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List of pictures belonging to : Sabin Galleries, London

PlaceViewDateReferenceArtistArtist qualification
AmberleyCastle from NE18041Petrie, Henry
AmberleyCastle, gate18042Petrie, Henry
AmberleyCastle, inside court18043Petrie, Henry
AmberleyCastle from NW18044Petrie, Henry
ArlingtonMichelham Priory from SE180350Petrie, Henry
ArlingtonMichelham Priory from NW180351Petrie, Henry
ArlingtonMichelham Priory from NE180752Petrie, Henry
ArundelCastle from SW18045Petrie, Henry
ArundelCastle, inside18046Petrie, Henry
BattleAbbey from S18027Petrie, Henry
BattleAbbey, Refectory from E18068Petrie, Henry
BattleAbbey, gateway from NW18069Petrie, Henry
BattleAbbey, gateway, interior180610Petrie, Henry
BattleAbbey, Refectory, interior180611Petrie, Henry
BodiamCastle from SW179616anon.
BodiamCastle from NE179717anon.
BodiamCastle from SE179718anon.
BodiamCastle from NW180314Petrie, Henry
BodiamCastle, interior to SW180315Petrie, Henry
BoxgroveHalnaker House from SW180535Petrie, Henry
BoxgroveHalnaker House from SW180536Petrie, Henry
BramberCastle180219Petrie, Henry
BredePlace from SW180620Petrie, Henry
ChichesterMarket Cross180423Petrie, Henry
ChichesterVicars' Hall180424Petrie, Henry
ChichesterVicars' College180425Petrie, Henry
ChichesterSt Mary's Hospital from NW180426Petrie, Henry
ChichesterCanons' Gate180427Petrie, Henry
ChichesterTown Hall from W180522Petrie, Henry
CrowhurstPark from NE180233Petrie, Henry
EasebourneCowdray Park, courtyard to NW180429Petrie, Henry
EasebourneCowdray Park from SW180430Petrie, Henry
EasebourneCowdray Park180431Petrie, Henry
EasebourneCowdray Park180432Petrie, Henry
EasebourneCowdray Park from SE181028Petrie, Henry
Elstedview over Downs180534Petrie, Henry
FrantBayham Abbey from SE180613Petrie, Henry
HailshamOtham chapel from SW180553Petrie, Henry
HardhamPriory from NW180537Petrie, Henry
HerstmonceuxCastle from NE180240Petrie, Henry
HerstmonceuxCastle180241Petrie, Henry
HerstmonceuxCastle, courtyard to NE180742Petrie, Henry
Jevingtonvillage180443Petrie, Henry
Jevingtonvillage180444Petrie, Henry
LamberhurstScotney Castle from SW180478Petrie, Henry
LewesCastle from W180245Petrie, Henry
LewesCastle from W180245aPetrie, Henry
LewesCastle gateway180246Petrie, Henry
LinchmereShelbred Priory from NE180579Petrie, Henry
MayfieldPalace from NE180347Petrie, Henry
MayfieldPalace from SW180348Petrie, Henry
MayfieldPalace, Great Hall180349Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle from NW180364Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle from SSE180454Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle from SW180455Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle from WNW180456Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle from NE180457Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle from S180458Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle, inside to NW180459Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle, west gate180460Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle from ESE180462Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle from SW180465Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle, inner bailey to NW180466Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle180467Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle from SW180468Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle from SW180470Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle from NE180763Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle, inside west gate to SE180861Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle, interior to NW180869Petrie, Henry
RyeYpres tower179989anon.
RyeLandgate from W180472Petrie, Henry
RyeSt Augustine's180473Petrie, Henry
RyeLandgate180474Petrie, Henry
RyeYpres tower from SE180688Petrie, Henry
RyeYpres tower from NW180690Petrie, Henry
SalehurstRobertsbridge Abbey from NE180671Petrie, Henry
Tarring, WestFree School180481Petrie, Henry
TortingtonPriory from SE180480Petrie, Henry
WinchelseaEast Pipewell gate179776anon.
WinchelseaFriary from S179787anon.
WinchelseaNew Gate from E179983anon.
WinchelseaEast Pipewell gate180477Petrie, Henry
WinchelseaPipewell gate180484Petrie, Henry
WinchelseaPipewell gate from SW180485Petrie, Henry
WinchelseaNew gate from NW180486Petrie, Henry
WithyhamBuckhurst Park from SE180321Petrie, Henry