanny Park, the gravel pit1794M/PD, 265Cort, Hendrick de
Hurstpierpointchurch1795PD 2417Hamper, William
Hurstpierpointchurch, interior1799PD 2416Hamper, William
Hurstpierpointchurch, old1848PD 2013 (45)Tracy, Adelaide
IckleshamchurchPD 2014 (88)Tracy, Adelaide
IdenchurchPD 2014 (94)Tracy, Adelaide
Ifieldchurch1st July 1848PD 2013 (37)Tracy, Adelaide
Ifordchurch1st August 1848PD 2013 (90)Tracy, Adelaide
IpingchurchPD 2011 (42)Tracy, Adelaide
Ipingbridge1792M/PD, 266Cort, Hendrick de
Isfieldchurch28th June 1856PD 2014 (5)Tracy, Adelaide
Itchenorchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Itchenor, WestOld Parsonage HouseF/PD, 447Farenden, Emma
Itchenor, Westchurch22nd September 1851PD 2011 (5)Tracy, Adelaide
Itchenor, Westchurch1867F/PD, 219Farenden, Emma
Itchenor, Westchurch25th July 1867F/PD, 446Farenden, Emma
Itchingfieldchurch tower, interior1st May 1850PD 2012 (98)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Itchingfieldchurch29th May 1850PD 2012 (97)Tracy, Adelaide
Itchingfieldchurch, interior29th May 1850PD 2012 (98)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Jevingtonchurch2nd July 1855PD 2014(41)Tracy, Adelaide
Keymerchurch1851Par, 407/7/12Nibbs, Richard Henry
Keymerchurch27th July 1854PD 2013 (68)Tracy, Adelaide
Kingston Bucichurch1st March 1848PD 2013 (17)Tracy, Adelaide
Kingston near Leweschurch1st May 1848PD 2013 (80)Tracy, Adelaide
KirdfordShillinglee House, lodge gate17th July 1817F/PD 450anon. after 1815
KirdfordShillinglee House17th July 1817F/PD 451anon. after 1815
Kirdfordchurch1842F/PD500anon. after 1815
Kirdfordchurch29th May 1849PD 2012 (30)Tracy, Adelaide
Kirdfordchurch: font29th May 1849PD 2012 (31)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Kirdfordchurch, S door29th May 1849PD 2012 (31)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Lancingchurch: fontPD 2013 (5)Borrer, A.D. (Mrs)
LancingviewPD 1965Calderon, Philip Hermogenes
Lancingchurch27th May 1852PD 2013 (9)anon. after 1815
Lancingchurch: sedilia27th May 1852PD 2013 (10)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Laughtonchurch12th September 1857PD 2014 (24)Tracy, Adelaide
Lavant, Eastchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Lavant, Eastchurch1st July 1850PD 2011 (57)Tracy, Adelaide
Lavant, Midchurch1st July 1850PD 2011 (56)Tracy, Adelaide
Lewesfrom railwayAdd. MS. 45640, f.25Hare, Augustus
Lewesview of road with town in distance1801Add. MS. 45641, f.15anon. before 1816
LewesPriory1845Add. MS. 45639, f.1Hare, Augustus
LewesPriory1845Add. MS. 45639, f.2Hare, Augustus
LewesCastle1845Add. MS. 45639, f.3Hare, Augustus
Lewestown1845Add. MS. 45639, f.4Hare, Augustus
LewesPriory1845Add. MS. 45639, f.5Hare, Augustus
LewesSt Anne's church1845Add. MS. 45639, f.6Hare, Augustus
LewesCliffe1845Add. MS. 45639, f.7Hare, Augustus
LewesAll Saints' church1st May 1848PD 2013 (92)Tracy, Adelaide
LewesSt Anne's church1st May 1848PD 2013 (93)Tracy, Adelaide
LewesSt Michael's church1st September 1855PD 2013 (94)Tracy, Adelaide
LewesSt John's church, Southover18th August 1857PD 2013 (91)anon. after 1815
LewesSt John's church18th August 1857PD 2013 (95)Tracy, Adelaide
LewesSt Thomas's church, Cliffe17th September 1857PD 2014 (8)Tracy, Adelaide
LinchMr Turner's housePD 413anon.
Linchchurch7th October 1848PD 2011 (39)Tracy, Adelaide
LinchmereShulbrede PrioryPD 1037anon.
LinchmerechurchPD 1038anon.
Linchmerechurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
LinchmereShulbrede priory1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Linchmerechurch6th October 1848PD 2011 (38)Tracy, Adelaide
LindfieldchurchPD 2014 (108)Tracy, Adelaide
Lindfieldchurch10th August 1857PD 2014 (1)Tracy, Adelaide
Litlingtonchurch, S door6th September 1855PD 2014 (39)anon. after 1815
Litlingtonchurch: screen between chanel and nave6th September 1855PD 2014 (39)anon. after 1815
Litlingtonchurch,interior, S wall of chancel6th September 1855PD 2014 (39)anon. after 1815
Litlingtonchurch6th September 1855PD 2014 (40)Tracy, Adelaide
LittlehamptonBeech HotelPD 1399anon.
LittlehamptonchurchPD 2276anon.
LittlehamptonharbourPD 787H., J.
Littlehamptonchurch3rd July 1851PD 2012 (74)Tracy, Adelaide
Lodsworthchurch3rd October 1849PD 2011 (115)Tracy, Adelaide
LodsworthLodsworth House1850F/PD 336Sly, B.?
Lullingtonchurch6th September 1855PD 2014 (38)Tracy, Adelaide
Lurgashallchurch: windowPD 985anon.
LurgashallchurchPD 2012 (28)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Lurgashallchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Lurgashallchurch27th May 1846PD 1048anon. after 1815
Lurgashallchurch29th May 1849PD 2012 (27)Tracy, Adelaide
Lurgashallchurch: font29th May 1849PD 2012 (28)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Lyminsterchurch12th July 1850PD 2012 (67)Tracy, Adelaide
Madehurstchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Madehurstchurch: font1st June 1850PD 2012 (12)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Madehurstchurch11th June 1850PD 2012 (11)Tracy, Adelaide
Malling, SouthchurchPD 2014 (7)Tracy, Adelaide
Marden, Eastchurch: fontPD 2011 (28)Hall, Annettecopy of?
Marden, Eastchurch20th June 1849PD 2011 (27)Tracy, Adelaide
Marden, Northchurch: fontPD 2013 (8)anon.
Marden, Northchurch: fontPD 2011 (30)Borrer, Isabeland Hall, Annette?
Marden, Northchurch, porch1849PD 2011 (30)B., A.
Marden, Northchurch20th June 1849PD 2011 (29)Tracy, Adelaide
Marden, Upchurch30th September 1844PD 2138(43)anon. after 1815
Marden, Upchurch20th June 1849PD 2011 (26)Tracy, Adelaide
Maresfieldchurch21st June 1852PD 2014 (29)Tracy, Adelaide
MayfieldPalace26th June 1849Add. MS. 45638, f.21Hare, Augustus
MayfieldPalace26th June 1849Add. MS. 45638, f.22Hare, Augustus
MayfieldPalace5th July 1849Add. MS. 45638, f.26Hare, Augustus
Mayfieldchurch12th June 1852PD 2014 (51)Tracy, Adelaide
Merstonchurch: fontPD 2011 (88)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Merstonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Merstonchurch8th October 1852PD 2011 (87)Tracy, Adelaide
Middletonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
MiddletonElmer Pond, end of1801PD 45641, f. 24anon. before 1816
Middletonchurch23rd September 1851PD 2012 (3)Tracy, Adelaide
MidhurstcottagePD 1056anon.
MidhursthouseF/PD, 245Paine, Cornelius?
MidhurstLeather Mill1792M/PD, 268Cort, Hendrick de
MidhurstParsonage1792M/PD, 269Cort, Hendrick de
Midhurstchurch1846PD 1054anon. after 1815
Midhurstchurch19th June 1849PD 2011 (112)Tracy, Adelaide
Midhurstview, with St Anns Hill House indicated1852Cowdray MS. 5132/28Terry, E.
Mundham, Northchurch: fontPD 2011 (77)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Mundham, Northchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Mundham, Northchurch15th October 1852PD 2011 (76)Tracy, Adelaide
NewhavenchurchPD 2013 (82)anon.
Newhavenchurch, interior4th September 1855PD 2013 (84)anon. after 1815
Newhavenchurch7th September 1855PD 2013 (83)Tracy, Adelaide
Newickchurch3rd July 1854PD 2013 (99)Tracy, Adelaide
Newtimberchurch1794M/PD, 270Cort, Hendrick de
Northchapelchurch29th May 1849PD 2012 (29)Tracy, Adelaide
not knownfarmhouse1792M/PD, 277Cort, Hendrick de
Nuthurstchurch18th May 1853PD 2013 (31)anon. after 1815
Nuthurstchurch: font18th May 1853PD 2013 (32)anon. after 1815
Orechurch1st September 1847PD 2014 (82)Tracy, Adelaide
Ovingchurch: fontPD 2013 (22)anon.
Ovingchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Ovingchurch9th June 1851PD 2011 (89)Tracy, Adelaide
Ovingchurch29th August 1859F/PD, 222anon. after 1815
Ovingdeanchurch1848PD 2013 (81)Tracy, Adelaide
Paghamchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Paghamchurch, W end10th October 1842PD 2003anon. after 1815
Paghamchurch: piscina1st September 1851PD 2011 (85)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Paghamchurch2nd September 1851PD 2011 (84)Tracy, Adelaide
PaghamNyetimber chapel25th July 1854PD 2013 (47)Tracy, Adelaide
Parhamchurch28th June 1850PD 2012 (81)Tracy, Adelaide
PatchamchurchPD 2013 (60)Tracy, Adelaide
Patchingchurch17th May 1853PD 2012 (125)anon. after 1815
PeasmarshchurchPD 2014 (93)Tracy, Adelaide
Petworthin Petworth ParkM/PD, 342anon.
PetworthByworth, village streetPD 1082anon.
PetworthHousePD 678M., T.
PetworthPetworth House and spire of churchM/PD, 341Mitford, Philadelphia
Petworthview from road from GodalmingPD 303iWaldegrave, Emily
Petworthview nearPD 303jWaldegrave, Emily
Petworthchurch, house, etc., from map1625???PHNorton, Robert
PetworthGarden Temple1792M/PD, 271Cort, Hendrick de
PetworthThe Temple1792M/PD, 272Cort, Hendrick de
Petworthtown from the canal and Lord Egremont's seat1792M/PD, 273Cort, Hendrick de
PetworthMoor House1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Petworthview in Petworth Park1817F/PD, 448anon. after 1815
Petworthview in Petworth Park16th September 1817F/PD, 449anon. after 1815
PetworthPark1825PD 2597, f.9Gibson, Elizabeth
Petworthchurch from SE1842PD 1071anon. after 1815
Petworthchurch3rd October 1848PD 2012 (26)Tracy, Adelaide
PevenseyCastlePD 1499Hartshorne, Albert
PevenseyCastlePD 1500Hartshorne, Albert
PevenseyCastlePD 1501Hartshorne, Albert
PevenseyCastlePD 1502Hartshorne, Albert
PevenseyCastlePD 1503Hartshorne, Albert
PevenseyCastlePD 1504Hartshorne, Albert
PevenseyCastlePD 1505Hartshorne, Albert
Pevenseychurch25th June 1855PD 2014 (48)Tracy, Adelaide
PiddinghoechurchPD 2013 (85)Tracy, Adelaide
PlaydenchurchPD 2014 (96)Tracy, Adelaide
Plumptonchurch1st May 1848PD 2013 (78)Tracy, Adelaide
Polingchurch12th July 1851PD 2012 (68)Tracy, Adelaide
PortsladechurchPD 2013 (50)anon.
Portsladevillage street1st August 1840PD 1518Tooke, M.
Portsladechurch1846PD 2013 (51)anon. after 1815
Portsladechurch7th November 1853PD 2013 (51)Tracy, Adelaide
Portsladechurch: piscinaand sedilia1st May 1856PD 2013 (52)anon. after 1815
Poyningsvillage, from the road to Newtimber1794M/PD, 274Cort, Hendrick de
Poyningsvillage, from the road to Brighton1794M/PD, 275Cort, Hendrick de
Poyningschurch1st July 1847PD 2013 (47)anon. after 1815
Poyningschurch25th July 1854PD 2013 (48)Tracy, Adelaide
Preston Episcopichurch from SEPD 2013 (59)anon.
Preston Episcopivillage and Downs1801Add. MS. 45641, f.21anon. before 1816
Preston Episcopichurch20th May 1854PD 2013 (58)Tracy, Adelaide
Preston, Eastchurch3rd July 1851PD 2012 (75)Tracy, Adelaide
PulboroughviewPD 1090anon.
PulboroughchurchPD 2012 (85)Tracy, Adelaide
Pulboroughchurch: font1st June 1849PD 2012 (86)anon. after 1815
Pyecombefields near, on road to BrightonM/PD, 343anon.
PyecombechurchM/PD, 344anon.
Pyecombechurch25th May 1855PD 2013 (62)Tracy, Adelaide
Pyecombechurch: piscina25th August 1855PD 2013 (63)anon. after 1815
Pyecombechurch: font25th August 1855PD 2013 (62)C., E.
RactonviewPD 1493Grant, W.
RactonStandean, the Pharos [Racton Tower]1771PD 2683anon. before 1816
Ractonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Ractonchurch: rood screen1850PD 2011 (19)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Ractonchurch, E window1850PD 2011 (20)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Ractonchurch17th July 1850PD 2011 (18)Tracy, Adelaide
RactonStandean, the Pharos [Racton Tower]1862slide, 1050Cotton, C.R.
Ringmerchurch: monument of Harbert SpringettPD 2014 (loose at end)anon.
Ringmerchurch12th September 1857PD 2014 (6)Tracy, Adelaide
Ripechurch, chancel windowPD 2014 (22)anon.
Ripechurch30th July 1855PD 2014 (23)anon. after 1815
RodmellchurchPD 2013 (89)Tracy, Adelaide
Rogatechurch4th October 1848PD 2011 (36)Tracy, Adelaide
Rotherfieldchurch1st June 1852PD 2014 (32)Tracy, Adelaide
Rottingdeanroad along cliff top1801Add.MS. 45641, f.21vanon. before 1816
Rottingdeanroad along cliff top1801Add.MS. 45641, f.22anon. before 1816
Rottingdeanchurch1848PD 2013 (82)Tracy, Adelaide
Rudgwickchurch1st June 1848PD 2012 (92)Tracy, Adelaide
RumboldswykePD 2137 (8)H., G.W.
Rumboldswykechurch8th October 1852PD 2011 (70)Tracy, Adelaide
Rusperchurch, tower arch1st May 1850PD 2013 (36)anon. after 1815
Rusperchurch20th May 1850PD 2013 (35)Tracy, Adelaide
Rustingtonchurch: fontPD 2012 (73)anon.
Rustingtonchurch3rd July 1851PD 2012 (72)Tracy, Adelaide
Ryechurch archesPD 2014 (100)anon.
Ryechurch, E endPD 2014 (99)Tracy, Adelaide
Ryechurch, W endPD 2014 (99)Tracy, Adelaide
Ryechurch19th November 1852PD 2014 (98)Tracy, Adelaide
Seafordchurch3rd September 1856PD 2014 (14)Tracy, Adelaide
Selhamchurch, chancelPD 2011 (111)B., A.
Selhamchurch: fontPD 2011 (111)B., A.
Selhamchurch18th May 1849PD 2011 (110)anon. after 1815
Selhamchurch: font18th June 1849PD 2013 (6)anon. after 1815
Selmestonchurch, N porchPD 2014 (19)Tracy, Adelaide
Selmestonchurch21st August 1857PD 2014 (20)Tracy, Adelaide
Selseyfarm buildingsPD 2137 (11)anon.
Selseychurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Selseychurch28th August 1851PD 2011 (83)Tracy, Adelaide
Shermanburychurch21st May 1853PD 2013 (27)Tracy, Adelaide
Shipleychurch: fontPD 2012 (101)anon.
Shipleychurch, W door1st May 1850PD 2012 (101)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Shipleychurch, interior1st May 1850PD 2012 (100)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Shipleychurch27th May 1850PD 2012 (99)Tracy, Adelaide
Shorehambeach with huts and figures1801Add. MS. 45641, f.20anon. before 1816
Shoreham, NewchurchPD 2013 (13)anon.
Shoreham, NewchurchPD 2013 (23)anon.
Shoreham, NewHigh Street, ancient buildings1829cp. H. Cheal, The Story of Shoreham, frontispiece, 2039Hooper, H. (Miss)
Shoreham, Newchurch1st September 1846PD 2013 (12)anon. after 1815
Shoreham, Newharbour entrance1850PD 1668anon. after 1815
Shoreham, Oldchurch at ?PD 2013 (24)anon.
Shoreham, Oldchurch1847PD 2013 (10)anon. after 1815
Shoreham, Oldchurch1st June 1856PD 2013 (11)Tracy, Adelaide
SidleshamchurchPD/F, 224T., F.
Sidleshamchurch: fontPD 2011 (80)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Sidleshamchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Sidleshamchurch15th October 1852PD 2011 (79)Tracy, Adelaide
Singletonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Singletonchurch, staircase of rood loft1st June 1850PD 2011 (52)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Singletonchurch1st June 1850PD 2011 (53)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Singletonchurch26th June 1850PD 2011 (51)Tracy, Adelaide
Slaughamchurch23rd May 1853PD 2013 (42)Tracy, Adelaide
Slindonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
SlindonSlindon House26th June 1845PD 2138(16a)H., C.
Slindonchurch, interior, x 31st June 1850PD 2011 (98)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Slindonchurch11th June 1850PD 2011 (97)Tracy, Adelaide
Slinfoldchurch1st June 1848PD 2012 (91)Tracy, Adelaide
SomptingchurchPD 1197anon.
SomptingchurchPD 1198anon.
SomptingchurchPD 1199anon.
Somptingchurch, interior, N wallPD 2013 (7)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Somptingchurch1802Par, 177/7/10anon. before 1816
Somptingchurch, interior1st May 1850PD 2013 (7)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Somptingchurch, porch1st May 1850PD 2013 (8)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Somptingchurch, interior, x 320th May 1850PD 2013 (6)Walwyn, Tracy
Somptingchurch: alms box27th May 1850PD 2013 (7)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Somptingchurch27th May 1852PD 2013 (4)anon. after 1815
Southeasechurch: stoup within S door5th September 1855PD 2013 (2)anon. after 1815
Southeasechurch5th September 1855PD 2013 (88)Tracy, Adelaide
SouthwickchurchPD 1116anon.
SouthwickchurchPD 1117anon.
SouthwickchurchPD 1118anon.
Southwickharbour, The RubyPD 1119anon.
SouthwickchurchPD 1670anon.
Southwickchurch, towerPD 2013 (16)anon.
Southwickchurch1st September 1846PD 2013 (14)anon. after 1815
Southwickchurch1st June 1851PD 2013 (15)anon. after 1815
Southwickchurch1854PD 1200Delamotte, William Alfred
Southwickchurch1858PD 1202Delamotte, William Alfred
Southwickchurch1860PD 1201anon. after 1815
StanmerchurchPD 2013 (61)Borrer, Margaret
Stanmerchurch1st May 1848PD 2013 (61)Tracy, Adelaide
StedhamMill1792M/PD, 276Cort, Hendrick de
Stedhamchurch7th October 1848PD 2011 (45)Tracy, Adelaide
Steyningthe Old WorkhousePD 1134anon.
Steyningchurch, detail from Briton, English ArchitecturePD 2012 (113)anon.
Steyningchurch, interior, nave, from BritonPD 2012 (113)anon.
Steyningchurch, S porchPD 2012 (113)anon.
Steyningon the road from Steyning to Worthing1800PD 612lanon. before 1816
Steyningchurch25th October 1853PD 2012 (112)Tracy, Adelaide
Stoke, Northchurch, interiorPD 2012(54)anon.
Stoke, Northchurch: font1st June 1850PD 2012 (53)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Stoke, Northchurch12th June 1850PD 2012 (52)Tracy, Adelaide
Stoke, Southchurch, interiorPD 2012 (56)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Stoke, Southchurch28th June 1850PD 2012 (55)Tracy, Adelaide
Stoke, Westchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Stoke, Westchurch: piscina1st June 1850PD 2011 (55)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Stoke, Westchurch2nd September 1851PD 2011 (54)Tracy, Adelaide
Stophamchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Stophamchurch3rd October 1848PD 2012 (35)Tracy, Adelaide
StorringtonChantry, waterfall at1827Add. MS. 2598, f.14Gibson, Elizabeth
StorringtonChantry Fram and pond1827Add. MS. 2598, f.15Gibson, Elizabeth
StorringtonChantry, fulling mill at1827Add. MS. 2598, f.15Gibson, Elizabeth
StorringtonRectory1827Add. MS. 2598, f.2Gibson, Elizabeth
StorringtonSchool1827Add. MS. 2598, f.6Gibson, Elizabeth
Storringtonchurch24th June 1850PD 2012 (82)Tracy, Adelaide
StoughtonIdsworth Estate near Forestside, keepers cottagesPD 1494Grant, W.
Stoughtonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Stoughtonchurch, interior1st July 1850PD 2011 (22)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Stoughtonchurch16th July 1850PD 2011 (21)Tracy, Adelaide
Stoughtonchurch16th July 1850PD 2011 (23-24)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
StoughtonStansted carriage drive1862slide, 1006Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonStansted Avenue1862slide, 1007Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonStansted Lower Farm1862slide, 1008Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonStansted Upper Farm1862slide, 1009Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonTrees1862slide, 1010Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonForestside Hill1862slide, 1011Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonFrom Stansted Down looking S1862slide, 1039Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonIsle of Wight from Stansted Avenue1862slide, 1042Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonStansted Park Avenue, beech tree in1862slide, 1043Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonStansted House and Racton Tower1862slide, 1048Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonForestside church and schols1862slide, 1049Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonStansted estate, site of old pottery1862slide, 1051Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonDean End Lane from Forestside1862slide, 1058Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonStansted House1862slide, 1044 & 1045Cotton, C.R.
StoughtonStansted Park and distant view of house1862slide, 1046 & 1047Cotton, C.R.
Streatchurch28th July 1854PD 2013 (77)Tracy, Adelaide
SullingtonSullington Commmon, windmill on1825Add. MS. 2597, f.14Gibson, Elizabeth
SullingtonSandgate, cottages1825Add. MS. 2597, f.15Gibson, Elizabeth
SullingtonRectory1825Add. MS. 2597, f.19Gibson, Elizabeth
SullingtonSandgate Lodge1825Add. MS. 2597, f.2Gibson, Elizabeth
Sullingtonchurch1825Add. MS. 2597, f.20Gibson, Elizabeth
SullingtonSullington farm1825Add. MS. 2597, f.21Gibson, Elizabeth
SullingtonSandgate Lodge1826Add. MS. 2597, f.23Gibson, Elizabeth
SullingtonSandgate, old barn1826Add. MS. 2598, f.10Gibson, Elizabeth
Sullingtonchurch and farm1826Add. MS. 2598, f.3Gibson, Elizabeth
Sullingtonchurch1826Add. MS. 2598, f.4Gibson, Elizabeth
SullingtonLinfields Cottage1826Add. MS. 2598, f.7Gibson, Elizabeth
SullingtonJohn Wood's cottage1826Add. MS. 2598, f.8Gibson, Elizabeth
SullingtonRectory1826Add. MS. 2598, ff.1, 2Gibson, Elizabeth
Sullingtonchurch24th June 1850PD 2012 (109)Tracy, Adelaide
Suttonchurch, interiorPD 720anon.
Suttonchurch: fontPD 2012 (16)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Suttonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Suttonchurch31st May 1849PD 2012 (15)anon. after 1815
Tangmerechurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
TangmereParsonage1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Tangmerechurch3rd June 1851PD 2011 (92)Tracy, Adelaide
Tarring Nevillechurch, interior, N wall of chancel7th September 1855PD 2014 (loose at end)anon. after 1815
Tarring Nevillechurch7th September 1855PD 2014 (11)Tracy, Adelaide
Tarring, WestBecket's Palace1800PD 612janon. before 1816
Tarring, WestBecket's Palace1800PD 612kanon. before 1816
Tarring, Westchurch: font16th May 1853PD 2012 (128)anon. after 1815
Tarring, Westchurch16th May 1853PD 2012 (127)Tracy, Adelaide
Telscombechurch1848PD 2013 (86)anon. after 1815
Terwickchurch5th October 1848PD 2011 (37)Tracy, Adelaide
Thakehamchurch: fontPD 2012 (103)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Thakehamchurch: iron chestPD 2012 (103)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Thakehamchurch2nd June 1849PD 2012 (102)Tracy, Adelaide
Thorney, Westchurch: fontPD 2011 (8)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Thorney, Westchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Thorney, Westchurch, interior1st July 1850PD 2011 (7)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Thorney, Westchurch17th July 1850PD 2011 (6)Tracy, Adelaide
Ticehurstchurch1st June 1852PD 2014 (57)Tracy, Adelaide
Tillingtonthe Manor of Dean, in margin of estate map1764PHA 3597anon. before 1816
Tillingtonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
TillingtonDean House1825Add. MS. 2597, f.27Gibson, Elizabeth
Tillingtonhouse in1825Add. MS. 2597, f.6Gibson, Elizabeth
Tillingtonhouse of Revd W. Ayling1825Add. MS. 2597, f.8Gibson, Elizabeth
TillingtonRectory1825Add. MS. 2597, ff.3, 4Gibson, Elizabeth
TillingtonMiss Foard's cottage from W1st May 1846PD 1140anon. after 1815
Tillingtonchurch3rd October 1848PD 2012 (25)Tracy, Adelaide
Tillingtonvillage, Major R Luard's1st September 1849PD 780E., C.B.
Tillingtonview from Pittshill1864F/PD, 161anon. after 1815
Tortingtonchurch: arch in porchPD 2012 (65)anon.
Tortingtonchurch: fontPD 2012 (63)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
TortingtonPriory1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
TortingtonTortington House1819Add. MS. 47083Otley, Charles Bethel (Revd)
Tortingtonchurch2nd July 1851PD 2012 (62)Tracy, Adelaide
Treyfordchurch (new)25th June 1849PD 2011 (34)anon. after 1815
Treyfordchurch9th October 1849PD 2011 (35)Tracy, Adelaide
TrottonTrotton HouseF/PD 481Twyford, M.
Trottonchurch5th October 1848PD 2011 (44)Tracy, Adelaide
Twinehamchurch7th July 1854PD 2013 (45)Tracy, Adelaide
UckfieldchurchPD 2014 (26)anon.
Uckfieldchurch28th June 1856PD 2014 (27)Tracy, Adelaide
Upwalthamchurch fontPD 2011 (105)anon.
Upwalthamchurch: sedile and piscina1st May 1831PD 2011 (105)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Upwalthamchurch31st May 1849PD 2011 (104)Tracy, Adelaide
Wadhurstchurch18th June 1852PD 2014 (53)Tracy, Adelaide
Walbertonchurch2nd July 1851PD 2012 (8)Tracy, Adelaide
Waldronchurch?, keyPD 2014 (loose)anon.
WaldronCross in HandF/PD 552M., T.E.
Waldronchurch17th September 1857PD 2014 (33)Tracy, Adelaide
WarminghurstWarminghurst House from SE1789Clough and Butler MS., 236Clough, Patty
WarnhamchurchPar, 203/7/12anon.
Warnhamchurch20th May 1850PD 2012 (96)Tracy, Adelaide
Wartlingchurch: fontPD 2013 (12)anon.
Wartlingchurch10th July 1855PD 2014 (67)Tracy, Adelaide
WashingtonRowdell Place from E1789Clough and Butler MS., 237Clough, Patty
Washingtonchurch1826Add. MS. 2598, f.11Gibson, Elizabeth
Washingtonchurch25th May 1853PD 2012 (110)Tracy, Adelaide
WestbournevillagePD 75anon.
Westbournechurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
WestbourneSquare and church1800Par, 206/7/30anon. before 1816
Westbournechurch from SE1842Par, 206/7/31Morley, G.
Westbournechurch: piscina1st June 1850PD 2011 (16)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Westbournechurch16th July 1850PD 2011 (15)Tracy, Adelaide
Westbournecottages between Westbourne and Aldsworth1862slide, 1031, 1032Cotton, C.R.
Westbournefrom the Common1862slide, 1052, 1053Cotton, C.R.
Westbournechurch1862slide, 1054, 1055Cotton, C.R.
Westbournechurch and stream1862slide, 1056, 1057Cotton, C.R.
Westdeanchurch, interior3rd September 1855PD 2014 (41)anon. after 1815
Westdeanchurch: W arch3rd September 1855PD 2014 (41)anon. after 1815
Westdeanchurch3rd September 1855PD 2014 (42)Tracy, Adelaide
Westhamchurch30th June 1855PD 2014 (47)Tracy, Adelaide
WesthampnettPD 2137(20)anon.
Westhampnettchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Westhampnettchurch and vicarage1839F/PD501Westbrook, Stephen (Revd)
Westhampnettchurch1849F/PD, 225Farenden, Emma?
Westhampnettchurch1849F/PD, 226Farenden, Emma?
Westhampnettchurch1849F/PD, 227Farenden, Emma?
Westhampnettchurch18th July 1850PD 2011 (58)Tracy, Adelaide
Westmestonchurch28th July 1854PD 2013 (65)Tracy, Adelaide
Westmestonchurch, N porch28th July 1854PD 2013 (66)Upperton, R.
Wiggonholtchurch: fontPD 2012 (84)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Wiggonholtchurch1st June 1849PD 2012 (83)Tracy, Adelaide
Willingdonchurch10th July 1855PD 2014 (46)Tracy, Adelaide
Wilmingtonchurch21st August 1857PD 2014 (37)Tracy, Adelaide
WinchelseachurchPD 2014 (101)Tracy, Adelaide
Winchelseachurch1st October 1847PD 2014 (100)anon. after 1815
Winchelseachurch1849Add. MS. 45638, f.30Hare, Augustus
Winchelseachurch17th July 1849Add. MS. 45638, f.29Hare, Augustus
WinchelseaThe Friars18th July 1849Add. MS. 45638, f.31Hare, Augustus
Wisborough Greenchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Wisborough Greenchurch28th May 1849PD 2012 (32)Tracy, Adelaide
Wisborough Greenchurch: font28th May 1849PD 2012 (33)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
Wisborough Greenchurch, porch28th May 1849PD 2012 (33)Walwyn, E.R. (Miss)
WistonWiston ParkPD 1524anon.
WistonWiston Park, interiorPD 1526anon.
WistonWiston Park and churchPD 1527anon.
Wistonchurch25th May 1853PD 2012 (111)Tracy, Adelaide
Withyhamchurch4th June 1852PD 2014 (31)anon. after 1815
Wittering, Eastchurch, porch and Norman doorwayPD 2011 (4)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Wittering, Eastchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Wittering, Eastchurch1851Par, 212/7/2Gosham, Mary (Miss)
Wittering, Eastchurch14th September 1852PD 2011 (3)Tracy, Adelaide
Wittering, WestCookham TowerF/PD, 523anon.
Wittering, Westchurch: fontPD 2011 (2)Young, Victoria Margaret Sproule (Miss)
Wittering, Westchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Wittering, Westchurch14th September 1852PD 2011 (1)Tracy, Adelaide
Wivesfieldchurch, N doorPD 2013 (69)anon.
Wivesfieldchurch10th August 1857PD 2013 (70)Tracy, Adelaide
Woodmancotechurch23rd September 1853PD 2013 (24)Tracy, Adelaide
Woolavingtonchurch1795PD 2586Smith, Thomas
Woolavingtonchurch1846PD 1054anon. after 1815
Woolavingtonchurch30th May 1849PD 2012 (17)Tracy, Adelaide
Woolbedingchurch7th October 1848PD 2011 (43)Tracy, Adelaide
Worminghurstfountain taken from CowdrayCowdray MS. 5132/29Austin, B.
Worminghurstchurch2nd June 1849PD 2012 (104)Tracy, Adelaide
Worthchurch1st July 1848PD 2013 (74)Tracy, Adelaide
Worthchurch1850PD 562Nibbs, Richard Henry
Yaptonchurch16th October 1852PD 2012 (5)Tracy, Adelaide