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List of pictures belonging to : Tate Gallery, London

PlaceViewDateReferenceArtistArtist qualification
AmberleyCastleOppe, D.L.T., 677Dayes, Edwardcopied by Moore, T.
ArundelCastle, distant view towards sea1824TB CCVIII FTurner, J.M.W.
ArundelCastle from river to S1824TB CCVIII GTurner, J.M.W.
ArundelCastle1824TB CCX 63-66, 71a-76a, 82-85Turner, J.M.W.
ArundelPark1824TB CCX 68-71Turner, J.M.W.
Arundel1830TB CCXLV 38a, 39, 60a-63a, 70a-72Turner, J.M.W.
Arundel1830TB CCXLVI, 9a-10, 22, 86a-91Turner, J.M.W.
AshburnhamVale of1813TB CXXXVII 68-69Turner, J.M.W.
AshburnhamVale of1815TB CXXXVIII 17Turner, J.M.W.
BattleAbbey, entrance1794TB XXIII JTurner, J.M.W.
BattleAbbey1815TB CXXXVIII 2Turner, J.M.W.
Battle1815TB CXXXVIII 4Turner, J.M.W.
BattleBeauport, near1815TB CXXXVIII 18Turner, J.M.W.
BattleAbbey1815TB CXXXIX 27a-30aTurner, J.M.W.
BexhillMartello Towers near1808TB CXVII KTurner, J.M.W.
BodiamCastle1805TB XCI 68-81Turner, J.M.W.
BodiamCastle1813TB CXXXVII 6a-11aTurner, J.M.W.
BrightlingObservatory1813TB CXXXVII 36a-37Turner, J.M.W.
BrightlingRosehill Park1815TB CXXXVIII 19Turner, J.M.W.
BrightlingRosehill1815TB CXXXIX 33a, 34Turner, J.M.W.
BrightlingObservatory1815TB CXXXIX 34a, 35Turner, J.M.W.
Brightonstudies1796TB XXXTurner, J.M.W.
Brightonseashore looking E1796TB XXXIII OTurner, J.M.W.
Brightoncoast looking E: moonlight1796TB XXXIII NTurner, J.M.W.
Brightonlugger pulling out to sea1796TB XXXIII KTurner, J.M.W.
Brightonboats off the coast1796TB XXXIII PTurner, J.M.W.
Brighton1824TB CCX 20-36Turner, J.M.W.
Brightongleaners and windmill on Downs1824N01817Constable, John
BrightonChain Pier1826N05957Constable, John
BrightonChain Pier from W1827TB CCXLIV 111Turner, J.M.W.
Brightonbeach, figures on1827TB CCLIX 271Turner, J.M.W.
BrightonChain Pier1828N02064Turner, J.M.W.
Brighton1830TB CCXLV 17a-24, 31a, 32, 64a-68Turner, J.M.W.
Brightonbathing machines, preparatory study1830TB CCLXIII 11Turner, J.M.W.
ChichesterCathedralTB CCCLXXIX 7Girtin, Thomas
ChichesterCathedral, W porch1794TB XXII ETurner, J.M.W.
ChichesterCathedral1796TB XXX 32a-34Turner, J.M.W.
ChichesterMarket Cross1796TB XXX 26a-27Turner, J.M.W.
Crowhurst1810TB CXVIII RTurner, J.M.W.
CrowhurstPark1815TB CXXXVIII 8-9Turner, J.M.W.
Downsview1720Fielding, Anthony Vandyke Copley
Downs1815TB CXXXIX 31a, 32Turner, J.M.W.
EasebourneCowdray1809TB CIX 6-8Turner, J.M.W.
EasebourneCowdray1809TB CXII 84aTurner, J.M.W.
EastdeanBeachy Head1805TB XCI 25-28Turner, J.M.W.
Felphamvillage from N; windmill in L foreground1801Blake, William
Hastingscliffs and beach from ETB CCCLXXI ADayes, Edwardcopied by Moore, T.
Hastingscliffs and beach from WTB CCCLXXI BDayes, Edwardcopied by Moore, T.
Hastingsfishing boatsT,1010Prout, Samuel
HastingsCastle1805TB XCII 11-12Turner, J.M.W.
HastingsFish Market1807TB XCIX 81Turner, J.M.W.
HastingsCastle1810TB CXI 15a-16, 57a, 58Turner, J.M.W.
Hastingsbeach, fishermen, boats1810TB CXI 25, 45a-46a, 78a-79Turner, J.M.W.
Hastings1815TB CXXXIX 22a-27Turner, J.M.W.
Hastings1815TB CXL 62a, 68aTurner, J.M.W.
Hastings1820TB CXCVII I, JTurner, J.M.W.
Hastings1822TB CCII 16Turner, J.M.W.
Heathfieldnear; Pevensey Bay in distance1813TB CXXXVII 12a-13aTurner, J.M.W.
HeathfieldVale of1813TB CXXXVII 41a-42Turner, J.M.W.
Heathfieldnear; Beachy Head in distance1813TB CXXXVII 42aTurner, J.M.W.
Heathfieldnear1813TB CXXXVII 57a-58Turner, J.M.W.
Heathfieldnear1815TB CXXXVIII 1, 10Turner, J.M.W.
HerstmonceuxCastle1805TB XCI 39-52Turner, J.M.W.
HerstmonceuxCastle1815TB CXXXVIII 5-6Turner, J.M.W.
landscapewide river in wooded country; cattle in forground1769ND 1658Lambert, James, I
Lewesbridge from SE corner1796TB XXXII BTurner, J.M.W.
Littlehamptonold pier from E1812N00345Callcott, Augustus Wall (Sir)
Petworthchurch1792TB XXIII ETurner, J.M.W.
PetworthTemple of Isis1805TB XC 4-6Turner, J.M.W.
PetworthHouse, Park1809TB CIX 4-5Turner, J.M.W.
PetworthHouse and Park1830TB CCXLIIITurner, J.M.W.
PetworthHouse and Park1830TB CCXLIVTurner, J.M.W.
PetworthPark1830TB CCCXLI 225Turner, J.M.W.
PetworthHouse and Park, numerous sketches1830TBTurner, J.M.W.
PevenseyBay with Beachy Head in distance1805TB XCI 11Turner, J.M.W.
PevenseyCastle1805TB XCI 13-21Turner, J.M.W.
PevenseyMarsh, group of trees1805TB XCI 22-23Turner, J.M.W.
PevenseyBay from near Willingdon1805TB XCI 29-30Turner, J.M.W.
PevenseyCastle1813TB CXXXVII 59a-61aTurner, J.M.W.
PevenseyCastle1815TB CXXXVIII 7, 13-16Turner, J.M.W.
Rye1805TB XCII 45-46Turner, J.M.W.
Rye1815TB CXXXIX 20a-22Turner, J.M.W.
Rye1815TB CXL 46a, 47, 51a, 52a, 53a, 54aTurner, J.M.W.
Shoreham1830TB CCXLV 64a, 65Turner, J.M.W.
Sussexcottage by road, amongst treesNasmyth, Patrick
Wadhurst1813TB CXXXVII 56aTurner, J.M.W.
Winchelsea1805TB XCI 56--58Turner, J.M.W.
Winchelsea1805TB XCII 4-5Turner, J.M.W.
Winchelsea1805TB XCII 43-44Turner, J.M.W.
Winchelsea1808TB CXVII QTurner, J.M.W.
WinchelseaEast Gate1810TB CXVIII MTurner, J.M.W.
Winchelsea1815TB CXL 55, 55a-61a, 64a-66aTurner, J.M.W.