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List of pictures belonging to : Sussex Archaeological Society, Lewes, East Sussex

PlaceViewDateReferenceArtistArtist qualification
Albournechurch from SE1802Sharpe 1Petrie, Henry
Albournechurch18452800Earp, George, I
Alcistonchurch from NE1803Sharpe 2Petrie, Henry
Alcistonchurch from the drawing-room window of Berwick Rectory1st August 1849loan, 1995, album 2,36Scutt, Catherine Anne
Alcistonchurch1st August 1850loan, 1995, album 3,11Scutt, Catherine Anne
Aldingbournechurch from NE1804Sharpe 3Petrie, Henry
Aldringtonchurch, ruins17674149Lambert, James, I
Aldringtonchurch from NW1802Sharpe 4Petrie, Henry
Aldringtonchurch24th April 18492764anon. after 1815
Alfristonchurch from NW1804Sharpe 5Petrie, Henry
Alfristonmarket cross1837loan, 1995, album 1,34Scutt, Catherine Anne
Alfristonchurch1st August 1837loan, 1995, album 1,37Scutt, Catherine Anne
Alfristonchurch1st July 1842loan, 1995, album 2,6Scutt, Catherine Anne
Alfristonmarket cross20th September 18522747anon. after 1815
Alfriston18603527T., H.
AmberleyCastle from SW1737276Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
Amberleychurch from SE1804Sharpe 6Petrie, Henry
AmberleyCastle1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Amberleychurch: brass rubbing of John Wantele1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
AmberleyCastle, interior18302755Hussey, Richard
AmberleyCastle18434094Verrall, Francis
Amberleychurch interior18562576Earp, Frederick
Angmeringchurch from NE1805Sharpe 7Petrie, Henry
animalhorned cattle3997Milner, M.T.
animalTwo longhorn oxen in landscape with bank1774LEWSA 1997.7, 40Lambert, James, Isigned
animalLonghorn cows and suckling calf, with ruined castle on rocky promentary behind1774LEWSA 1997.7, 41Lambert, James, Isigned
animalSussex South Down Sheep1778LEWSA 1997.7, 35Lambert, James, Isigned
Appledramchurch from SE1804Sharpe 8Petrie, Henry
Ardinglychurch from SE1805Sharpe 9Petrie, Henry
ArlingtonMichelham Priory, crypt1784uncat., Baxter's copy of Horsfield, vol. 3Lambert, James, I
ArlingtonMichelham Priory, gatehouse from outside moat1784uncat., Baxter's copy of Horsfield, vol. 3Lambert, James, I
ArlingtonMichelham Priory1st August 1792M45Lambert, James, II
Arlingtonchurch from NE1803Sharpe 10Petrie, Henry
Arlingtonchurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
ArlingtonMichelham Priory1830M17anon.
ArlingtonMichelham Priory, gatehouse18502611anon. after 1815
ArlingtonMichelham Priory, gatehouse1852M18Nibbs, Richard Henry
ArlingtonMichelham Priory, gatehouse from moat1855M8Nibbs, Richard Henry
Arundelchurch44Earp, Frederick
Arundelchurch77Earp, Frederick
ArundelCastle from E1737308Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
ArundelCastle, keep from the Inner Court, with visitors in foreground1776M93Lambert, James, I
Arundelchurch from SW1804Sharpe 11Petrie, Henry
Arundelchurch from NE1804Sharpe 12Petrie, Henry
ArundelCastle1804Sharpe 13Petrie, Henry
ArundelCastle1804Sharpe 14Petrie, Henry
Arundelchurch, many drawings of exterior, interior and monuments1810Acc. 9088Powell, D.T.
ArundelCastle x 21810Acc. 9088Powell, D.T.
ArundelFriary, 'Maison Dieu'1810Acc. 9088Powell, D.T.
ArundelCastle and ruins24th August 18302565Harkness, Harriet
ArundelDecoy4th September 18342563Harkness, Harriet
ArundelCastle, back of the Keep opposite to the Bowling Green18493431King, Berkeley
ArundelCastle, tower entrance, top of keep18493432King, Berkeley
Ashburnhamportrait, Lady Theodosia Ashburnham, dau of 3rd Earl2191Dance, George
Ashburnhamchurch from NE1797Sharpe 15anon.
Ashburnhamkeeper's lodge1st September 17982826anon. before 1816
Ashburnhamchurch: glass1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Ashburnhamportrait, Bertram Ashburnham, later 4th Earl18122192Dance, George
Ashburnhamportrait, Lady Charlotte Susan Ashburnham, dau. of 3rd Earl18122194Dance, George
Ashburnhamportrait, George, 3rd Earl23rd November 18122189Dance, George
Ashburnhamportrait, the Hon. Percy Ashburnham, son of 3rd Earl18132190Dance, George
Ashburnhamportrait, Lady Elizabeth Ashburnham, dau. of 3rd Earl18132193Dance, George
Ashburnhamportrait, ? Lady Georgina Ashburnham18132195Dance, George
Ashingtonchurch from SE1805Sharpe 16Petrie, Henry
Ashurstchurch from SE1805Sharpe 17Petrie, Henry
Balcombechurch from SE1805Sharpe 18Petrie, Henry
BarcombeBarcombe Mills3528Howe?
Barcombechurch from SE1803Sharpe 19Petrie, Henry
BarcombeSutton Hurst1841loan, 1995, album 2,1Scutt, Catherine Anne
Barcombefarm house belonging to Captain Richards1841loan, 1995, album 2,2Scutt, Catherine Anne
Barlavingtonchurch from NE1804Sharpe 20Petrie, Henry
Barnhamchurch from SW1804Sharpe 21Petrie, Henry
BattleAbbey, lower terrace3443Brooke, William Henry
BattleAbbey, interior of refectory3612Brooke, William Henry
BattleAbbey, interior of refectory3615Brooke, William Henry
BattleAbbey, minstrels gallery, great hall3617Brooke, William Henry
BattleAbbey, staircase from great hall3618Brooke, William Henry
BattleAbbey, oak carvings on doo locks of chapel sacristy3619Brooke, William Henry
BattleAbbey, suit of fluted plate armour of Otho Duke of Bavaria3620Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch, St Mary's chapel3621Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch, interior of chancel3622Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch, St Katherines chapel3623Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: chancel, window3624Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: window3625Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: font3626Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: capitals in nave3627Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: window3628Brooke, William Henry
BattleAbbey, altar3446King, Berkeley
BattleAbbey, lower terrace3448King, Berkeley
BattleAbbey from SW17371625Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
Battleabbey gatehouse from Market Place14th June 1781M29Lambert, James, II
Battlechurch from SE1797Sharpe 22anon.
BattleAbbey gatehouse x 21810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
BattleAbbey refectory, interor1810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
BattleAbbey, large window of great hall from terrace18183442Brooke, William Henry
BattleAbbey from NE18223464Alexander, A.E.
Battlechurch: mural paintings18353603Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: mural paintings18353604Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: mural paintings18353605Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: mural paintings18353606Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: mural paintings18353607Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: mural paintings18353609Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: mural paintings18453629Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: mural paintings18453630Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: mural paintings18453631Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: mural paintings18453632Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: mural paintings18453633Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch: mural paintings18453634Brooke, William Henry
Battlechurch and deanery1st June 1848loan, 1995, album 3,2Scutt, Catherine Anne
BattleAbbey, lower terrace18523444Brooke, William Henry
BattleAbbey, exterior of Refectory windows, crypt, etc18523610Brooke, William Henry
BattleAbbey, crypt and altar18523613Brooke, William Henry
BattleAbbey25th July 186581Wyndham, Henry
Beckleychurch from NE1804Sharpe 23Petrie, Henry
Beddinghamchurch and farm buildings13th September 176287Grose, Francisattrib. by John Farrant
Beddinghamchurch from SE1803Sharpe 24Petrie, Henry
Beddinghamchurch23rd July 1835loan, 1995, album 1,15Scutt, Catherine Anne
Beedingchurch from SE1802Sharpe 25Petrie, Henry
Beeding, Upperchurch18552823Tracy, Adelaide
Beptonchurch from SW1805Sharpe 26Petrie, Henry
Berstedchurch from SW1804Sharpe 27Petrie, Henry
Bersted, Southchurch1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Bersted, SouthBognor from Aldwick beach1st June 1844loan, 1995, album 2,24Scutt, Catherine Anne
Berwickchurch from SE1803Sharpe 28Petrie, Henry
Berwickchurch1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Berwickrectory1849loan, 1995, album 3,4Scutt, Catherine Anne
BerwickBerwick Rover from the back of Berwick Court13th June 1849loan, 1995, album 3,7Scutt, Catherine Anne
Bexhillsemi panorama from churchyard3421Neale, John Preston
Bexhillchurch from SE1797Sharpe 29anon.
Bexhillchurch, interor from SW1802Sharpe 30Petrie, Henry
Bexhillchurch, interor from gallery1802Sharpe 31Petrie, Henry
Bexhillchurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Bexhillcountry surrounding as far as Hastings, from churchyard18183436Neale, John Preston
BexhillBarrack, view in18183437Neale, John Preston
Bexhillview from10th September 18183422Neale, John Preston
BexhillBarrack, distant view10th September 18183435Neale, John Preston
BexhillWoodsgate Park11th October 18332555Harkness, Harriet
Bignorchurch from SE1804Sharpe 32Petrie, Henry
Bignorchurch1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Billingshurstchurch from NE1805Sharpe 33Petrie, Henry
Billingshurstchurch18503467T., F.
Binstedchurch from SE1805Sharpe 34Petrie, Henry
Birdhamchurch from NE1805Sharpe 35Petrie, Henry
Birdhamchurch from SW1805Sharpe 36Petrie, Henry
Bishopstonechurch from SE1802Sharpe 37Petrie, Henry
Bishopstonechurch from SW1802Sharpe 38Petrie, Henry
Bishopstonechurch, interior, chancel from nave1802Sharpe 39Petrie, Henry
Bishopstonechurch, interior, chancel from nave1809Sharpe 40Petrie, Henry
Bishopstonechurch, interior, looking NW1809Sharpe 41Petrie, Henry
Bishopstonechurch x 21810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Blatchington, Eastchurch from SE1802Sharpe 42Petrie, Henry
Blatchington, Eastchurch tower1802Sharpe 43Petrie, Henry
Blatchington, Eastchurch1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Blatchington, Eaststation and battery1st August 1842loan, 1995, album 2,8Scutt, Catherine Anne
Blatchington, Eastchurch1st August 1842loan, 1995, album 2,12Scutt, Catherine Anne
Blatchington, Eastvillage from the opposite hill1st September 1842loan, 1995, album 2,13Scutt, Catherine Anne
Blatchington, Eastmill1st September 1842loan, 1995, album 2,14Scutt, Catherine Anne
Blatchington, Eastchurch18462594Earp, George, II
Blatchington, Westchurch from SW1802Sharpe 44Petrie, Henry
Blatchington, West18322802anon. after 1815
Blatchington, Westthe Downs and Blatchington from Blatchington Road184923anon. after 1815
BodiamCastle47C., J.
BodiamCastle, part47J., C.
BodiamCastle from NE1737553Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
BodiamCastle, NE view, with detail of arms over gateway1778LEWSA 1997.7, 59Lambert, James, IIsigned
BodiamCastle from NE19th October 17782482Lambert, James, II
Bodiamchurch from SE1797Sharpe 45anon.
BodiamCastle x 61810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Bodiamchurch1810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
BodiamCastle from the inner court1st May 1848loan, 1995, album 2,29Scutt, Catherine Anne
BodiamCastle1st May 1848loan, 1995, album 2,30Scutt, Catherine Anne
BodiamCastle, N side18583525Georges, Julius Francis
Bolneychurch from SE1805Sharpe 46Petrie, Henry
Boshamchurch from SE1804Sharpe 47Petrie, Henry
Boshamchurch from SW and NE, interior, 2 monuments1828Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Botolphschurch from NW1802Sharpe 64Petrie, Henry
BoxgrovePriory3523Earp, Frederick
BoxgrovePriory, chantry of Thomas West, 9th Lord La Warr132Nash, Joseph
BoxgrovePriory from NW1737672Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
Boxgrovechurch from NE1805Sharpe 48Petrie, Henry
Boxgrovechurch from SW1805Sharpe 49Petrie, Henry
Boxgrovechurch, interior looking E1805Sharpe 50Petrie, Henry
BoxgrovePriory18104110anon. before 1816
Bramberchurch from SW1802Sharpe 51Petrie, Henry
BramberCastle1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
BramberCastle1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Bramber1st October 1854107anon. after 1815
Bredechurch from SW1797Sharpe 52anon.
Bredechurch from NE1806Sharpe 53Petrie, Henry
Brightlingchurch from SE1804Sharpe 54Petrie, Henry
BrightonSt Nicholas's church3165Earp
BrightonSt Nicholas' church3163Earp, Frederick
Brightonchurch: fontLEWSA 1997.7, 42Lambert, James, I
BrightonDowns near Devil's Dyke3412Neale, John Preston
Brightonnear?3413Neale, John Preston
Brightonfrom Devil's Dyke near Brighton3419Neale, John Preston
Brightonview from E over town: study for engraving1765uncat.Lambert, James, I
Brightonview from E1766LEWSA 1997.7, [71]Lambert, James, I
BrightonA Perspective View of Brighthelmston, and of the sea coast as far as the Isle of Wight17663769Lambert, James, I
Brightonchurch from SE1802Sharpe 55Petrie, Henry
BrightonMahomed of Mahomed's baths18102300anon. before 1816
Brightonfront18102835anon. before 1816
BrightonFrancis Whitfield, banker18103516anon. before 1816
Brightonbeach18182622anon. after 1815
BrightonSteine, Stephenson's library18182623anon. after 1815
BrightonEast Cliffs18182624anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18252827anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253748anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253749anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253750anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253801anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253802anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253803anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253804anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253805anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253806anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253807anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253808anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253809anon. after 1815
Brightonbeach18253811anon. after 1815
BrightonBlack Rock, sunset18382593Earp, George, I
BrightonChanctonbury Ring from Devil's Dyke18433943Nevinson, M.
BrightonSt Nicholas' church: font18482591Earp, Frederick
BrightonSt Nicholas's church, part of?18482589Earp, George, I
Brightonbeach18502834anon. after 1815
Brightonfishing smacks lying off Brighton in the twilight18502828B., M.L.
BrightonSt Nicholas' church185111Earp, Frederick
Broadwaterchurch from SW1804Sharpe 56Petrie, Henry
Broadwaterchurch from NE1804Sharpe 57Petrie, Henry
Broadwaterchurch: arms1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Broadwaterchurch: arms1810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Broadwaterchurch6th September 18332564Harkness, Harriet
Broadwaterchurch18433930Nevinson, M.
Broadwaterchurch, interior18433931Nevinson, M.
BroadwaterWorthing beach, view towards Brighton18433942Nevinson, M.
Bulverhythechurch from SE1802Sharpe 58Petrie, Henry
BulverhytheMartello towers between Bexhill and Hastings10th September 18183411Neale, John Preston
Bunctonchapel from NW2770Medland, J.
Bunctonchurch from NE1805Sharpe 59Petrie, Henry
Burnhamchurch1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Burphamchurch from SE1804Sharpe 60Petrie, Henry
Burphamchurch1855M9Earp, Frederick
Burtonchurch from NW1804Sharpe 61Petrie, Henry
Burtonchurch: brasses1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Burwashchurch from SE1804Sharpe 62Petrie, Henry
Burychurch from SW1804Sharpe 63Petrie, Henry
Burychurch18503473T., F.
BuxtedVineyard Rocks, outside of the rock habitation28th May 17853397Grimm, S.H.after original in Bod., Gough maps 31, 39 b
BuxtedVineyard Rocks,28th May 17853398Grimm, S.H.after original in Bod., Gough maps 31, 39 b
Buxtedchurch from SE1802Sharpe 65Petrie, Henry
Buxtedchurch: E window, brass1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Catsfieldchurch from SE1797Sharpe 66anon.
Catsfieldchurch tower1810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Chaileychurch from SE1805Sharpe 67Petrie, Henry
Chalvingtonchurch from SW1803Sharpe 68Petrie, Henry
Chalvingtonchurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
ChichesterCathedral2579Earp, Frederick
ChichesterJohn Baxter (1755-1827) of, portrait,4155Henwood, Thomas
ChichesterSW prospect17383024Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
ChichesterCathedral1st August 17913466anon. before 1816
ChichesterCathedral from NW1804Sharpe 69Petrie, Henry
ChichesterCathedral spire from SW1804Sharpe 70Petrie, Henry
ChichesterCathedral, SW tower, S side1804Sharpe 71Petrie, Henry
ChichesterCathedral, bell tower, S side1804Sharpe 72Petrie, Henry
ChichesterCathedral, interior, No choir aisle?1804Sharpe 73Petrie, Henry
ChichesterCathedral, interior, Bishop Sherburne's screen1804Sharpe 74Petrie, Henry
ChichesterCathedral, window in retro choir?1804Sharpe 75Petrie, Henry
ChichesterAll Saints in the Pallant church1804Sharpe 76Petrie, Henry
ChichesterSt Andrew Oxmarket church1804Sharpe 77Petrie, Henry
ChichesterSt Martin's church1804Sharpe 78Petrie, Henry
ChichesterSt Olave's church1804Sharpe 79Petrie, Henry
ChichesterSt Pancras's church1804Sharpe 80Petrie, Henry
ChichesterSt Peter the Less church1804Sharpe 81Petrie, Henry
ChichesterTown Hall (Greyfriars), interior1804Sharpe 50aPetrie, Henry
ChichesterBishop's Palace18102619anon. before 1816
ChichesterGreyfriars1810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
ChichesterCathedral1812Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
ChichesterCathedral from NE18453760Barry, Charles
ChichesterCathedral18583186anon. after 1815
Chiddinglychurch from NE1802Sharpe 82Petrie, Henry
Chiddinglychurch tower1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Chiddinglychurch tower1810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Chidhamchurch from SW1805Sharpe 83Petrie, Henry
Chiltington, Eastchurch from SE1802Sharpe 84Petrie, Henry
Chiltington, Westchurch from SE1805Sharpe 85Petrie, Henry
Chithurstchurch from SE1804Sharpe 86Petrie, Henry
Chithurstchurch from NW1804Sharpe 87Petrie, Henry
Chithurstchurch from NE1804Sharpe 88Petrie, Henry
ClaphamMichelgrove, seat of Rt. Hon. Sir John Shelley, bart.17803506Lambert, James, I
Claphamchurch from SE1805Sharpe 89Petrie, Henry
Claphamchurch23rd September 18262803anon. after 1815
ClaytonHammond's Place1788Reeves negatives, box 22, no. 9Lambert, James, I
ClaytonHammond's Place17882435Lambert, James, I
Claytonchurch from NW1804Sharpe 90Petrie, Henry
Claytonvillage18183439Neale, John Preston
ClaytonJack and Jill windmills186290Earp, Henry, I
Climpingchurch from SW1804Sharpe 91Petrie, Henry
Climpingchurch from NE1804Sharpe 92Petrie, Henry
Climpingchurch: details1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Climpingchurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Climpingchurch18603188Davidson, T.
Coateschurch from SE1804Sharpe 93Petrie, Henry
Cockingchurch from SE1804Sharpe 94Petrie, Henry
Coldwalthamchurch from SE1805Sharpe 95Petrie, Henry
Comptonchurch from SW1805Sharpe 96Petrie, Henry
Comptonchurch from SE1805Sharpe 97Petrie, Henry
ComptonLittle Green, residence of Th. Peckham Phipps Esq.18102620anon. before 1816
ComptonLittle Green, residence of Th. Peckham Phipps Esq.18102621anon. before 1816
Coombeschurch from SE1802Sharpe 98Petrie, Henry
Coombeschurch interior18482578Earp, Frederick
Cowfoldchurch from NE1802Sharpe 99Petrie, Henry
Crawleychurch from SE1805Sharpe 100Petrie, Henry
Crowhurstchurch from SE1802Sharpe 102Petrie, Henry
Crowhurstruins near church1804Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
CrowhurstPark, avenue and lodge leading to18183426Neale, John Preston
CrowhurstPark9th September 18183425Neale, John Preston
Crowhurstchurch: W door18553933Nevinson, M.
Crowhurstmanor house, ruins18553961Nevinson, M.
Cuckfieldchurch1365Earp, Frederick
Cuckfieldchurch from SE1802Sharpe 103Petrie, Henry
Cuckfieldchurch184775Earp, Frederick
CuckfieldBorde Hill18482875anon. after 1815
Dallingtonchurch from SW1804Sharpe 104Petrie, Henry
Dean, Eastchurch from SE1805Sharpe 105Petrie, Henry
Dean, Eastchurch18552817Tracy, Adelaide
Dean, Westchurch from SE1804Sharpe 109Petrie, Henry
Dean, Westchurch: arms1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Dentonchurch from NE1802Sharpe 110Petrie, Henry
Didlingchurch from NW1805Sharpe 111Petrie, Henry
DitchlingAnne of Cleves house89Earp, Frederick
Ditchlingchurch65Earp, George, II
DitchlingRectory2567Harkness, Harriet
DitchlingCommon, cottage4th May 02540Harkness, Harriet
Ditchlingchurch from NE1802Sharpe 112Petrie, Henry
Ditchlingchurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
DitchlingAnne of Cleves' House18203675Brooke, William Henry
Ditchlingnear1st May 18392560Harkness, Harriet
Ditchlingcottage near1st May 18392562Harkness, Harriet
DitchlingNational School27th April 18412550Harkness, Harriet
DitchlingStreet, 'Edwards'28th April 18412549Harkness, Harriet
Ditchlingchurch1st May 18412553Harkness, Harriet
Ditchlingcottage18603001anon. after 1815
Donningtonchurch from SE1804Sharpe 113Petrie, Henry
DownsDowns and sea with dyke and heath3410Neale, John Preston
Dunctonchurch from NW1804Sharpe 114Petrie, Henry
Durringtonchapel, ruins7th September 18332569Harkness, Harriet
Durrington7th September 18332571Harkness, Harriet
Durringtonchapel, ruins24th August 18352545Harkness, Harriet
Durringtoncottage26th August 18352547Harkness, Harriet
Earnleychurch from SE1805Sharpe 115Petrie, Henry
Earnleychurch1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Earthamchurch from SE1805Sharpe 116Petrie, Henry
Easebournechurch from NW1804Sharpe 117Petrie, Henry
EasebourneCowdray House: arms over Great Gate1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
EasebourneCowdray House, ruins of18203669Brooke, William Henry
EasebourneCowdray House, ruins of gateway entrance18203670Brooke, William Henry
EasebourneCowdray House, ruins of Buck Hall18203671Brooke, William Henry
EasebourneCowdray House, Buck Hall, frescoes on walls of a ruined chamber18203672Brooke, William Henry
Eastbournechurch from NW1804Sharpe 118Petrie, Henry
Eastbournechurch from SE1804Sharpe 119Petrie, Henry
Eastbournechurch, interior looking NE1804Sharpe 120Petrie, Henry
EastbourneParadise18252861anon. after 1815
Eastbourneview from my bedroom window18252862anon. after 1815
EastbourneRoman villa, foundations18503406Brooke, William Henry
EastbourneRoman villa excavated18503407Brooke, William Henry
EastbourneRoman villa, pottery and coins18503408Brooke, William Henry
EastbourneRoman villa excavated18503409Brooke, William Henry
EastbourneRoman villa excavated from SE18503698Brooke, William Henry
EastbourneRoman villa excavated from S18503699Brooke, William Henry
EastbourneRoman villa excavated from SW18513700Brooke, William Henry
EastbourneRoman villa excavated18513701Brooke, William Henry
EastbourneSt Mary's church18592820anon. after 1815
EastbourneWish Tower22nd August 18592821anon. after 1815
EastbourneTrinity church1st October 18592819anon. after 1815
EastdeanWreck of The Nympha off Beach Head, Nov. 1747?1750S116anon. before 1816
Eastdeanchurch from SW1804Sharpe 106Petrie, Henry
EastdeanBeachy Head, Holywell Cliff25th August 18592816anon. after 1815
Eastergatechurch from SW1804Sharpe 121Petrie, Henry
Edburtonchurch from SW1802Sharpe 122Petrie, Henry
Egdeanchurch from SW1804Sharpe 123Petrie, Henry
Elstedchurch from SE1805Sharpe 124Petrie, Henry
Elstedchurch, interior looking NE1805Sharpe 125Petrie, Henry
Etchinghamchurch1784Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Etchinghamchurch from W1804Sharpe 126Petrie, Henry
Etchinghamchurch from SE1804Sharpe 127Petrie, Henry
Etchinghamchurch: arms, details1810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Ewhurstchurch from NW1803Sharpe 128Petrie, Henry
Fairlightcliffs at Ecclesbourne Coast Guard Station3417King, Berkeley
Fairlightchurch from SE1797Sharpe 129anon.
FairlightEcclesbourne18102842anon. before 1816
FairlightGlen cliffs, picnic30th September 18542197anon. after 1815
FairlightGlen1st October 18542198anon. after 1815
FairlightEcclesbourne27th July 186582Wyndham, Henry
FairlightLovers seat29th July 186583Wyndham, Henry
Falmerpanoramic view near Kingston and Stanmer3420Neale, John Preston
Falmerchurch from SE1802Sharpe 130Petrie, Henry
Falmerchurch1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Felphamchurch from SW1804Sharpe 131Petrie, Henry
Felphamchurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Felpham? manor house, Limmer Lane18502669anon. after 1815
Fernhurstchurch from SE1805Sharpe 132Petrie, Henry
FerringLittlehampton and the Isle of Wight from Highdown Hill18433944Nevinson, M.
FerringChanctonbury Ring and Cissbury Camp from the Miller's Tomb Hill18433950Nevinson, M.
Ferring, Westchurch from NW1804Sharpe 133Petrie, Henry
Findonchurch from SE1805Sharpe 134Petrie, Henry
FindonCissbury Hill encampment18203673Brooke, William Henry
FirlePlace, property of Lord Gage1786LEWSA 1997.7, 67Lambert, James, IIsigned
Firlechurch: Gage brasses, rubbings1800Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Firlechurch from NW1803Sharpe 135Petrie, Henry
Firlechurch from SE1803Sharpe 135aPetrie, Henry
FirlePlace1st September 1843loan, 1995, album 2,16Scutt, Catherine Anne
Firlechurch1st August 1850loan, 1995, album 3,12Scutt, Catherine Anne
Fishbournechurch from SE1804Sharpe 136Petrie, Henry
Fittleworthchurch from Ne1804Sharpe 137Petrie, Henry
FletchingSheffield Place, driveway in foreground, lake to left rear1779Sandby, Paul
Fletchingchurch from SE1805Sharpe 138Petrie, Henry
Fletchingchurch1850M7Earp, Frederick
Folkingtonseat of Sir Wm Thomas bt.1707M70Knyff, Leonard
Folkingtonchurch from NE1803Sharpe 139Petrie, Henry
Fordchurch from SW1804Sharpe 140Petrie, Henry
Framfieldchurch from SE1802Sharpe 141Petrie, Henry
Framfieldwater mill1840124Page, William
FrantBayham Abbey from N1737501Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
FrantBayham Abbey, wide view centred on modern house, gentry in foreground1784Reeves negatives, box 22, no. 2Lambert, James, Iattrib. by John Farrant
FrantBayham Abbey, the cross aisle?17842437Lambert, James, I
FrantBayham Abbey, interior from W1784M32Lambert, James, I
FrantBayham Abbey, interior from E; 2 men and a woman in foreground1784M33Lambert, James, I
FrantBayham Abbey, cross aisle; family group in foreground1785M34Lambert, James, I
FrantBayham Abbey from E17862438Lambert, James, I
Frantchurch from NE1797Sharpe 142anon.
FrantBayham Abbey x 121810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Friston17902608anon. before 1816
Fristonchurch17903003anon. before 1816
Fristonchurch8th October 17902844anon. before 1816
Fristonchurch from SW1804Sharpe 143Petrie, Henry
Funtingtonchurch from SE1805Sharpe 144Petrie, Henry
GlyndeMount Caburn6th November 176294Grose, Francis
GlyndeMount Caburn from Beddingham. with the adjacent country, from Spital-Mills, Lewes to Glynd church1778LEWSA 1997.7, 43Lambert, James, Isigned
GlyndePlace, seat of Viscount Hampden1780LEWSA 1997.7, 52Lambert, James, Isigned
Glyndechurch from SW1803Sharpe 145Petrie, Henry
Glyndechurch and Mr Ellman's house from Glynde Mill Field1834loan, 1995, album 1,11Scutt, Catherine Anne
GlyndeGlyndebourne Place1834loan, 1995, album 1,14Scutt, Catherine Anne
GlyndePlace30th September 1834loan, 1995, album 1,13Scutt, Catherine Anne
Glynde15th July 1835loan, 1995, album 1,16Scutt, Catherine Anne
Glyndechurch and S side of Mr Ellman's house1st July 1836loan, 1995, album 1,25Scutt, Catherine Anne
Glyndenew school house and village signpost1st August 1842loan, 1995, album 2,9Scutt, Catherine Anne
Glyndechurch from the Parsonage Field1st August 1842loan, 1995, album 2,10Scutt, Catherine Anne
Goringchurch from SE1804Sharpe 146Petrie, Henry
Goringchurch: monument1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Graffhamchurch from SE1804Sharpe 147Petrie, Henry
Greathamchurch from SE1805Sharpe 148Petrie, Henry
Grinstead, EastSackville CollegeM128Lambert, James, I
Grinstead, EastThe Hermitage belonging to Mr WakehamM98Lambert, James, I
Grinstead, EastBrambletye1773LEWSA 1997.7, 61Lambert, James, IIsigned
Grinstead, EastBrambletye17732481Lambert, James, II
Grinstead, EastSackville College from S1781LEWSA 1997.7, 57Lambert, James, Isigned
Grinstead, Eastchurch from SE1781M26Lambert, James, I
Grinstead, Eastchurch1781LEWSA 1997.7, 58Lambert, James, IIsigned
Grinstead, EastThe Hermitage belonging to Thomas Wakeham Esqr1782LEWSA 1997.7, 62Lambert, James, Isigned
Grinstead, EastKidbrook, property of Earl of Abergavenny10th November 1782LEWSA 1997.7, 66Lambert, James, IIsigned
Grinstead, EastBrambletye, great cellar at17842580Lambert, James, II
Grinstead, EastKidbrook, property of Earl of Abergavenny1st October 1784LEWSA 1997.7, 65Lambert, James, IIsigned
Grinstead, EastBrambletye, great cellar, with measurements and measuring shown in progress20th October 1784LEWSA 1997.7, 60Lambert, James, IIsigned
Grinstead, Eastchurch, interior, after fall of steeple on 12 Nov. 17851st November 1785LEWSA 1997.7, 58*Lambert, James, II
Grinstead, EastBrambletye House ruins18002680anon. before 1816
Grinstead, EastBrambletye House ruins18002681anon. before 1816
Grinstead, EastCollege18183429Neale, John Preston
Grinstead, Eastnew church, by Wyatt18183430Neale, John Preston
Grinstead, EastAshdown Forest, view looking over, near18183440Neale, John Preston
Grinstead, EastKidbrooke, from E1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 1Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastKidbrooke from SW, mill on horizon1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 2Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastKidbrooke from E, showing lake1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 3Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastKidbrooke from E, showing lake1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 4Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastKidbrooke drive, Eastbourne Road, showing large house1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 5Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastKidbrooke Lane, gamekeeper's cottage1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 6Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastForest Row, Swan Inn1826LEWSA.VR.4827 7Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastForest Row, village with butcher's shop1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 8Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastForest Row, Hartfield Road1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 9Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastForest Row from Burnt House Farm1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 10Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastBrambletye, bridge over Medway1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 11Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastBrambletye, gatehouse of moated site1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 12Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastBrambletye, Castle from Court-in-Holmes1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 13Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastBrambletye Castle from W1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 14Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastBrambletye Castle from N1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 15Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastBrambletye from S1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 16Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastBrambletye Castle showing undercroft from S1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 17Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastPilstye Fram1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 18Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastForest Row lane to Pilstye, seen from Pilstye1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 19Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastTablehurst Farm house1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 20Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastTablehurst with windmill on horizon1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 21Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastTablehurst mill showing undershot wheel1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 22Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastTablehurst miller's cottage showing hand grindstone, etc.1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 23Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastStone House Park, Hartfield Road1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 24Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastHighgate Green, cottage near 1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 25Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastAshdown Forest, cottage on 1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 26Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastPriory Farm with windmill on horizon1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 27Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastAshown Forest, Mudbrooks Farm1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 28Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastMudbrook1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 29Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastCourt in Holmes1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 30Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastLuxford Farm from Brambletye Rocks1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 31Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastLuxford Farn with rocks1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 32Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastLuxford Farm from Brambletye Rocks1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 33Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastLuxford Farm with windmill on horizon1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 34Bourne, James
Grinstead, EastStone Farm below Saint Hill1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 35Bourne, James
Grinstead, Easttown from S1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 36Bourne, James
Grinstead, Easttown from Ashdown Forest, showing coach1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 37Bourne, James
Grinstead, Eastold entrance to town1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 38Bourne, James
Grinstead, Eastpath to East Court, I.e. College Lane from S1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 39Bourne, James
Grinstead, Eastroad to East Court, I.e. Old Road and College Lane at their junction, seen from N1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 40Bourne, James
Grinstead, Westchurch: monuments1810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Grinstead, Westchurch1830Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Grinstead, Westchurch18503468T., F.
Guestlingchurch from SW1797Sharpe 151anon.
Guldeford, Eastchurch from SW1804Sharpe 151aPetrie, Henry
Hailshamchurch from NW1797Sharpe 153anon.
Hailshamchurch from NW1802Sharpe 152Petrie, Henry
Hailshamchurch1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
HamseyCoombe Place1780LEWSA 1997.7, 1Lambert, James, Isigned
Hamseychurch from NW1804Sharpe 154Petrie, Henry
Hamseychurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Hamseychurch18503179anon. after 1815
Hamseychurch18503502anon. after 1815
HamseyCoombe Place, interior?18503781anon. after 1815
Hamseyhouse22nd September 18552744anon. after 1815
Hamseychurch22nd September 18552745anon. after 1815
Hangletonchurch from SW1802Sharpe 155Petrie, Henry
Hangletonview towards Shoreham1857S45Cox, Davidjnr?
Hardhamchurch from NW1805Sharpe 156Petrie, Henry
Hartfieldchurch1780LEWSA 1997.7, 55Lambert, James, IIsigned
HartfieldBolebrook farm, gateway; artist and companion at bottom left1781M1Lambert, James, I
HartfieldBolebrook belonging to Lord Geo Germain1782LEWSA 1997.7, 63Lambert, James, Isigned
HartfieldSchool20th July 18653009M., F.T.
HartfieldRectory20th July 18653010M., F.T.
Hartingchurch from NE1803Sharpe 158Petrie, Henry
Hartingchurch from NW1803Sharpe 159Petrie, Henry
Hastingsfrom Rock o Nore1945anon.
HastingsAll Saints Street, ancient houses3637Brooke, William Henry
Hastingsancient houses3638Brooke, William Henry
HastingsBourne Street, ancient houses3639Brooke, William Henry
Hastingsancient houses3641Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, ancient houses3642Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHigh Street, no. 161, ancient houses3643Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, ancient houses3644Brooke, William Henry
Hastingsancient houses3645Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's church3649Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's church: recess N aisle3650Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's church, N wall of nave3652Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's church, interior, nave3653Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's church, interior3654Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church: porch3660Brooke, William Henry
Hastingssemi-panoramic view of Castle and West Hill3416King, Berkeley
HastingsSt Clement's church from SW1797Sharpe 160anon.
HastingsAll Saints' church from NE1797Sharpe 161anon.
HastingsAll Saints' church1804Sharpe 162Petrie, Henry
Hastingschapel of hospital of St Mary Maudlin1804Sharpe 283Petrie, Henry
Hastingschapel of hospital of St Mary Maudlin from SW1804Sharpe 284Petrie, Henry
HastingsPriory Bridge18102626anon. before 1816
Hastingsbeach18102841anon. before 1816
HastingsCastle1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
HastingsEast Cliff House1810Acc. 9089anon. after 1815
HastingsCastle18173441Neale, John Preston
Hastingsbeach18252840anon. after 1815
Hastingsbeach18273810anon. after 1815
Hastingsbeach?18302663anon. after 1815
HastingsAll Saints church: font1st June 18363658Brooke, William Henry
HastingsCastle, chapel, antiquities fund during excavation18403635Brooke, William Henry
HastingsCastle, chapel, Norman and EE fragments found in ruins18403636Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHigh Street, no. 162, ancient houses18403640Brooke, William Henry
HastingsBattery and East Hill Cliff18413414King, Berkeley
HastingsSt Clement's church: font and arrangement of shields18423647Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church18423656Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church18423657Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church18423659Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church18423661Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's church from S18443646Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's church from N18443648Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's church, tower from Hill Street18463651Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church: sedilia, etc.18463655Brooke, William Henry
HastingsCastle10th November 18472876anon. after 1815
Hastingsfrom the sea18502836anon. after 1815
HastingsShovell's house18502846anon. after 1815
HastingsAll Saints church18503005D., E.
HastingsSt Clement's church18532829Graves, Charles A.
Hastingsbeach1st April 18543742anon. after 1815
HastingsCastle, details1st August 18543935Nevinson, M.
HastingsCastle, arch1st August 18543946Nevinson, M.
Hastingsthe Old White Rock18612588Fald, C.
HastingsEast cliff from the beach186550Wyndham, Henry
Hastingsbeach24th July 186551Wyndham, Henry
Haywards HeathSergison Arms Inn15Earp, Frederick
Haywards HeathThorn, pool18462881anon. after 1815
Haywards HeathThorn, pool18502895anon. after 1815
Heathfieldchurch from SE1803Sharpe 164Petrie, Henry
HeathfieldElias David alias Old Mergan aged 103 yrs 10 mo. died 26 Feb. 1821, pauper belonging to Heathfield poorhouse18242226Strutt, E.copied by Smith, E.
Heenechurch from SE1804Sharpe 163Petrie, Henry
HellinglyPorship House28th July 02551Harkness, Harriet
Hellinglychurch from NE1802Sharpe 165Petrie, Henry
Hellinglychurch: details1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
HellinglyPorship House17th July 18402541Harkness, Harriet
Henfieldchurch3152Earp, Frederick
Henfieldchurch from NE1802Sharpe 166Petrie, Henry
HerstmonceuxCastle3002Creasy, Edward
HerstmonceuxCastle, ground-floor plan3550Lambert, James, IIunsigned; probably a copy from plan no later than 1730
HerstmonceuxCastle, plan of second storey3551Lambert, James, IIunsigned; probably a copy from plan no later than 1730
HerstmonceuxCastle from SW17371165Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
HerstmonceuxCastle, Green Court from S17762443Lambert, James, I
HerstmonceuxCastle from SW17762444Lambert, James, Isigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, exterior view1776cat. as anon: to be identifiedLambert, James, I
HerstmonceuxCastle, Green Court17763531Lambert, James, IIunsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, Green Court17763532Lambert, James, IIunsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, Green Court17763533Lambert, James, IIunsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, Green Court17763534Lambert, James, IIunsigned; 'for Mr Whakeham 16 J[an? ]'
HerstmonceuxCastle, Green Court17763535Lambert, James, IIunsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, kitchen17763537Lambert, James, IIsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, gate house, plan17763539Lambert, James, II
HerstmonceuxCastle, Poultry Court17763540Lambert, James, IIunsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, butler's pantry court17763541Lambert, James, IIsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, principal entrance17763544Lambert, James, IIsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, chapel17763545Lambert, James, II
HerstmonceuxCastle, arms on chimney piece17763549Lambert, James, IIunsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, Green Court5th November 17763536Lambert, James, IIsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, Arms on chimney piece2nd December 17763547Lambert, James, IIsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, chicken court13th December 17763538Lambert, James, IIsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, butler's pantry court13th December 17763542Lambert, James, IIsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, Pump Court13th December 17763543Lambert, James, IIunsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, painted glass14th December 17763546Lambert, James, IIsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle, details of window glass, + notes14th December 17763548Lambert, James, IIsigned
HerstmonceuxCastle from SW17862434Lambert, James, Isigned
Herstmonceuxchurch from W1797Sharpe 178anon.
HerstmonceuxCastle26th July 17982615anon. before 1816
Herstmonceuxchurch: arms1810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
HerstmonceuxCastle x 7, details1811Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
HerstmonceuxCastle1845126Dawes, Albert
HerstmonceuxCastle: five unfinished etchings18513703-7Brooke, William Henry
Heyshottchurch from SE1804Sharpe 167Petrie, Henry
Hoathly, Eastchurch from SE1797Sharpe 168anon.
Hoathly, Eastchurch from SE1805Sharpe 169Petrie, Henry
Hoathly, Eastchurch: window, arms1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Hoathly, Westchurch from SW1806Sharpe 170Petrie, Henry
Hoathly, Westview of Sotuh Downs Road to Horsted Keynes1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 41Bourne, James
Hoathly, Westvillage1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 42Bourne, James
Hollingtonchurch from SW1797Sharpe 171anon.
HollingtonBeauport, front, seat of Sir James Bland Burgess18183427Neale, John Preston
HollingtonBeauport Park, back view, now occ. Col. Lambert, Colstream Guards18183428Neale, John Preston
HollingtonBeauport, on the road to Battle18183447Neale, John Preston
Hollingtonchurch18542603Seamus, O.
Hooechurch from NE1797Sharpe 172anon.
Horshamchurch78Earp, Frederick
Horshamchurch3153Earp, Frederick
Horshamchurch from SE1802Sharpe 173Petrie, Henry
Horshamchurch: details, monuments1810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
HorshamSt Mary18503191anon. after 1815
Horsted Keyneschurch43Earp, Frederick
Horsted KeynesThe Mill2602Morton, E.H.
Horsted KeynesThe Mill House2684Morton, E.H.
Horsted Keyneschurch from SE1806Sharpe 174Petrie, Henry
Horsted KeynesBroadhurst, Leighton's last residence18472882anon. after 1815
Horsted Keyneschurch18502884anon. after 1815
Horsted Keynes18502885anon. after 1815
Horsted, Littlechurch from NE1803Sharpe 175Petrie, Henry
Horsted, Littlechurch: E window, brass1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Houghtonchurch from SW1804Sharpe 176Petrie, Henry
Hovechurch from SW1802Sharpe 177Petrie, Henry
Hovechurch18182618anon. after 1815
Hoveold church183621Earp, George, II
HoveSwiss cottage18452847anon. after 1815
Hovecottages in Hove fields18452857anon. after 1815
Hovethe gardener's cottage, Sir Isaac Goldsmid's18452858anon. after 1815
Hunstonchurch from NW1804Sharpe 177aPetrie, Henry
HurstpierpointDanny, Elizabethan frontuncat., Baxter's copy of Horsfield, vol. 2Lambert, James, I
Hurstpierpointchurch from NE1802Sharpe 179Petrie, Henry
Hurstpierpointchurch: arms, effigy1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Hurstpierpointchurch: effigy1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Hurstpierpointchurch18262754anon. after 1815
Hurstpierpointchurch18393200Earp, Frederick
Hurstpierpoint1st July 18482888anon. after 1815
HurstpierpointDanny Park, the Abbey Farm18502673B., A.R.
Ickleshamchurch from NE1797Sharpe 181anon.
Ickleshamchurch from NW1804Sharpe 180Petrie, Henry
Idenchurch from SE1804Sharpe 182Petrie, Henry
Ifieldchurch from SW1805Sharpe 183Petrie, Henry
IfordSwanborough from NW25th May 1778LEWSA 1997.7, 32Lambert, James, Isigned
IfordSwanborough from NE25th May 1778LEWSA 1997.7, 33Lambert, James, Isigned
Iforda brass key they found at Iford 17911791uncat., Baxter's copy of Horsfield, vol. 2Lambert, James, IIsigned
Ifordchurch from NE1802Sharpe 184Petrie, Henry
Ifordchurch from SW1802Sharpe 185Petrie, Henry
Ifordchurch, ruins of castle1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Ipingchurch from SE1804Sharpe 186Petrie, Henry
Isfieldchurch: cross on tomb stone found in the chanceluncat., Baxter's copy of Horsfield, vol. 3Lambert, James, IIsigned
Isfieldchurch from SE1803Sharpe 187Petrie, Henry
Isfieldchurch from SE18102607anon. before 1816
Itchenorchurch from SW1805Sharpe 188Petrie, Henry
Itchenorchurch from NE1805Sharpe 189Petrie, Henry
Itchenor, Westchurch: E end1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Itchingfieldchurch from SE1805Sharpe 190Petrie, Henry
Jevingtonchurch from NW1804Sharpe 191Petrie, Henry
Jevingtonchurch from SE1804Sharpe 192Petrie, Henry
Jevingtonchurch: sculpture of Christ1804Sharpe 193Petrie, Henry?
Jevingtonchurch1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Keymerchurch from SE1802Sharpe 194Petrie, Henry
Keymerchurch1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Keymerchurch and village1st May 18382539Harkness, Harriet
Keymerchurch18522595T., H.
Keymerchurch18563187Delamotte, William Alfred
Kingstonchurch from SW1802Sharpe 195Petrie, Henry
Kingstonequipment in farmyard18404004Verrall, Francis?
Kingston Bucichurch from SW1802Sharpe 196Petrie, Henry
Kingston BuciGorings malthouse18203668Brooke, William Henry
Kingston by Seachurch1810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Kirdfordchurch from NW1805Sharpe 197Petrie, Henry
LamberhurstScotney Castle x 41810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Lancingchurch from SW1804Sharpe 198Petrie, Henry
Lancingchurch from SW1804Sharpe 218bPetrie, Henry
Lancingchurch: monument1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Lancingchurch1st September 18433939Nevinson, M.
LaughtonLaughton Place S E1778LEWSA 1997.7, 31Lambert, James, IIsigned
LaughtonLaughton Place from SW1st August 1778LEWSA 1997.7, 30Lambert, James, IIsigned
Laughtonchurch from SE1803Sharpe 199Petrie, Henry
LaughtonPlace1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
LaughtonLaughton Place18502635B., H.W.D.
LaughtonLaughton Place, cornice of window in tower18543602Parsons, John L.?
Lavant, Eastchurch from SE1804Sharpe 200Petrie, Henry
Lavant, Eastchurch18503470T., F.
Lavant, Midchurch from SE1804Sharpe 201Petrie, Henry
Lavant, Westchurch from NW1804Sharpe 202Petrie, Henry
Lavingtonchurch18503474T., F.
Leweswith Brack Mount and Castle160anon.
Lewes3183Devis, Anthony
Leweseffigy of John de Braose, found at Lewes 14 Feb. 18464128Fairholt, Frederick William
LewesClock House2843G., R.
LewesSt John-sub-Castro, Magnus inscription and graveslabLEWSA 1997.7, 13[a]Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesSt John-sub-Castro: Norman doorwayLEWSA 1997.7, 13[b]Lambert, James, I
LewesSt John-sub-Castro: carved stone: '1635 Edward Middlton Henari Saman'LEWSA 1997.7, 13[c]Lambert, James, I
LewesPriory3792Lambert, James, I
LewesPriory, Lord's Place4168Lambert, James, I
LewesCastle from the Wall Lands4616Lambert, James, I
LewesSt John's church, SouthoverLambert, James, I
LewesSt John-sub-Castro church: Magnus inscriptionuncat., Baxter's copy of Horsfield, vol. 2Lambert, James, II
LewesWestgate3168Lambert, James, II
LewesPriory to the E3793Lambert, James, II?
Lewesportrait, George Wille, timber merchant, 1738-1818246Lee, S. W.
LewesAnne of Cleves House, Southover123Page, William
LewesWestgate, from W, before demolitionH.B. Towner gift, 1990Lambert, James, I?
LewesCastle, keep from the PaddockH.B. Towner gift, 1990Lambert, James, I?
LewesPriory GatewayM143Lambert, James, Iattributed to
LewesCastle and priory from S17372011Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
LewesPriory from E17623590Grose, Francisattrib. by John Farrant
LewesSt James's Hospital, Southover, ruins of, before converted to Bedells stable and when occupied by widow Bassett a poor woman about the year 1735.1762LEWSA 1997.7, 23Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesSt Nicholas's Hospital17623794Lambert, James, IIcopyist
LewesCastle from W28th August 176293Grose, Francis
LewesCastle and Brack Mount from the Wallands, title 'A new view of the Castle &C of Lewes'17665046B., H.signed
Lewespanoramic view from S, barge on river in foreground1768Serres, Dominic
LewesCastle from St Michael's churchyard1772LEWSA 1997.7 7Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesSt John-sub-Castro church before it was altered in 17791772LEWSA 1997.7, 14Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesSt Nicholas's Hospital Westout, Lewes, North west view of ruins of1772LEWSA 1997.7, 24Lambert, James, I
LewesSt Nicholas's Hospital SW1772LEWSA 1997.7, 25Lambert, James, I
LewesCastle from St Michael's churchyard17723501Lambert, James, I
LewesCastle from Brack Mount17723511Lambert, James, I
LewesPriory gateway1772LEWSA 1997.7, 11Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesWestgate, S bastion, N wall demolished17723169Lambert, James, II
LewesCastle gateway from N17723503Lambert, James, II
LewesCastle gateway from S17723510Lambert, James, II
LewesCastle gateway from S17723514Lambert, James, II
LewesPriory gateway17724432Lambert, James, II
LewesSouthover church, E end; details of tracery carefully drawn8th October 1772loan, DickerLambert, James, I
LewesCastle gateway1773LEWSA 1997.7, 4Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesCastle gateway from N1773LEWSA 1997.7, 6Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesSt Peter's Westout, old church, used as outhouses to the Boarding School in St Annes1773LEWSA 1997.7, 22Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesCliffe church1773LEWSA 1997.7, 49Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesWestgate, S bastion, N wall demolished1774LEWSA 1997.7, 21Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesWestgate, from W, before demolition1774LEWSA 1997.7, 19Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesCliffe, Swan Inn, doorway28th March 1774H.B. Towner gift, 1990Lambert, James, Iunsigned
LewesSouthover church: three stones in the steeple of [with notes]1775LEWSA 1997.7, 12Lambert, James, I
LewesPriory from E17753591Lambert, James, I
LewesSt Michael's church: brassplate on gravestone of John Bradforde rector1775LEWSA 1997.7, 17Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesPriory1775116Lambert, James, II
LewesPriory from E17752431Lambert, James, II
LewesSt Michael's church: monumental gravestone of a knight of the Warren family in the middle aisle1st September 1775LEWSA 1997.7, 16Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesPriory from E1st September 17753589Lambert, James, II
LewesCastle from Brack Mount1776LEWSA 1997.7, 8Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesPriory from W1776LEWSA 1997.7, 9Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesSt Marys Lane, corner of, church house of St John's1776LEWSA 1997.7, 18Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesSt Anne's church1776LEWSA 1997.7, 44Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesSt Michael's church1776LEWSA 1997.7, 45Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesPriory from W17762432Lambert, James, II
LewesPriory from E17764169Lambert, James, II
LewesCastle, Barbican, gateway from S1776H.B. Towner gift, 1990Lambert, James, Iunsigned
LewesCastle, Barbican, section at road level1776H.B. Towner gift, 1990Lambert, James, Iunsigned
LewesPriory ruins1776M28Lambert, James, II
LewesBarbican from Castlegate25th June 1776LEWSA 1997.7, [4a]Lambert, James, I
LewesCastle, Barbican, SW corner, 'send to Mr Elliot'25th June 1776H.B. Towner gift, 1990Lambert, James, Iunsigned
LewesCastle gateway when the old buildings were down and before new ones built [from SW corner of Gun Garden]26th June 1776LEWSA 1997.7, 5Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesThe Friars from Lewes Bridge1777LEWSA 1997.7, 26Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesWestgate, ground plan1777LEWSA 1997.7, 20Morris, John, I
LewesWestgate, ground plan1777H.B. Towner gift, 1990Morris, John, I
LewesCastle, with part of the town from the Mount in St John's churchyard1778LEWSA 1997.7, 3Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesCastle with part of town from mound in St John's churchyard17782433Lambert, James, I
LewesSessions House or Town Hall, copy of a tablet of benefactors, painted by John Head 17091778LEWSA 1997.7, 15Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesSt John-sub-Castro: gravestones dug up 17791779LEWSA 1997.7, 14*[a]Elliot, John
LewesSt Nicholas's Hospital17793167Lambert, James, II
LewesWestgate, from W, before demolition, from drawing by Revd Austin17793508Lambert, James, IIafter Revd Rbt Austin
LewesSouthover church1780LEWSA 1997.7, 50Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesSt John-sub-Castro church1780LEWSA 1997.7, 46Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesAll Saints' church1780LEWSA 1997.7, 47Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesCliffe church from Malling Hill1781Lambert, James, I
Lewesbridge1781LEWSA 1997.7, 64Lambert, James, IIsigned
Lewesbridge17813171Lambert, James, IIsigned
Lewesbridge, from a drawing for Mr Elliot14th December 17812436Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesPriory from E1782LEWSA 1997.7, 10Lambert, James, IIsigned
LewesSouthover, St James' chapel17823170Lambert, James, II
LewesSouthover, St James' chapel17823509Lambert, James, II
LewesCastle gateway from N17834146Lambert, James, II
LewesCastle, South view of the Keep of, from St Michael' church yard.1785231Lambert, James, I
LewesCastle gateway, South view of1785233Lambert, James, I
LewesCastle from the Wall lands, North view of1785241Lambert, James, Isigned
LewesPriory from E17852143Lambert, James, I
LewesPriory........West view of,1785??? not 2193Lambert, James, I
LewesCastle keep, interior,17902613anon. before 1816
LewesJohn Morris (1744-1822), constable17904184anon. before 1816
LewesWestgate, from W, before demolition1790115Baker, Samuelafter Revd Rbt Austin
Lewesbridge from SE corner29th September 17903199Rooker, Michael Angeloattrib. by John Farrant
LewesSouthover St John's: Gundrada's tomb, full size1795uncat. 1999Lambert, James, IIattrib.
LewesAll Saints' church from SE1803Sharpe 204Petrie, Henry
LewesSt Michael's church from N1803Sharpe 207Petrie, Henry
LewesSt John's church, Southover, from SE1803Sharpe 209Petrie, Henry
LewesSt Anne's church from SE1804Sharpe 205Petrie, Henry
LewesSt Thomas's church, Cliffe, from NE1804Sharpe 206Petrie, Henry
LewesSt Thomas's church, Cliffe, from NE1804Sharpe 206bPetrie, Henry
LewesSt John sub Castro church from SE1804Sharpe 208Petrie, Henry
LewesSt John's church, Southover, from NW1804Sharpe 209aPetrie, Henry
LewesCastle180738Henderson, John
LewesAll Saints' church from SW1807Sharpe 206aPetrie, Henry
LewesPriory18092742Mantell, Gideon A.
LewesSt Anne's18102601anon. before 1816
Lewestown and castle taken from Demont18102854anon. before 1816
Lewesview from S18103184anon. before 1816
Lewesview18103775anon. before 1816
LewesSt Michael, spire1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
LewesPriory gateway and view to castle1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
LewesPriory: seal on deed at Westminister Abbey1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
LewesSouthover: Gundrada's tomb1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
LewesPriory gateway: detail1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
LewesCounty Hall18182165anon. after 1815
LewesBarbican18182166anon. after 1815
LewesCastle from W18182617anon. after 1815
LewesRiver Ouse towards the Cliffe18183418Neale, John Preston
LewesCharles Wille jnr (1797-1878)18254186anon. after 1815
LewesCastle, remains of keep182552Figg, S.
LewesPriory, remains of gatehouse182553Figg, S.
LewesPriory and pigeon house182584Figg, S.after J. Rouse
LewesCastle, keep from W182591Figg, S.after J. Rouse
LewesAnne of Cleves House16th June 18252756anon. after 1815
LewesBarbican and adjacent buildings182748anon. after 1815
LewesMount Pleasant18293722Henwood, Thomas
LewesCliffe and St Thomas's from river near paper mill18303517anon. after 1815
Lewesview18303519Henwood, Thomas
LewesSt Anne's church18303166Sk., William
LewesSt John-sub-Castro183073Worthington, Charles
LewesCastle from the Race course walk1st July 18322634anon. after 1815
LewesCastle keep, interior26th July 18362749anon. after 1815
LewesCastle keep, interior26th July 18362750anon. after 1815
Lewesnear18392751anon. after 1815
LewesSt John-sub-Castro church (new)18394003G., E.
Lewesquay1st August 18393403anon. after 1815
LewesS. Townsend, town crier, 1821-4418402360anon. after 1815
LewesCastle18403524Earp, George, II
LewesPriory gateway18404000Verrall, Francis
Lewesthe original printing offices of the Sussex Advertiser1841108Henwood, Thomas
LewesThe Friars from S18463513Baxter, W.E.
LewesThe Friary18463405Henwood, Thomas& Parsons, John L.
LewesPriory, Lords Place ruins18482848anon. after 1815
LewesPriory ruins18482849anon. after 1815
LewesSt Thomas's church, Cliffe18483518Creswick, Thomas
LewesCastle18502536anon. after 1815
LewesAnne of Cleves House, back of18502813anon. after 1815
LewesPriory ruins18503180anon. after 1815
LewesCastle, Norman gateway18503181anon. after 1815
LewesBarbican18503189anon. after 1815
LewesCastle keep18503190anon. after 1815
LewesCastle18503521anon. after 1815
LewesSt John-sub-Castro church18504002Scobell, E.G.T.
LewesCastle18502652Streatfeild, Robert
LewesCastle26th June 18512807anon. after 1815
Lewes29th July 18522815H., I.
LewesBarbican, Lewes Castle1853162Ruff, George
Lewesportrait, William Figg FSA18542235Jackson, G.
LewesCastle1st September 18552746anon. after 1815
Lewesfrom the Offham Road25th September 18552748anon. after 1815
LewesSouthover, old house185637Earp, Frederick
LewesJohn Dudeney 1782-185218582225Crin, Frederick??
LewesCastle gateway18694191Booty, Edwardpupil of?
Linchchurch from SE1805Sharpe 210Petrie, Henry
LinchmereShulbrede Priory3677Brooke, William Henry
LinchmereShulbrede Priory3678Brooke, William Henry
Linchmerechurch from SE1805Sharpe 211Petrie, Henry
LinchmereShulbrede Priory, frescoes18204120Brooke, William Henry
LinchmereShulbrede Priory, frescoes18204121Brooke, William Henry
LinchmereShulbrede Priory, frescoes18204122Brooke, William Henry
LinchmereShulbrede Priory, frescoes18204123Brooke, William Henry
LinchmereShulbrede Priory1st December 18203676Brooke, William Henry
LindfieldPaxhill3185Earp, Frederick
Lindfieldchurch2441Earp, Inson
Lindfieldchurch from SE1805Sharpe 212Petrie, Henry
Lindfieldchurch and workhouse18462650anon. after 1815
Lindfieldentrance from the Common18462868anon. after 1815
Lindfieldfrom S18462877anon. after 1815
LindfieldPyms Mill on the Ouse18462878anon. after 1815
Lindfieldbridge over Ouse18462880anon. after 1815
Lindfieldlooking N18462883anon. after 1815
Lindfield18462886anon. after 1815
Lindfieldold cottages18462887anon. after 1815
LindfieldSpring Cottage1st September 18462866anon. after 1815
Lindfieldpest house10th September 18472871anon. after 1815
LindfieldWood Knowle15th September 18472872anon. after 1815
Lindfieldchurch5th October 18472869anon. after 1815
LindfieldEast Mascalls18502879anon. after 1815
LindfieldEast Mascalls1856M38Earp, Frederick
LitlingtonClapham House, lodge and gate leading toloan, 1995, album 1,22Scutt, Catherine Anne
Litlingtonchurch, interior, E end1803Sharpe 214Petrie, Henry
Litlingtonchurch from SE1804Sharpe 213Petrie, Henry
Litlingtonchurch: 2 arms1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
LitlingtonClapham House1835loan, 1995, album 1,20Scutt, Catherine Anne
LitlingtonClapham House1835loan, 1995, album 1,21Scutt, Catherine Anne
LitlingtonClapham House1837loan, 1995, album 1,35Scutt, Catherine Anne
Litlingtonchurch1st August 1837loan, 1995, album 1,33Scutt, Catherine Anne
Littlehamptonpier127H., H.W.after A.W. Callcott
Littlehamptonchurch from SE1804Sharpe 215Petrie, Henry
Littlehamptonchurch1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Lodsworthchurch from SE1805Sharpe 216Petrie, Henry
Loxwoodchurch from NW1805Sharpe 217Petrie, Henry
Lullingtonchurch from SW1803Sharpe 218Petrie, Henry
Lullingtonchurch from NE1803Sharpe 218aPetrie, Henry
Lullingtonchurch1st August 1850loan, 1995, album 3,14Scutt, Catherine Anne
Lurgashallchurch from SE1805Sharpe 219Petrie, Henry
Lyminsterchurch from NW1804Sharpe 220Petrie, Henry
Madehurstchurch from NE1805Sharpe 221Petrie, Henry
Malling, Southgraves excavated c. 1748uncat., Baxter's copy of Horsfield, vol. 2Lambert, James, II
Malling, SouthOld Malling, ruins from S9th October 1772LEWSA 1997.7, 28Lambert, James, ILambert [inserted:] senior [Full date in pencil; Oct 1772 in ink]
Malling, SouthOld Malling, ruins from N9th October 1772LEWSA 1997.7, 29Lambert, James, IILambert junior [in hand of title to 28]
Malling, Southchurch1775LEWSA 1997.7, 48Lambert, James, IIsigned
Malling, SouthPlace, seat of Luke Spence Esqr, with view of town from garden1778LEWSA 1997.7, 27Lambert, James, Isigned
Malling, SouthSoutherham chapel1780LEWSA 1997.7, 36Lambert, James, Isigned
Malling, SouthMalling Deanery the seat of Mr Serg. Kempe1781LEWSA 1997.7, 2Lambert, James, Isigned
Malling, SouthDeanery30th May 1781uncat., Baxter's copy of Horsfield, vol. 2Lambert, James, I
Malling, SouthThe road up Malling Hill1782Lambert, James, I
Malling, SouthMalling Hill, road up17823172Lambert, James, II
Malling, Southchurch from NW1804Sharpe 222Petrie, Henry
Malling, SouthMalling Hill18404179anon. after 1815
Marden, Eastchurch from SW1805Sharpe 223Petrie, Henry
Marden, Eastchurch from NE1805Sharpe 224Petrie, Henry
Marden, Northchurch from SE1805Sharpe 225Petrie, Henry
Marden, Upchurch from N1805Sharpe 226Petrie, Henry
Marden, Upchurch from SE1805Sharpe 227Petrie, Henry
Maresfieldchurch from NW1802Sharpe 229Petrie, Henry
MaresfieldTwyford18492870anon. after 1815
MayfieldPalace3505Day, William
MayfieldPalace2944Lambert, James, I
MayfieldPalaceM54Lambert, James, I
MayfieldPalaceM54Lambert, James, I
Mayfieldchurch from SE1803Sharpe 230Petrie, Henry
MayfieldPalace18403999Verrall, Francis
Mayfieldabbey18502671anon. after 1815
Merstonchurch from SE1804Sharpe 231Petrie, Henry
Middletonchurch from SW1804Sharpe 228Petrie, Henry
Midhurstchurch from SE1804Sharpe 232Petrie, Henry
Midhurstcastle, site of1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Midhurstchurch: tomb of Sir Anthony Browne d. 1592 and detail1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Mountfieldchurch from SE1804Sharpe 235Petrie, Henry
Mountfieldchurch porch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Mundham, Northchurch from SW1804Sharpe 236Petrie, Henry
Newhavenchurch from SE1802Sharpe 237Petrie, Henry
Newhavenchurch from NE1802Sharpe 237aPetrie, Henry
Newhavenchurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Newhavenchurch: E end1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Newhavenquay18252845anon. after 1815
Newhavenchurch, E end20th June 18512831anon. after 1815
Newhavenchurch, E end20th June 18512832anon. after 1815
NewickBeechlands3530Henwood, Thomas
NewickPark, Lady Vernon's seat1780LEWSA 1997.7, 52 [51]Lambert, James, IIsigned
Newickchurch from SE1805Sharpe 238Petrie, Henry
Newickchurch from NW1805Sharpe 239Petrie, Henry
NewickBeechlands30th June 1834loan, 1995, album 1,7Scutt, Catherine Anne
NewickVicarage and church from Broomley Wood1st July 1834loan, 1995, album 1,8Scutt, Catherine Anne
NewickPark and house4th July 1834loan, 1995, album 1,9Scutt, Catherine Anne
NewickBeechlands, W side22nd July 1834loan, 1995, album 1,10Scutt, Catherine Anne
NewickVicarage and church from Broomley Wood8th September 1834loan, 1995, album 1,12Scutt, Catherine Anne
Newickchurch, tower1st September 18522743anon. after 1815
Newtimberchurch from SE1802Sharpe 240Petrie, Henry
NewtimberSaddlescombe and surrounding country18173424Neale, John Preston
Ninfieldchurch from SE1797Sharpe 241anon.
Ninfieldchurch18502851anon. after 1815
Northchapelchurch from SE1804Sharpe 242Petrie, Henry
Northiamchurch from SE1804Sharpe 243Petrie, Henry
not knownGooding women [Custom]2654Lambert, G.
not knowncattle18143998Milner, M.T.
Nuthurstchurch from SE1805Sharpe 244Petrie, Henry
Orechurch from NW1797Sharpe 245anon.
Ovingchurch from NE1804Sharpe 246Petrie, Henry
Ovingdeanchurch from SE1802Sharpe 247Petrie, Henry
Ovingdeanchurch1850125anon. after 1815
Paghamchurch from NW1805Sharpe 248Petrie, Henry
Paghamchurch from SE1805Sharpe 249Petrie, Henry
PaghamAldwick1st June 1844loan, 1995, album 2,17Scutt, Catherine Anne
Paghamchurch1st June 1844loan, 1995, album 2,18Scutt, Catherine Anne
PaghamAldwick Villa, inner entrance gates1st June 1844loan, 1995, album 2,19Scutt, Catherine Anne
PaghamAldwick Villa, carriage entrance1st June 1844loan, 1995, album 2,20Scutt, Catherine Anne
PaghamAldwick Villa, outer entrance gates1st June 1844loan, 1995, album 2,21Scutt, Catherine Anne
PaghamAldwick Villa, breakfast and drawing room windows1st June 1844loan, 1995, album 2,22Scutt, Catherine Anne
PaghamAldwick Villa,front view facing the sea1st June 1844loan, 1995, album 2,23Scutt, Catherine Anne
Paghamsea view1st June 1844loan, 1995, album 2,25Scutt, Catherine Anne
Paghamchurch1st August 1849loan, 1995, album 3,10Scutt, Catherine Anne
Parhamchurch from SE1803Sharpe 250Petrie, Henry
Patchamchurch from NE1802Sharpe 251Petrie, Henry
Patchamchurch, E end1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Patchamfrom the church183874Earp, George, II
PatchamMoulscombe184017Earp, George, II
Patchingchurch from SE1805Sharpe 252Petrie, Henry
Peasmarshchurch from SE1804Sharpe 253Petrie, Henry
Penhurstchurch from SE1797Sharpe 255anon.
Pettchurch from SW1797Sharpe 254anon.
Petworthchurch before 1827?3006anon.
Petworthchurch from SE1804Sharpe 256Petrie, Henry
PetworthPark18463465anon. after 1815
PevenseyCastle, S view from rail road3680Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, N view from Herstmonceux road3681Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, first tower from E entrance, W side3682Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, first tower from E entrance, E side3683Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, second tower from E entrance, E side3685Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, looking out to Westham church3686Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, third tower on left from E entrance3688Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, third tower on left from E entrance, looking E3689Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle. E entrance3690Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, W entrance from Westham3692Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, third tower on left from E entrance3693Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, second tower on left from E entrance3694Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, W entrance, Roman remains3695Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, W entrance, Roman remains3697Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle from SE17371308Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
PevenseyCastle from NE17371309Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
PevenseyCastle with a view of Westham church1773LEWSA 1997.7, 38Lambert, James, Isigned
PevenseyCastle from the landside1773LEWSA 1997.7, 39Lambert, James, Isigned
PevenseyCastle, plan of a tower5th April 1777uncat., Baxter's copy of Horsfield, vol. 3Lambert, James, II
Pevenseychurch from NE1797Sharpe 257anon.
PevenseyCastle29th September 17982825anon. before 1816
Pevenseychurch from NE1805Sharpe 258Petrie, Henry
PevenseyCastle, moat, tower18082824H., H.
PevenseyCastle x 61810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Pevenseychurch from NW and E; nave arcade1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
PevenseyCastle. E entrance18403696Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle1st May 1848loan, 1995, album 2,27Scutt, Catherine Anne
PevenseyCastle, from the interior1st May 1848loan, 1995, album 2,28Scutt, Catherine Anne
PevenseyCastle, W entrance, Roman remains18503687Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle, excavation of Roman remains28th August 18523684Brooke, William Henry
Pevenseychurch18694193Booty, Edward
Piddinghoechurch2686Earp, Frederick
Piddinghoechurch from SE1802Sharpe 259Petrie, Henry
Piddinghoechurch18102609anon. before 1816
Piddinghoechurch tower1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Plaistowchurch from S1805Sharpe 260Petrie, Henry
Playdenchurch from SW1797Sharpe 261anon.
Plumptonchurch from SE1802Sharpe 262Petrie, Henry
Polingchurch from NW1805Sharpe 263Petrie, Henry
Polingvicarage1st June 1844loan, 1995, album 2,26Scutt, Catherine Anne
portraitJames Lambert snr?4170Lambert, James, II
portraitJames Lambert senior obit 7th December 1788 æt 631780LEWSA 1997.7, [0]anon. before 1816
portraitJames Lambert senr obt 7th Decr 1788 aetol 631780LEWSA 1997.7, [68]anon. before 1816
portraitJames Lambert junr ?1780LEWSA 1997.7, [69]anon. before 1816
portraitJohn Ellman 1753-183218304171anon. after 1815
Portsladechurch from SE1802Sharpe 264Petrie, Henry
Portsladechurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Portsladechurch18562577Earp, Frederick
Portslade18694192Booty, Edwardpupil of?
Poyningschurch, interior3000Gosselin, Charles
Poyningschurch from SE1802Sharpe 265Petrie, Henry
Poyningschurch: brass, glass, 2 arms1803Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
PoyningsDevil's Dyke18433948Nevinson, M.
PoyningsDevil's Dyke18433949Nevinson, M.
Preston Episcopichurch from NE1802Sharpe 266Petrie, Henry
Preston Episcopichurch, with details1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Preston Episcopichurch18502674anon. after 1815
Preston EpiscopiOld Tollgate18502672B., A.R.
Preston Episcopichurch18694194Booty, Edwardpupil of?
Preston, Eastchurch from NE1804Sharpe 267Petrie, Henry
Preston, Eastchurch1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Pulboroughchurch from SW1805Sharpe 268Petrie, Henry
Pulboroughchurch18503469T., F.
Pyecombechurch from SE1802Sharpe 269Petrie, Henry
Ractonchurch from SE1803Sharpe 270Petrie, Henry
Ringmerchurch from NW1803Sharpe 271Petrie, Henry
Ringmerchurch18502670B., A.R.
Ripechurch from NE1803Sharpe 272Petrie, Henry
Ripechurch1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
RodmellNorthese Chapel from SE1781LEWSA 1997.7, 37Lambert, James, Isigned
Rodmellchurch from SE1802Sharpe 273Petrie, Henry
Rodmellchurch with details1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Rogatechurch from NW1804Sharpe 274Petrie, Henry
Rogatechurch from SE1804Sharpe 275Petrie, Henry
RogateDurford priory, details of mouldings18552643Minty, R.G.P.
RogateDurford priory, details of mouldings18552644Minty, R.G.P.
RogateDurford priory, details of mouldings18552645Minty, R.G.P.
RogateDurford priory, carving18552646Minty, R.G.P.
RogateDurford priory, details of mouldings18552647Minty, R.G.P.
RogateDurford priory, tombstone18552649Minty, R.G.P.
RotherfieldCrowborough Chapel and SchoolLEWSA 1997.7, 56Lambert, James, Isigned
RotherfieldCrowborough chapel from SE1803Sharpe 101Petrie, Henry
Rotherfieldchurch from SE1803Sharpe 276Petrie, Henry
Rotherfieldchurch: arms1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Rottingdeanchurch13Earp, Frederick
RottingdeanBalsdean Chapel1778LEWSA 1997.7, 34Lambert, James, Isigned
Rottingdeanchurch1802Sharpe 277Petrie, Henry
Rudgwickchurch from NE1805Sharpe 278Petrie, Henry
Rumboldswykechurch from NE1804Sharpe 279Petrie, Henry
Rusperchurch from SE1805Sharpe 280Petrie, Henry
Rusperchurch from SE1805Sharpe 280aPetrie, Henry
Rusperchurch from SW1839Sharpe 280bPetrie, Henry
Ruspermudding Mr Mutton's pond18562581W., C.
Rustingtonchurch from NW1804Sharpe 281Petrie, Henry
Rustingtonchurch1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
RyeMountfield Court4180Tennant, John
Ryechurch from SW1797Sharpe 282anon.
Ryechurch from SE1804Sharpe 282aPetrie, Henry
Ryethe oldest house18502676B., A.R.
Salehurstchurch from SE1797Sharpe 285anon.
Salehurstchurch from SE1806Sharpe 286Petrie, Henry
SalehurstRobertsbridge Abbey x 3; tiles1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
SalehurstRobertsbridge abbey gatehouse2nd June 18412552Harkness, Harriet
SalvingtonSeldon's birthplace18272600Peacocks, Harriett
Seafordchurch: gravestones dug up 17781778LEWSA 1997.7, 14*[b]Elliot, John
Seafordchurch from NW1802Sharpe 287Petrie, Henry
Seafordchurch from SE1802Sharpe 288Petrie, Henry
Seafordchurch1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Seafordbattery1842loan, 1995, album 2,7Scutt, Catherine Anne
Seafordfrom the beach x 21842loan, 1995, album 2,15Scutt, Catherine Anne
SeafordThe Lodge1st July 1842loan, 1995, album 2,3Scutt, Catherine Anne
SeafordSeaford House1st July 1842loan, 1995, album 2,4Scutt, Catherine Anne
Seafordfrom the corner of the cliff1st July 1842loan, 1995, album 2,5Scutt, Catherine Anne
Seafordbeach and Newhaven at a distance from the Hill [Head]1st August 1842loan, 1995, album 2,11Scutt, Catherine Anne
Sedlescombechurch from SE1797Sharpe 289anon.
Selhamchurch from SW1805Sharpe 290Petrie, Henry
Selmestonchurch from SE1803Sharpe 291Petrie, Henry
Selmestonchurch1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Selmestonchurch and vicarage1st August 1850loan, 1995, album 3,13Scutt, Catherine Anne
Selseychurch from SW1805Sharpe 292Petrie, Henry
Selseychurch from SE1805Sharpe 293Petrie, Henry
ShermanburyEwhurst manor house, gatehouse2627P., W.L.
Shermanburychurch from NW1805Sharpe 294Petrie, Henry
ShermanburyEwhurst manor house, gatehouse1810Acc. 9087Powell, D.T.
Shipleychurch from NW1805Sharpe 295Petrie, Henry
Shipleychurch18503472T., F.
Shorehambeach3773Gibbins, H.J.
Shorehamharbour from Lancing Down, with part of the Royal Squadron8th September 18433940Nevinson, M.
ShorehamSt Mary's church1850S109Earp, Frederick
Shoreham, Newchurch, interior2998Gosselin, Charles
Shoreham, Newfrom the beach to S.1786S127Butler, John (Capt, Master of King's Revenue Cutter Hound)
Shoreham, Newchurch from NE1802Sharpe 296Petrie, Henry
Shoreham, Newchurch from SE1802Sharpe 297Petrie, Henry
Shoreham, Newchurch from NW1802Sharpe 298Petrie, Henry
Shoreham, Newchurch from NE1804S41Buckler, John
Shoreham, Newchurch from SW1804S42Buckler, John
Shoreham, Newchurch1810S20Nash, R.
Shoreham, Newchurch: E end1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Shoreham, Newharbour1830S23anon. after 1815
Shoreham, NewHigh Street, S side, houses demolished in 18321832S31anon. after 1815
Shoreham, Newchurch18422996Gosselin, Charles
Shoreham, Newchurch, interior18442997Gosselin, Charles
Shoreham, Newharbour at sunset1850S32Hine, Henry George
Shoreham, NewNorfolk Bridge1850S110Nibbs, Richard Henry
Shoreham, NewMarlipins1851S30Nibbs, Richard Henry
Shoreham, NewLight of the Age of Shoreham, Phineas Jupp, Commander. Two masted brig at sea, Downs in background20th August 1862S105anon. after 1815
Shoreham, NewShoreham from the Downs1867S43Waite, Robert Thorne
Shoreham, Oldchurch from NE1802Sharpe 299Petrie, Henry
Shoreham, Oldchurch, interior, before c.1841 restoration1810S26anon. before 1816
Shoreham, Oldchurch before 1839/40 restoration1810S18Nash, R.
Shoreham, Oldchurch, interior1829S80Fox, N.N.?
Shoreham, OldWorkhouse demolished in 18341834S38anon. after 1815
Shoreham, Oldchurch, interior18442999Gosselin, Charles
Shoreham, Oldchurch, interior18482592Earp, George, I
Sidleshamchurch from NE1805Sharpe 300Petrie, Henry
Singletonchurch from SE1804Sharpe 301Petrie, Henry
Singletonchurch: floor tiles1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Slaughamchurch from SE1805Sharpe 302Petrie, Henry
Slindonchurch from NE1805Sharpe 303Petrie, Henry
Slinfoldchurch from NE1805Sharpe 304Petrie, Henry
Somptingchurch3396Earp, Frederick
Somptingchurch: sculpture3934Nevinson, M.
Somptingchurch from NW1804Sharpe 305Petrie, Henry
Somptingchurch from SE1804Sharpe 305aPetrie, Henry
Somptingchurch, back of18332544Harkness, Harriet
Somptingchurch10th September 18332548Harkness, Harriet
Somptingcottage10th September 18332556Harkness, Harriet
Somptingfarm near10th September 18332558Harkness, Harriet
Sompting19th September 18332554Harkness, Harriet
SomptingQueen Caroline's House22nd August 18352542Harkness, Harriet
Somptingchurch, porch22nd August 18352546Harkness, Harriet
Somptingchurch18433936Nevinson, M.
Somptingchurch tower18433937Nevinson, M.
Southeasechurch from SE1802Sharpe 306Petrie, Henry
Southwickchurch from SE1802Sharpe 307Petrie, Henry
Southwickchurch x 21810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Southwickchurch18342Earp, George, I
Southwickthe Crab House1850S36anon. after 1815
Southwickchurch18552822Tracy, Adelaide
SouthwickSouthwick and Shoreham looking W from Fishergate; harvest field with water and buildings in distance1860S13anon. after 1815
St Leonardschapel4148Powell, Joseph
St Leonardsfishermen18413415King, Berkeley
Stanmerchurch from NW1802Sharpe 307aPetrie, Henry
Stanmerchurch1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Stedhamchurch from SE1804Sharpe 308Petrie, Henry
SteyningWapping Thorn, back3664Brooke, William Henry
SteyningWapping Thorn manor, remains of, now Sir C.F. Goring3666Brooke, William Henry
Steyningchurch from SW70Grimm, S.H.
Steyningchurch from SW1802Sharpe 309Petrie, Henry
Steyningchurch: capital, arch1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
SteyningRevd Mr Evans' old school room, as it stood18203662Brooke, William Henry
SteyningRevd Mr Evans' old school, formerly an hostelry18203663Brooke, William Henry
Steyningold houses18203667Brooke, William Henry
Steyning1st September 1841110Hine, Henry George
Steyningcottage near18454001Verrall, Francis
Stoke, Northchurch from NE1804Sharpe 310Petrie, Henry
Stoke, Northancient British boat discovered at, 8 Apr 1834183492Martin, (Miss)of Pulborough
Stoke, Southchurch from NW1804Sharpe 311Petrie, Henry
Stoke, Westchurch from SE1805Sharpe 312Petrie, Henry
Stophamchurch from SE1805Sharpe 313Petrie, Henry
Storringtonchurch from NW1805Sharpe 314Petrie, Henry
Stoughtonchurch from SE1805Sharpe 315Petrie, Henry
Streatchurch from SW1802Sharpe 316Petrie, Henry
StreatStreat Place4th May 18392566Harkness, Harriet
Sullingtonchurch from SE1805Sharpe 317Petrie, Henry
SussexSussex shepherd2657Molesworth, P.R.
Sussexchurches, volumes of sketches1861unacc?Saunders, W.F.
Suttonchurch from SE1804Sharpe 318Petrie, Henry
Suttonchurch18503471T., F.
Tangmerechurch from SW1804Sharpe 319Petrie, Henry
Tangmerechurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Tangmerechurchyard, tree said to date from Conquest18453529Earp, Frederick
Tarring Nevillechurch from NW1802Sharpe 320Petrie, Henry
Tarring Nevillechurch from SW1802Sharpe 321Petrie, Henry
Tarring, West2570Harkness, Harriet
Tarring, Westchurch from SW1804Sharpe 322Petrie, Henry
Tarring, Westnear7th September 18332559Harkness, Harriet
Tarring, Westchurch7th September 18332568Harkness, Harriet
Tarring, Westfrom the Mill field11th September 18332543Harkness, Harriet
Tarring, Westchurch18433938Nevinson, M.
Tarring, WestPalace (Becket's)18433947Nevinson, M.
Telscombechurch2575Earp, George, II
Telscombe2614Harmsworth, John
Telscombechurch from NE1802Sharpe 323Petrie, Henry
Telscombechurch1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Terwickchurch from SE1804Sharpe 324Petrie, Henry
Thakehamchurch from NE1805Sharpe 325Petrie, Henry
Thorney, Westchurch from SE1805Sharpe 326Petrie, Henry
Ticehurstchurch from NE1797Sharpe 327anon.
TicehurstWhiligh House18392439Nisbet, R.
Tillingtonchurch from NE1805Sharpe 328Petrie, Henry
Tortingtonchurch from SE1804Sharpe 329Petrie, Henry
Treyfordchurch from NE1805Sharpe 330Petrie, Henry
TrottonMilland chapel from SE1804Sharpe 233Petrie, Henry
TrottonMilland chapel from NW1804Sharpe 234Petrie, Henry
Trottonchurch from SE1804Sharpe 331Petrie, Henry
Trottonchurch: window1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Trottonchurch: 2 brasses1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Tunbridge Wells [Kent]view1783M27Lambert, James, I
Twinehamchurch from SE1805Sharpe 332Petrie, Henry
UckfieldPrison, S end2606Lansdale, H.
Uckfieldchurch from SW1797Sharpe 333anon.
Uckfieldchurch from W1803Sharpe 334Petrie, Henry
Uckfieldchurch from NE1803Sharpe 334aPetrie, Henry
UckfieldPrison18592605Lansdale, H.
Udimorechurch from S1797Sharpe 335anon.
Udimorechurch from SW1807Sharpe 335aPetrie, Henry
Upwalthamchurch from SE1805Sharpe 336Petrie, Henry
Wadhurstchurch from NE1797Sharpe 337anon.
Walbertonchurch from NE1805Sharpe 338Petrie, Henry
Waldronchurch from NE1802Sharpe 339Petrie, Henry
Waldronchurch1810Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
Warbletonchurch from NE1804Sharpe 340Petrie, Henry
Warbletonchurch: brass1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
WarbletonPriory: carved stones1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Warminghurstchurch from SE1805Sharpe 341Petrie, Henry
Warnhamchurch from NE1802Sharpe 342Petrie, Henry
Wartlingchurch from SW1797Sharpe 343anon.
Wartlingchurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Washingtonchurch from SE1804Sharpe 344Petrie, Henry
Washingtonfrom Chanctonbury, panorama view of srrounding country18173423Neale, John Preston
WashingtonChanctonbury Ring from the Downs near Steyning18203674Brooke, William Henry
WashingtonChanctonbury Ring18433945Nevinson, M.
Westbournechurch from NE1805Sharpe 345Petrie, Henry
Westdeanchurch from SE1804Sharpe 107Petrie, Henry
Westdeanchurch from SW1804Sharpe 108Petrie, Henry
Westdeanchurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Westfieldchurch from SW1797Sharpe 346anon.
Westfieldchurch from SW1807Sharpe 346aPetrie, Henry
Westhamchurch from NE1797Sharpe 347anon.
Westhamchurch1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Westhampnettchurch from SE1804Sharpe 348Petrie, Henry
Westhampnettchurch from SW1804Sharpe 349Petrie, Henry
Westmestonchurch from NE1802Sharpe 350Petrie, Henry
Whatlingtonchurch from NE1797Sharpe 351anon.
Wiggonholtchurch from SE1805Sharpe 352Petrie, Henry
Willingdonchurch from NW1804Sharpe 353Petrie, Henry
Willingdonchurch from SE1804Sharpe 354Petrie, Henry
Wilmingtonchurch from NW1803Sharpe 355Petrie, Henry
WilmingtonLong Man1807Acc 9087Powell, D.T.
WinchelseaGreyfriars from S17371543Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
WinchelseaCamber Castle from W17371686Buck, Samuel& Nathaniel
Winchelseachurch1st June 1781M31Lambert, James, II
Winchelseachurch from NE1797Sharpe 356anon.
Winchelseachurch from SW1797Sharpe 356aanon.
Winchelseachurch from NE1797Sharpe 356banon.
Winchelseachurch from SW1797Sharpe 356canon.
Winchelseachurch: details, 3 effigies, 2 tombs, brass1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
WinchelseaGreyfriars1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Winchelseachurch11th June 1830Acc. 9089Cotton, C.R.
Wisborough Greenchurch from NE1805Sharpe 357Petrie, Henry
WistonWiston Hall3665Brooke, William Henry
Wistonchurch from SE1805Sharpe 358Petrie, Henry
Wistonchurch: arms1810Acc. 9089Powell, D.T.
Withyhamchurch1780LEWSA 1997.7, 54Lambert, James, IIsigned
WithyhamBuckhurst, gatehouse1780M30Lambert, James, II
WithyhamBuckhurst, gatehouse, with detail of arms over door22nd September 1780LEWSA 1997.7, 53Lambert, James, IIsigned
Withyhamchurch from SE1803Sharpe 359Petrie, Henry
WithyhamBuckhurst place1806Acc. 9087, APowell, D.T.
WithyhamOld Buckhurst tower1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 43Bourne, James
Withyhamchurch1826LEWSA.VR.4827, 44Bourne, James
Wittering, Eastchurch from SE1805Sharpe 360Petrie, Henry
Wittering, Eastchurch: capital1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Wittering, Westchurch from NE1805Sharpe 361Petrie, Henry
Wittering, Westchurch1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Wivelsfieldchurch from SE1805Sharpe 362Petrie, Henry
WivelsfieldOte Hall1856100Earp, Frederick
Woodmancotechurch from SE1802Sharpe 363Petrie, Henry
Woodmancotechurch: 2 arms1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.
Woolavingtonchurch from NE1804Sharpe 203Petrie, Henry
Woolbedingchurch from NW1804Sharpe 364Petrie, Henry
Worthchurch from SE1805Sharpe 365Petrie, Henry
WorthTilgate Forest, near Pease Pottage18183438Neale, John Preston
Yaptonchurch from NE1804Sharpe 366Petrie, Henry
Yaptonchurch: capitals1810Acc. 9087, BPowell, D.T.