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List of pictures belonging to : Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, East Sussex

PlaceViewDateReferenceArtistArtist qualification
animalCattle and ducks41, (O.96)Herring, John Frederick snr
ArundelCastle from S1568, (O.161)Duncan, Edward
ArundelPark653, (W.60)Smith, William Collingwood
BattleAbbey, Gatehouse, from outside1st December 1792621, (W.68)Underwood, Thomas Richard
BattleAbbey (x2)1st July 18372069Pocock, Elizabeth Ann
Bexhillbeach and sea with Martello Towers from about Bexhill towards Beachy Head18351096, (O.243)Tennant, John F.
Bosham796, (W.7)Peppercorn, Arthur Douglas
coastmackerel fishing and Martello tower (Seven Sisters from E)1851686, (W.76)anon. after 1815
EastbourneOld Eastbourne [fields with stocks]742, (W.167)anon.
EastbourneStephen Lushington's house from SW [after S.H. Grimm]1540, (W.192)anon.
EastbourneLamb Inn from Ocklynge Road1460, (W.289)anon.
EastbourneSea Houses from Mr Gilbert's arbour1050, (W.78)anon.
EastbourneSt Mary's church743, (W.149)Callow, William
EastbourneMr Gilbert's1463, (W.151)Devis, Anthony
EastbourneThe Great House1490, (W.180)Fisher, John
Eastbourne1480, (W.170)Howitt, William Samuel
Eastbournethe first Mrs Lushington, portrait1677Mortimer, John Hamilton
EastbourneWish Farm691, (W.237)Owen, James
Eastbourneseveral: post-1860 where datedOwen, James
Eastbourne183 pencil/wc sketches of Eastbourne and district; earliest dated is 1872, up to 19091611Paget, Elizabeth S.
Eastbournebeach, under cliff, from W2063Pocock, Nicholas
EastbourneBelow the cliffs; lime kiln, barrows285, (D.19)Prout, Samuel
Eastbourneold buildings on the shore1472, (D.20)Prout, Samuel
EastbourneCoastguard station and Redoubt761, (W.239)Shepherd, Thomas Hosmer
Eastbourne65 Sea Houses2106.1Usher, Sophia
Eastbourneview from 65 Sea Houses2106.2Usher, Sophia
EastbournePevensey Bay from, horses in foreground; cp. 10961461, (W.230)Webster, Thomas
EastbourneRevd Henry Lushington, portrait of17771542, (O.31)Mortimer, John Hamilton
EastbourneMrs Lushington, portrait of17771541, (O.32)Mortimer, John Hamilton
EastbourneElevation of one of the sea houses ocupied by Princess Elizabeth, Princess Sophia and Prince Octavious12th June 1780576, (D.39)Chamberlain, I.
EastbourneOld Town17811485, (W.179)Fisher, Johnand George
EastbourneStephen Lushington's house [after S.H. Grimm]17841473, (W.190)anon. before 1816
Eastbournechurch from E17881502, (W.278)Arden, M.E.
Eastbourneold church from E1800288, (D.17)Devis, Anthony
EastbourneSt Mary's church18081794Erridge, A.
Eastbourne18191474, (e.72)Prout, Samuel
EastbourneEastbourne and Southbourne, bird's eye view from S18201759Paine, J.
Eastbourneentrance to South Street18241483, (W.11)Shepherd, George
Eastbourneseizure, Custom House yard22nd August 1831760, (W.186)anon. after 1815
EastbourneSea Houses (x2)1st July 18372069Pocock, Elizabeth Ann
EastbourneSt Mary's church (x2)1st July 18372069Pocock, Elizabeth Ann
Eastbourneview from cliffs to W18401482, (W.235)Martin, John
Eastbournecliffs from W18451543, (W.318)Griffiths, Arthur Chatam
Eastbourneview from Downs18501944Bennett, John
EastbourneThe sea wall at high water1851682, (W.129)anon. after 1815
Eastbourneremains of convent of Blackfriars1st November 18511509, (W.73)Callow, William
Eastbournechalk quarry near18521807.1Paris, Louisa Catherine
Eastbourneon the undercliff towards Beach Head18521807.11Paris, Louisa Catherine
Eastbournebeach18521807.15Paris, Louisa Catherine
EastbourneCornfield Terrace18521807.5Paris, Louisa Catherine
EastbourneMeades and Holywell villages18521807.8Paris, Louisa Catherine
Eastbournefrom Beachy Head: belletout lighthouse and cliffs of Birling Gap18521807.9Paris, Louisa Catherine
Eastbournefrom the cliff going up towards Beachy Head1st August 18521807.3Paris, Louisa Catherine
EastbourneSouthbourne from our staircase window1st August 18521807.6Paris, Louisa Catherine
Eastbournefrom the beach under the Wish Tower1st September 18521807.14Paris, Louisa Catherine
Eastbournebeach from cornfield going to the Wish Tower1st September 18521807.16Paris, Louisa Catherine
Eastbournethe first of the seahouses1st September 18521807.17Paris, Louisa Catherine
Eastbournefrom the top of the Downs4th September 18521807.4Paris, Louisa Catherine
Eastbourneold cottage and part pf church11th September 18521807.7Paris, Louisa Catherine
Eastbournefrom the Brighton road17th September 18521807.2Paris, Louisa Catherine
EastbourneBirling Gap30th September 18521807.12Paris, Louisa Catherine
Eastbourne43 sketches of the countryside around Eastbounre18551752anon. after 1815
EastbourneTrinity church and Parsonage19th April 18551508, (D.101)Shepherd, Thomas Hosmer
EastbourneMarine Parade from the sea, Sea Houses21st April 18551508, (D.101)Shepherd, Thomas Hosmer
EastbourneParadise near Compton House20th May 18551508, (D.101)Shepherd, Thomas Hosmer
EastbourneThe Gilbert Arms18601507, (W.245)Erridge, A.
Eastbournethe Bee collier unloading at13th August 18632106.4Usher, Sophia
Eastbournethe Bee collier wrecked off Eastbourne14th August 18632106.3Usher, Sophia
EastbourneThe Fishmarket1868733, (W.131)Hine, Henry George
EastdeanBeachy Head, with boat unloading1462, (W.171)Howitt, William Samuel
Eastdeanview from Downs14th October 0628, (W.152)Devis, Anthony
EastdeanSeven Sisters from sea, from E17501598, (W.200)anon. before 1816
EastdeanBelle Tout (x2)1st July 18372069Pocock, Elizabeth Ann
EastdeanBeachy Head from the sands18521807.13Paris, Louisa Catherine
Hastingsbeach with boats19th August 18212001Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingsbeach28th August 18212003Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingsboats at, ??1827793, (W.227)Fielding, Theodore Henry Adolphus
HastingsCastle1st July 18372069Pocock, Elizabeth Ann
HastingsfromW, on beach at lower water1851687, (W.77)anon. after 1815
HerstmonceuxCastle16th August 1769274, (D.31)Lambert, James, I
HerstmonceuxCastle (x2)1st July 18372069Pocock, Elizabeth Ann
HerstmonceuxCastle24th September 18521807.21Paris, Louisa Catherine
Herstmonceuxcastle, S front24th September 18521807.22Paris, Louisa Catherine
LewesSt James's Hospital, Southover530, (D.7)Lambert, James, I
LittlehamptonWindmill806, (W.8)Peppercorn, Arthur Douglas
not knowncoastal scene, fishermen unloading their catch8, ( )Callow, William
not known12 watercolours1930Paris, Louisa Catherine
not knownchurch porch1051, (W.160)Prout, Samuel
not knowncastle18521807.19Paris, Louisa Catherine
not knowncastle30th August 18521807.2Paris, Louisa Catherine
not knownWind against tide1883648, (W.142)Hine, Henry George
Petworthdistant view of church741, (W.82)Scott, William Henry Stothard
Pevenseychurch817, (W.199)anon.
PevenseyMartello Towers, Pevensey Bay756, (W.134)Campion, George Bryant
PevenseyCastle from SE17361607, (E.92)Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
PevenseyCastle from NE17361608, (E.93)Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
PevenseyCastle17681609, (W.202)Michell, William
PevenseyCastle17831758Nixon, John
PevenseyCastle, ?keep1818614, (W.198)Shepherd, Thomas Hosmer
PevenseyCastle (x3)1st July 18372069Pocock, Elizabeth Ann
Pevenseythe cottage of the people who show the ruins30th August 18521807.18Paris, Louisa Catherine
SeafordView from Castle Hill, Newhaven, across bay to, ??816, (W.148)Devis, Anthony
Shoreham, Oldview from harbour1873627, (W.80)Callow, William
Sussexresting at plough2, (O2.26)Tennant, John F. & Herring, John Frederick snr
WalbertonAvard's farm1219, (O.24)Gogin, Charles
WesthamLangney Grange1781[on display 2009]Burrell, Sophia
Willingdonvillage street2017Fielding, Anthony Vandyke Copley
Willingdonvillage street1850744, (W.20)Cross, James
WilmingtonPriory ruins1043, (W.201)Nash, Frederick