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PlaceViewDateReferenceArtistArtist qualification
ArundelCastle, SE elevation (head on, rather than oblique as in the etching)Hollar, Wenceslaus
ArundelCastle, from E1644Hollar, Wenceslaus
Bersted, SouthBognor, Fox Hotel and public rooms1807anon. after 1815
Bersted, SouthBognor from the Fox Hotel1823anon. after 1815
BoxgroveHalnaker House1782Grimm, S.H.copy for Grose, for engraving
BoxgroveHalnaker House from SW1782Grimm, S.H.
BrightonWest Cliff, in lot with Rottingdean view at Monro sale 1833anon.
BrightonBrighton, etc, 13 slight sketches in Monro sale 1833Hunt, Wiliam Henry
Brightona view at, and two cottages, 3 pics at Monro sale 1833Turner, J.M.W.
Brightonfrom the sea, beyond the pierhead1824Turner, J.M.W.
CrawleyThe GeorgeRowlandson, Thomas
EasebourneCowdray Park1767Russell, John, I
Fristonchurch: altar piece1774Lambert, James, II
Grinstead, EastSanthill, residence of John Crawfurd in 1733Lambert, James, I
Grinstead, EastBrambletye, cows and horses in foreground1773Lambert, James, II
HastingsWhite RockMunn, Paul Sandby
HastingsHastings, Southampton, Freshwater, &c, 7 pics at Monro sale 1833Dayes, Edward
Hastingsview of, and pencil sketches, 8 pics at Monro sale 1833Hearne, Thomas
HastingsCastle, W view, with portion of cliff called the Gun Garden1750anon. before 1816
HeathfieldBailey Park1690Van Edema, Gerard
HeathfieldHeathfield Park1st August 1811Crotch, William
Ickleshamchurch1795Girtin & Loshak 1954, 209Girtin, Thomas
MiddletonchurchDevis, Anthony
Paghamchurch from NE1850anon. after 1815
PatchamWindsor castle, Patcham, etc. 13 pics in Monro sale 1833Sandby, Paul
PevenseyCastle1795Girtin, Thomasposs. with James Moore
Rottingdeanin lot with Brighton, West Cliff, at Monro sale 1833anon.
Ryetown from W1815Turner, J.M.W.
SalehurstRobertsbridge abbey1785Grose, Francisafter James Moore; copy for engraver
WadhurstFaircrouch, front elevation1790anon.
WinchelseaOkehampton and Winchelsea castles, Southampton &c, blue and Indian ink sketches 7Okehampton and Winchelsea castles, Southampton &c, 7 pics in Monro sale 1833Dayes, Edward