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List of pictures belonging to : Hastings Museum & Art Gallery

PlaceViewDateReferenceArtistArtist qualification
Arundelchurch: tombPC122Prout, Samuel
Ashburnhamroad through rocks and trees1814953.44.14Hearne, Thomas
Ashburnhamwoodland scene1814TP.1895Hearne, Thomas
Ashburnhamwoodland scene1814TP.1896Hearne, Thomas
Ashburnham23rd September 1833947.3Harkness, Harriet
BattleAbbeyTP.711BBradley, H.attrib.
Battlechurch fontTP.140Brooke, William Henry
BattleAbbeyTP.1478Dillon, C.
Battlenear953.3Stark, James
BattleAbbey gateway1780L.1757anon. before 1816
BattleAbbey gatehouse1800949.32.3Day, William
BattleAbbey and town from Hastings road1800949.32.5Day, William
BattleAbbey gateway1824935.33.11Rouse, James
BattleStandard and Telham Hills from Battle Abbey1825938.66.2Rouse, James
BattleAbbey gateway from interior23rd September 1833TP.1603Harkness, Harriet
BattleAbbey25th September 1833947.3Harkness, Harriet
BattleAbbey gateway1835994.42anon. after 1815
BattleAbbey31st July 1844TP.711CBradley, R.E.
BattleAbbey1885TP.711ABradley, H.
BexhillMartello towers near948.89.1anon.
BexhillNortheye, masonryTP.351Ross, Thomas
BexhillMartello Tower and Coastguard Station1861L.2030Cresso, E.M.
BodiamCastle, interiorTP.1559Harkness, Harriet
BodiamCastleLambert, James, Iattrib.
BodiamCastle29th July 1831TP.1562Harkness, Harriet
BodiamCastle10th August 1837TP.1560Harkness, Harriet
BodiamCastle10th August 1837TP.1563Harkness, Harriet
BodiamCastle22nd August 1839TP.1564Harkness, Harriet
BodiamCastle, interior19th July 1841TP.1561Harkness, Harriet
BredePlace30th September 1841948.3Harkness, Harriet
BulverhytheBo-Peep from936.68anon.
BulverhytheMartello Towers941.4.14anon.
BulverhytheBo-Peep Martello Tower955.51.1anon.
BulverhytheBo-peep1818948.89.2Wageman, M.A.
Bulverhytheraces at1820951.34White, C.G.
BulverhytheMartello Towers1864937.42.1Budden, Edward
Catsfieldgarden at15th April 1843947.3Harkness, Harriet
Catsfieldrectory15th April 1843948.3Harkness, Harriet
Crowhurstchurch947.3Harkness, Harriet
Crowhurstfarmhouse near11th September 0947.3Harkness, Harriet
Crowhurst11th September 1841948.3Harkness, Harriet
DallingtonHerrings1814953.44.20Hearne, Thomas
EastdeanCuckmere Haven, the Seven Sisters933.25Larkin, Charles Harold
FairlightEcclesbourne and Fairlight cliffsTP.629Bennett, William
Fairlightfarmyard near?TP.57Brooke, William Henry
FairlightLower MillTP.1488Field, E.
Fairlightnear937.30.13Harkness, Harriet
FairlightCoastguard station house, Vale of EcclesbourneTP.1772King, Berkeley
FairlightLovers SeatTP.348Ross, Thomas
FairlightThe Fishponds925.4(a)Sargent, Richard
FairlightRoad leading into Fairlight Glen925.4(b)Sargent, Richard
FairlightThe Dripping Well925.4(c)Sargent, Richard
FairlightOld Fairlight church949.2Scrivens, W.
Fairlightold churchin OTHThorpe, John
FairlightEcclesbourne13th September 0947.3Harkness, Harriet
FairlightFairlight Glen13th September 0947.3Harkness, Harriet
Fairlightcliffs near13th September 0947.30.15Harkness, Harriet
FairlightFairlight, the Dripping Well25th September 0947.30.17Harkness, Harriet
FairlightConquerors Pool1790976.76anon. before 1816
FairlightFairlight1800949.32.9Day, William
FairlightEcclesbourne, cottage known as the Govers1808934.13.8H., H.
FairlightFairlight Place1st September 1821941.5.61Batty, Robert (Dr)too late?
FairlightFairlight Place1822941.5.60Shepheard, George
FairlightThe Old Merryclams [?] Farm House1823941.5.58Scrivens, G.
FairlightFairlight Place1823941.5.59Shepheard, George
FairlightOld Roar Glen1824TP.313Rouse, James
Fairlightfishponds and walks1824TP.318Rouse, James
FairlightCovehurst from the Cliffs near Lovers Seat28th September 1832947.3Harkness, Harriet
Fairlightentrance to Fairlight Glen28th September 1832947.30.14Harkness, Harriet
FairlightThe Fishponds28th September 1832947.30.18Harkness, Harriet
FairlightFairlight Down to France1834TP.1459anon. after 1815
FairlightCovehurst cottages1835994.42anon. after 1815
FairlightThe Fishponds Farm20th August 1837947.30.19Harkness, Harriet
Fairlightnear mill8th October 1840947.30.12Harkness, Harriet
FairlightCastle18th August 1841TP.1777King, Berkeley
FairlightLovers Seat, Fairlight20th August 1841949.69.4King, Berkeley
FairlightFairlight Glen20th August 1841949.69.7King, Berkeley
FairlightFairlight Place1842939.63.1Moxon, C.
FairlightFairlight Glen1842939.63.2Moxon, C.
FairlightFairlight Glen, entrance to the Lovers Seat1842939.63.3Moxon, C.
FairlightFairlight Glen, looking towards the Seat1842939.63.4Moxon, C.
FairlightFairlight Glen, Dripping Well1842939.63.6Moxon, C.
FairlightFairlight Place23rd August 1842TP.181Brooke, William Henry
FairlightCoastguard station, Fairlight1st August 1851934.31.8Pott, Agnes
FairlightCoastguard Station, Ecclesbourne1855934.31.4Pott, Agnes
FairlightLovers Seat1858TP.347Ross, Thomas
FairlightOld Roar1862976.89Greenside, C.F.
Fairlightold coastguard station, Ecclesbourne1862TP.627Shorter, H.G.
Guestling941.5.82Scrivens, G.
Hailshamchurch from NW1853TP.520Vaughan, Thomas
Hailshamchurch from SE29th July 1853TP.520Vaughan, Thomas
HastingsGalley Hill896.5anon.
HastingsAll Saints916.18anon.
HastingsAll Saints and the Bourne Stream916.19anon.
Hastingsmouth of the Bourne at the Stade950.48anon.
Hastingsstudies of fishermen and fishing boats986.38anon.
HastingsOld Town Hall988.12anon.
HastingsE from Harold Place900.1.2anon.
Hastingsentrance to, from London Road901.3.23anon.
Hastingshouse on high pavement, High Street901.3.54anon.
HastingsAll Saints Street901.3.57anon.
HastingsLovers' Seat915.41.5anon.
HastingsCovehurst Cottage928.4.1anon.
Hastingslow tide939.34.1anon.
HastingsAll Saints church from All Saints Street939.64.2anon.
Hastingscollier beached941.4.22anon.
HastingsWest Hill946.9.7anon.
Hastingsthe Stade950.16.1anon.
Hastingsfrom the Torfield, N entrance950.16.2anon.
Hastingstelegraph (semaphore) and Martello towers between Hastings and Pevensey955.48.1anon.
Hastingsthe coast from Torfield955.48.1anon.
Hastingsquarrying stone for the first reservoir955.48.4anon.
HastingsSt Clement's from the East Hill955.48.5anon.
HastingsAll Saints church from London Road955.48.6anon.
Hastingsunder the Castle957.28.1anon.
HastingsRock-a-Nore, fishing boats970.25.1anon.
Hastingsfishing boats970.25.2anon.
Hastingsentrance to981.27.10anon.
HastingsPriory Valley981.27.24anon.
HastingsYork Buildings, NW endL. 1804anon.
HastingsCastle Hill and East Hill from the White RockL.1836anon.
HastingsWhite RockL.968anon.
HastingsLovers' SeatL.969anon.
Hastingshop gardenL.971anon.
HastingsCastledown TerraceTP.1292anon.
HastingsCastle, rocks and plan of CastleTP.1375anon.
HastingsCastle ruinsTP.1449anon.
Hastingsfrom 3 Albert PlaceTP.1755anon.
HastingsWhite Rock, with battery buildingsTP.1766anon.
HastingsBarley Lane, view fromTP.1783anon.
Hastingscottage on beachTP.1913anon.
HastingsAll Saints StreetTP.1927anon.
Hastingsold cottageTP.1928anon.
HastingsWhite Rock, looking WTP.417anon.
HastingsOld HastingsTP.487anon.
HastingsEcclesbourne Glen, Old Coastguard StationTP.628anon.
HastingsOld Town and CastleU/C.10anon.
HastingsCovehurst, The GowersU/C.14anon.
HastingsCliff topsU/C.16anon.
Hastingswindmill near North SeatU/C.19anon.
HastingsAll Saints churchU/C.29anon.
HastingsOld TownU/C.31anon.
HastingsCastle, part ofU/C.34anon.
Hastingsremains of the PierU/C.46anon.
Hastingsfrom the White RockW.161anon.
HastingsBroomham, from S.946.97.2Ashburnham, Fanny
Hastingsentrance to???Atkinson, John Augustus
HastingsCastleU/C.36B., H.
HastingsOld HastingsU/C.32Bartlett, W.H.
Hastings98 wc of fishing and beach scenesTP.1036Batty, Robert (Dr)possibly
HastingsWhite Rock, the LookoutTP..1335Beverley, William Roxby
Hastingsshipping off coast981.27.18Bodichon, Barbara
HastingsThe Pier Rocks981.27.19Bodichon, Barbara
Hastingsfishing boat returningPC.32Bodichon, Barbara
Hastingsboats on beach931.32.8Bradley, Edward
HastingsSt Mary in the Castle949.83Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Mary in the Castle, interior979.85Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church901.3.1Brooke, William Henry
HastingsKing's Head Tavern, corner of Courthouse Street and High street914.16.2Brooke, William Henry
HastingsWinding Street914.16.4Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, E side, near top, nos 8-11914.16.5Brooke, William Henry
HastingsTackleway914.16.61Brooke, William Henry
HastingsJohn Street, S side looking E914.16.66Brooke, William Henry
HastingsWinding Street914.16.80Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church, entrance to914.16.89Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Mary in the Castle, interior941.3.2Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church941.5.39Brooke, William Henry
Hastings949.6.3Brooke, William Henry
HastingsOld London Road, entrance to957.55.2Brooke, William Henry
HastingsOld London road, entrance to957.55.2Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church961.1.51Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHigh Street, 17?TP.100Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHigh Street, 102-3TP.101Brooke, William Henry
HastingsGeorge Street, back of 49TP.102Brooke, William Henry
HastingsGeorge Street, front of 49-50TP.103Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHill StreetTP.104Brooke, William Henry
HastingsBourne Street, corner of East Bourne StreetTP.105Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHigh Street, W side near bottomTP.106Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, 99-100TP.107Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHill Street, back of 24 looking ETP.108Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSinnock Square or Tripe Alley off High StreetTP.109Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street from churchyardTP.111Brooke, William Henry
HastingsShip Inn Yard?TP.112Brooke, William Henry
HastingsShip Inn Yard, BourneTP.113Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street and East Hill PassageTP.114Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, back of 134TP.116Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, back of 129TP.117Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, back of 98-99TP.118Brooke, William Henry
HastingsGeorge Street, ancient house at bottom of Light StepsTP.119Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, back of 128TP.120Brooke, William Henry
HastingsGeorge Street, house inTP.121Brooke, William Henry
HastingsBourne Walk, N endTP.122Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, 88TP.123Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, 127TP.124Brooke, William Henry
Hastings??TP.125Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHigh Street, Pelham HouseTP.126Brooke, William Henry
HastingsShip Inn, BourneTP.127Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHigh Street, Oak Hill at bottom of, showing Dispenary and Swan InnTP.128Brooke, William Henry
Hastings??TP.130Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSinnock Square or Tripe Alley, off High StreetTP.131Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, back of 100TP.132Brooke, William Henry
HastingsJohn Street, house inTP.133Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHigh Street, backs of housesTP.134Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, back of 102TP.135Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, 93TP.136Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, backs of housesTP.137Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church from NWTP.138Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church from NWTP.138.1Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's church: pulpitTP.139Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's towerTP.141Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's church, interiorTP.142Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church: showing the stoupTP.143Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church, close view of stoupTP.144Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church: diuble pulpitTP.146Brooke, William Henry
HastingsRock-a-Nore, cave in East CliffTP.149Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church from All Saints StreetTP.151Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, 131-3TP.152Brooke, William Henry
HastingsLondon Road, James Buchanan's shopTP.153Brooke, William Henry
HastingsBourne, medieval house?TP.154Brooke, William Henry
HastingsBourne, medieval house?TP.155Brooke, William Henry
HastingsRock-a-NoreTP.156Brooke, William Henry
HastingsRock-a-NoreTP.157Brooke, William Henry
HastingsTackleway, view from East Hill LodgeTP.159Brooke, William Henry
HastingsGeorge InnTP.161Brooke, William Henry
HastingsFishmarket, near, showing old houseTP.165Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff, entrance to Butler'sTP.168Brooke, William Henry
HastingsTorfield, top of High StreetTP.169Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff, Rock-a-NoreTP.170Brooke, William Henry
Hastingsfishing boatsTP.172Brooke, William Henry
HastingsOld Town Valley from Castle HillTP.179Brooke, William Henry
HastingsPriory Lane, Withered OakTP.180Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff, Butler's CaveTP.184Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff, pigtyeTP.186Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff landslipTP.188Brooke, William Henry
HastingsWest Hill, windmills onTP.190Brooke, William Henry
HastingsOld Town and West Hill from near All SaintsTP.50Brooke, William Henry
HastingsCourt Hoouse StreetTP.52Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, backs of 98, 99 and 100TP.53Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, nos 131-3TP.53Brooke, William Henry
HastingsGeorge streetTP.55Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints street, back of 85?TP.56Brooke, William Henry
HastingsJohn StreetTP.58Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHill Street, back ofTP.59Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, front of 132TP.60Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHarpsicord Steps leading to West HillTP.61Brooke, William Henry
HastingsKing's Head Tavern, corner of Courthouse and High streetTP.62Brooke, William Henry
HastingsBourne StreetTP.64Brooke, William Henry
HastingsCrown Lane and All Saints Street, corner ofTP.65Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHigh Street, top of , W sideTP.66Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, 98-100TP.67Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, 68-71TP.68Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHill Street and Coburg PlaceTP.69Brooke, William Henry
HastingsChurch street, back of housesTP.70Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHill Street, E side backs of 1-3TP.72Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, backs of housesTP.73Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints PlaceTP.74Brooke, William Henry
HastingsRoebuck Inn Yard?TP.75Brooke, William Henry
HastingsShip Inn, BourneTP.76Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, backs of 98-100TP.77Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHigh Street, top of, E sideTP.78Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street from churchyardTP.79Brooke, William Henry
HastingsChurch Street, back ofTP.80Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's Lane or Church PassageTP.81Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, E sideTP.82Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHigh street, E side, nos 13-15TP.83Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints street, backs of 132-4TP.84Brooke, William Henry
HastingsChurch Street, now Croft RoadTP.85Brooke, William Henry
HastingsGrant's Passage?TP.86Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHill StreetTP.87Brooke, William Henry
HastingsRoebuck Yard?TP.88Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHill Street, backs of houses in Coburg PlaceTP.89Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, backs of 116-118TP.90Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, 127-9TP.91Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHill Street, back ofTP.93Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, E side, back ofTP.94Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, top ofTP.95Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints Street, backsTP.96Brooke, William Henry
HastingsHill Street, top of light stepsTP.97Brooke, William Henry
HastingsOak Passage; beacon at top of Light Steps, george StreetTP.98Brooke, William Henry
Hastings??TP.99Brooke, William Henry
Hastingsbeach933.41.1Buckland, Elizabeth Oke (Mrs H.D. Gordon)
Hastingsfrom beach near Queen's HotelTP.329Budden, Edward
Hastingsand Castle from Step MeadowTP.330Budden, Edward
HastingsCastle from Step MeadowTP.330Budden, Edward
Hastingsbeach with lugger and capstanTP.331Budden, Edward
Hastingslugger and capstanTP.331Budden, Edward
HastingsCastleTP.332Budden, Edward
HastingsCastleTP.333Budden, Edward
Hastingsold houses982.136.3Callow, William
Hastingsold houses982.136.3Callow, William
Hastingsthree fishermen, net making941.5.19Campion, George Bryantattrib.
Hastingsfishermen wuth capstan941.5.20Campion, George Bryantattrib.
Hastingsfishermen, women941.5.21Campion, George Bryantattrib.
Hastingsthree men, two baskets and a woman941.5.22Campion, George Bryantattrib.
Hastingsthree fishermen941.5.23Campion, George Bryantattrib.
Hastingsfour fishermen by net huts941.5.31Campion, George Bryantattrib.
Hastingsfishermen954.59.2Campion, George Bryant
Hastingsfishermen954.59.2Campion, George Bryant
Hastingsboys fishingPC.924.33Campion, George Bryant
Hastingsnet sheds995.34Carter, John (who restored it)
HastingsThe Stade981.27.11Clennell, Lukeattrib.
HastingsEast Hill and fishing boatsTP.1298Clennell, Luke
HastingsGalley Hill941.5.5Collingwood, W.
Hastingsfrom East Hill above All Saints church952.70.1Cox, David, II
Hastingsfrom above Clive Vale952.70.2Cox, David, II
Hastingsfrom beach, from SW956.45.3Cox, David, II
Hastingsluggers947.51.1Cundall, Charles
Hastingson the beach949.32.11Day, William
Hastingsfishing boats949.32.4Day, William
Hastingsfrom edge of East Hill towards All Saints church962.33Earp, Henry, I
HastingsTelemarchus' undergoing repairs at Fishmarket930.35Fischer, Paul
HastingsAll Saints Street, Edward Capell's houseTP.1700Furniss, Dorothy
HastingsEast Cliff House?, woman in mob cap knittingTP.1701Furniss, Dorothy
HastingsEast Cliff House, the kitchenTP.1703Furniss, Dorothy
HastingsEast Cliff HouseTP.1705Furniss, Dorothy
HastingsEast Cliff House, the boudoirTP.1706Furniss, Dorothy
HastingsEast Cliff HouseTP.1707Furniss, Dorothy
HastingsCastle, looking towards pier...TP.1691G., F.
Hastingsbeach looking W918.36.2Graves, Charles A.
Hastingscollier unloading by moonlight918.36.8Graves, Charles A.
HastingsRoebuck Yard, High Street941.5.78Graves, Charles A.
Hastingsbuildings at entrance to East StreetTP.B450507Graves, Charles A.
Hastingsfrom the sea976.94.1Greenside, C.F.
Hastingsthe Old Battery and Hastings from the beach971.25H., H.
HastingsAll Saints church964.6.1H., H.
Hastingsfrom West Hill947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingscottage in the trees947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingsfarm in the Lane947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingsfarm in the Lane, from the garden947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingshouse beyond some trees947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsValebrook947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsValebrook , near947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsHastings Lodge from the field behind the High Street947.30.7Harkness, Harriet
HastingsOld Roar Farm, nearTP.1628Harkness, Harriet
Hastingsbeach948.85.6Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingsview with dovecot966.38.11Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingsbeach966.38.4Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingsboats on beach966.38.6Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingsboats966.38.8Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingscottage on beach beneath cliff966.38.9Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
HastingsOld HastingsTP1168Hayes, Edwin
HastingsWest Hill House988.5Hunt, William Henry
Hastingspolling booth981.27.1Hunt, William Henry
Hastingsfishing boats981.27.2Hunt, William Henry
HastingsTorfields, view from the906.1.1Johnson, Marianne
HastingsGeorge Street, house in906.1.11Johnson, Marianne
Hastings906.1.2Johnson, Marianne
HastingsBourne side906.1.35Johnson, Marianne
HastingsCliffs and Castle906.1.7Johnson, Marianne
Hastingsthe Rope Walk906.1.8Johnson, Marianne
HastingsThe White RockL.227aJohnson, Marianne
HastingsHigh Street, house inL.231Johnson, Marianne
Hastingsroad to White RockL.238aJohnson, Marianne
HastingsWhite Rock from EL.240Johnson, Marianne
HastingsHigh Street, Pelham HouseL.241Johnson, Marianne
HastingsAll Saints Street, corner ofL.259Johnson, Marianne
HastingsAll Saints Street, houses inL.270Johnson, Marianne
Hastingshouses at rear of All Saints StreetTP.11Johnson, Marianne
Hastingscorner of All Saints Street, with signpost to LondonTP.14Johnson, Marianne
HastingsThe Rope WalkTP.351Johnson, Marianne
HastingsThe Rope WalkTP.352Johnson, Marianne
Hastingsroad to White RockTP.414Johnson, Marianne
HastingsTitus Oates' houseTP.49Johnson, Marianne
HastingsFishmarket953.64.2Jones, J.R.A.
Hastings950.26Keene, Charles Samuel
Hastingshouses in Castle Hill Road968.8Marten, John
Hastingsfrom under the East CliffTP.1527Marten, John
HastingsTown Hall971.51Moss, W.G.
HastingsEast Bourne Street949.70.1Moss, W.G.
Hastingsremains of Elizabethan pierTP.1713Nibbs, Richard Henry
HastingsEast Cliff907.133Percy, J. (Dr)
HastingsGalley Hill934.31.19Pott, Agnes
Hastingscottage near934.31.4Pott, Agnes
Hastingsnear934.31.5Pott, Agnes
HastingsAll Saints' Street934.31.6Pott, Agnes
HastingsHastings Lodge934.31.7Pott, Agnes
HastingsSt Leonards and HastingsL.1892/12Pott, Agnes
HastingsAll Saints Street901.3Prout, Samuel
Hastings989.58Prout, Samuel
HastingsAll Saints Street, top of901.3.55Prout, Samuelattrib.
Hastingsfishing boats911.35.13Prout, Samuel
Hastingsfishing boats putting out911.35.13Prout, Samuel
Hastingsfishing boats911.36.1Prout, Samuel
Hastingsold houses at928.39.1Prout, Samuel
Hastingsluggers946.85.2Prout, Samuel
HastingsHill StreetW35Prout, Samuelattrib.
HastingsBourne, the, looking SW37Prout, Samuel
HastingsGeorge StreetW38Prout, Samuelattrib.
Hastingsentrance from London road928.16.1Ross, Thomas
HastingsShovellsu/c23Ross, Thomas
Hastings134 All Saints Streetu/c24Ross, Thomas
Hastingsfrom the Wu/c27Ross, Thomas
HastingsMinnis Rocks, view from935.33.4Rouse, James
Hastings950.4Rowbotham, Thomas Charles Leeson
Hastingsfrom Pelham Crescent960.23.1Scott, Caroline Lucy (Lady)
HastingsPelham baths and crescent960.23.4Scott, Caroline Lucy (Lady)
HastingsAll Saints church941.5.37Scrivens, G.
HastingsThe Rapters [?]941.5.84Scrivens, G.
HastingsHarbour948.89.1Scrivens, W.
Hastingscliffs948.85.13Shepheard, George
Hastingsboat and net huts948.85.14Shepheard, George
Hastingsshrimping948.85.17Shepheard, George
Hastingsbeach948.85.18Shepheard, George
Hastingsbeach: fishing boat central, donkey and cart948.85.8Shepheard, George
Hastingsboats on beach948.85.9Shepheard, George
Hastingsfrom East HillTP.1041Shepheard, George
Hastingsview of Blacklands from Across the Fields [from the extension of Ashgod Road]967.42Simmons, C. Eyres
HastingsPastoral beauty at Summerfields in the old days [from John's Place]972.54Slater, Arthur
Hastingslooking towards lower part of East Hill, deezes and houses below, fishing boats on beach951.5.1Stanfield, Clarkson
HastingsAll Saints church955.61Syer, John
HastingsCaroline Place947.34Taylor, Walter
HastingsWhite Rock VillaTP.418Tickner, Henry
Hastingsgipsy encampment977.31Vincent, George
HastingsAll Saints church920.13.3Welby, Elizabeth
Hastingsfrom the Bexhill RoadW 249Welby, Elizabeth
Hastingsfrom the old London Road949.17.1Wells, William Frederick
Hastings949.17.2Wells, William Frederick
HastingsEast Wall955.35Whichelo, C. John M.
Hastingsstreet scene965.1.1Wigglesworth, Herbert
HastingsSt Clement's church965.1.2Wigglesworth, Herbert
Hastingsbeach965.1.3Wigglesworth, Herbert
Hastingsfive fishing boats939.30.4Williams, Edward Charles
HastingsCarlisle Parade980.124Wirths, M.
HastingsbeachTP355Glover, John
HastingsAll Saints church18th August 0949.69King, Berkeley
Hastingsfrom East Hill1780TP.1369Grimm, S.H.copy from
HastingsOld Town valley from behind All Saints' church1783TP.1461Marris, Robert
Hastingsfishermen1785992.26Farington, Joseph
HastingsCliffs at1785977.1Farington, Joseph
Hastingsfishermen and boats on beach1785TP.1715Farington, Joseph
Hastingsfishing boat with Castle Hill from E1785TP.378Farington, Joseph
Hastingsoast house and barn just out of1790TP.1519anon. before 1816
Hastingsthe Stade and Old Pier1790TP.816Revely, Henryafter Grimm
HastingsEcclesbourne1792Anderson bequestDay, William
HastingsCovehurst, cliff1792938.54Day, William
Hastingsrocks1792Anderson bequestDay, William
Hastingsbeach below East Cliff Hill, looking W1795953.23Girtin, Thomas
HastingsCastle1795985.63Girtin, Thomas
HastingsBull Inn, Coastguard Cottages, Harley Shute1800949.58anon. before 1816
Hastingstimbered houses1800901.3.58anon. before 1816
Hastingstimbered houses1800901.3.59anon. before 1816
HastingsShovells, All Saints Street1800TP.1712Prout, Samuel
HastingsBourne Street, SW side, looking S1800anon. before 1816
HastingsWhite Rock1800Anderson bequestDay, William
HastingsThe Haddicks1800949.32.7Day, William
Hastingsfrom NE1800949.32.8Day, William
HastingsCastle and cliff from Priory Valley1800949.32.2Day, William
HastingsCastle from N1800949.32.6Day, William
HastingsCastle and White Rock1806981.27.7H., H.
Hastingsfrom W; from foot of White Rock on left, across the West Hill and Castle to mouth of Old Town valley1807913.14H., H.
HastingsBourne, the, entrance of Hastings; soldiers passing The Slough inn at junction of All Saints Street and High Street1807946.81.3H., H.
HastingsCastle Rock1807948.81.2H., H.
Hastingspart of West Cliff, site of modern Castle Street1807955.51.3H., H.
Hastingsend of the Castle Cliff1807964.6.2H., H.
HastingsBourne entrance1807TP.1351H., H.
Hastingsfrom a field near the barracks [on W side?]1808926.17H., H.
Hastingsfrom NE, St Clement's and Castle1808928.41H., H.
HastingsThe Coney Banks [Croft Road]1808934.13.9H., H.
Hastingsboats on beach near Fort1810991.18.10anon. before 1816
Hastingssunset over fishing boat, Old Town1810991.18.11anon. before 1816
Hastingsbeach, Old Town1810991.18.12anon. before 1816
HastingsOld Town from Barley Lane1810991.18.8anon. before 1816
Hastingsfishing boats on the Stade1810991.18.9anon. before 1816
Hastingsfishing quarter1810957.4.2Barret, George, II
HastingsCastle Cliffs1810973.84Hopkins, F.
Hastingsfrom the cliffs1811950.38.1Munn, Paul Sandbyattrib.
HastingsCastle1811950.38.4Munn, Paul Sandby
Hastingslimekilns1811950.38.4Munn, Paul Sandby
Hastingsold houses12th September 1811TP.335Prout, Samuel
Hastingsfrom East Hill1812939.36.4anon. before 1816
Hastingsfrom the East Hill1812TP.1041anon. before 1816
Hastingsbeach1813TP.1203Munn, Paul Sandby
Hastingsacross the Priory Valley to the Castle1814982.14Hearne, Thomasattrib.
HastingsNoah's Ark or Boat House on the America Ground1814953.44.10Hearne, Thomas
Hastingsentrance to the Priory Valley from road under White Rock, with shipping on beach and Castle1814953.44.11Hearne, Thomas
Hastingsroad over White Rock looking W1814953.44.12Hearne, Thomas
Hastingsroad over White Rock at low tide, broken cart in foreground1814953.44.13Hearne, Thomas
HastingsTitus Oates' house from top of All Saints' Street1814953.44.2Hearne, Thomas
Hastingsbeach scene1814953.44.21Hearne, Thomas
HastingsEast Cliff House1814953.44.3Hearne, Thomas
Hastingsbeach from Tackleway at low tide1814953.44.4Hearne, Thomas
Hastingsfishing luggers on the beach1814953.44.5Hearne, Thomas
Hastingsbathing machines1814953.44.6Hearne, Thomas
Hastingscliffs with cottages1814953.44.7Hearne, Thomas
Hastingsfrom Hastings Castle over Priory Valley to Beachy Head1814953.44.8Hearne, Thomas
HastingsGun Garden at the bottom of Wellington Square1814953.44.9Hearne, Thomas
Hastingsrescue at1814994.19Moss, W.G.
Hastingsbeach looking E1814928.27Powell, Charles Martin
HastingsWhite Rock1815TP.1443anon. before 1816
Hastingsremains of old pier1815TP.1437Hobart, (Miss)
HastingsMrs Shovell's house in All Saint's Street1815L.227Johnson, Marianne
HastingsHill Street, at corner of Cobourg Place1815L.234Johnson, Marianne
HastingsThe Rope Walk1815L.265Johnson, Marianne
Hastingsold houses in the Bourne1815L.287Johnson, Marianne
HastingsTorfield, view from1815TP.13Johnson, Marianne
Hastingslimekilns on the site of Wellington Square1815TP.484Johnson, Marianne
HastingsWest Cliffs1815938.92Prout, Samuel
HastingsEast Cliffs1815938.92Prout, Samuel
Hastingslimekilns1815TP.484Prout, Samuel
Hastingsdischarging cargoe1st July 1815948.85.2Shepheard, George
Hastingsbeach, crowd of men leaning on boats; towards W15th July 1815948.85.10Shepheard, George
Hastingsbeach, towards East Hill23rd July 1815948.85.5Shepheard, George
Hastingslooking out to sea, boat on beach, men pulling another in15th July 1815948.85.11Shepheard, George
HastingsTitus Oates' house1816941.5.49anon. after 1815
HastingsPriory Bridge1816966.38Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingsfrom Minnis Rock1816903.3.19Cristall, Joshua
HastingsCastle1816Daniell, William
HastingsCastle, copy of wc by ... Hedges1817U/C.8Carson, C.D.
HastingsCastle ruins: looking S from field with sheep and children, ruins silhouetted, beach and boats below1817TP.1303Shepherd, Thomas Hosmer
Hastingsfrom Bohemia Place20th July 1817TP.1747Shepheard, George
Hastingsshrimpers23rd July 1817TP.490anon. after 1815
HastingsWellington Square and Castle Street1818TP.1465Shepheard, George
HastingsBourne Street1818TP.1728Shepheard, George
Hastingscottage between Hastings and Ore1st July 1818TP.1489anon. after 1815
HastingsCastle, inside1st July 1818TP.1490anon. after 1815
Hastingsfrom the White Rock1st July 1818W.245Hunt, W.
Hastingslow tide18th July 1818948.85.1Shepheard, George
HastingsEast Cliff18th July 1818948.85.7Shepheard, George
HastingsThe White Rock18th July 1818TP.93Shepheard, George
Hastingsbeach23rd July 1818948.85.6Shepheard, George
Hastingsbeach24th July 1818948.85.16Shepheard, George
Hastingsbeach scene25th July 1818948.85.15Shepheard, George
Hastingsfishing boats25th July 1818TP.1733Shepheard, George
Hastingsfrom London Road1820946.64.8Aglio, Agostinoattrib.
Hastingsfishermen1820947.30.3Batty, Robert (Dr)
Hastings1820936.48Bridges, James
Hastingscottage1820966.38.12Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
HastingsEast Cliff1820TP.481Johnson, Marianne
HastingsOld Bourne Stream1820W34Prout, Samuel
Hastingssketch book, 30 pages1821982.135anon. after 1815
HastingsPost House1821901.3.18anon. after 1815
Hastingsboats at sea1821966.38.2Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingsbeach: boats, men and anchors1821966.38.5Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingsship on beach1821966.38.7Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingsthe White Rocks1821966.39.10Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingscoloured aquatints, not listed1821Havell, William
Hastingssketchbook, 57 pencil drawings separately indexed1821L.241.1-L.257Johnson, Marianne
Hastingsfrom the Castle, looking towards Beachy Head1821953.52Owen, Samuel
HastingsWhite Rock18th May 1821TP.1357Moss, W.G.
HastingsWhite Rock19th May 1821TP.1358Moss, W.G.
HastingsMarine Parade23rd May 1821949.70.2Moss, W.G.
Hastingsinhabited boat on shore by Castle1st August 1821966.38.3Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingscottage on a clifftop, from road to Bohemia29th August 1821966.38.13Hastings, Thomas (Capt)
Hastingscoloured aquatints, not listed1822Havell, Robert
HastingsEast Cliff1822941.5.32Marten, John
HastingsSt Clement's church1822941.5.44Scrivens, G.
HastingsFishpond Farm1822941.5.67Scrivens, G.
Hastingsentrance to, from London Road1823951.10Aglio, Agostino
Hastingsfrom the Watch House1823TP.376Welby, Elizabeth
Hastingsfrom East Cliff1823W195Daniell, William
HastingsPelham Place28th February 1823941.4.17Moss, W.G.
HastingsWhite Rock, view from5th July 1823TP.1360Moss, W.G.
HastingsEast Parade1824928.43anon. after 1815
Hastingspanorama1824980.27Batty, Robert (Capt.)
HastingsChurch Street, St Clements1824938.17Rouse, James
HastingsOld Town Wall and part of the Gateway1824935.33.6Rouse, James
HastingsCastle, looking W1824L.1977Rouse, James
HastingsCastle1824TP.316Rouse, James
Hastingsthe Old Dripping Well, Fairlight1824TP.317Rouse, James
HastingsSt Clement's church from Hill Street1824TP.353Rouse, James
HastingsCastle1824TP.354Rouse, James
Hastingsdistant view of the coast from White Rock1825955.48.2anon. after 1815
HastingsMarine Parade1825909.31Lancaster, Richard Hume
HastingsWhite Rock1825TP.812Rouse, James
Hastingsfrom the E side1825920.13.1Welby, Elizabeth
HastingsFishmarket1825920.13.2Welby, Elizabeth
Hastingsfrom the White Rock1825TP.372Welby, Elizabeth
Hastings1825TP.501Welby, Elizabeth
HastingsWhite Rock18th October 1826TP.150Brooke, William Henry
Hastingsportfolio of 118 drawings and wc's1827980.26anon. after 1815
HastingsAll Saints church1827962.38Monro, Alexander
HastingsThe Theatre1828980.142.11Bonnar, G.W.
HastingsThe Marine Library1828980.142.12Bonnar, G.W.
HastingsThe Priory1828980.142.13Bonnar, G.W.
HastingsTown Hall1828980.142.14Bonnar, G.W.
HastingsPowell's Hastings1828980.142.15Bonnar, G.W.
HastingsAll Saints church1828948.89.7Robertson, George
HastingsEast Fort1828904.4Thorpe, John
Hastingssketch book, 40 pp1829960.18anon. after 1815
Hastingsthe Priory Bridge1830TP.1619Harkness, Harriet
Hastingsentrance to High Street, identical to litho. by George Rowe1830981.27.69Hayman?
HastingsAll Saints church1830935.26Monro, Alexander
HastingsValebrook Cottage18th June 1831947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsValebrook22nd July 1831947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsMarine Parade, looking towards Fishmarket26th September 1831935.64.1Jones, J.R.A.
Hastings1832948.89.3anon. after 1815
Hastingsfrom Ore1832L.570.danon. after 1815
HastingsValebrook , near6th September 1832947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsValebrook , near9th September 1832947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsSmiths Farm near Valebrook16th September 1832947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsValebrook, cow house at16th September 1832947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsValebrook Cottage23rd September 1832947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastings29th September 1832947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsCastle, part of1st October 1832947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingschairs in the Lodge1st October 1832947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingsfrom High Wickham1st October 1832947.30.5Harkness, Harriet
Hastingsfrom the East Gateway, St Leonard1st April 1833912.63.2anon. after 1815
Hastingsbeach, fishing boat central8th May 1833948.85.19Shepheard, George
Hastingsfishing boats9th May 1833948.85.3Shepheard, George
Hastingsfishing boats9th May 1833948.85.4Shepheard, George
Hastingsfrom the West Hill18th May 1833947.30.9Harkness, Harriet
HastingsWiltons Farm27th September 1833947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsWiltons Farm29th September 1833947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsValebrook1st October 1833947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingsbeach, two fisherboys on1834972.41.1B., J.
Hastingstwo fisherboys1834972.41.1B., J.
Hastingsdistant view of house and fields1834947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingsfishermen's quarters, showing old lighthouse and Cutter Inn1834TP.324Rouse, James
HastingsEast Cliff1st September 1834TP.1460anon. after 1815
Hastingsfishing boats going out12th September 1834TP.1456anon. after 1815
HastingsCastle, looking W16th September 1834TP.1451anon. after 1815
HastingsAll Saints church1835994.42anon. after 1815
HastingsAmerica Ground cleared before the building of Robertson street1835994.42anon. after 1815
HastingsBelmont and High Wickham1835994.42anon. after 1815
HastingsCastle1835994.42anon. after 1815
HastingsHastings Lodge and Halton1835994.42anon. after 1815
HastingsMarine Parade and the Baths1835994.42anon. after 1815
HastingsOld Pett church1835994.42anon. after 1815
Hastingssketch book, 15 views of Hastings and neighbourhood, of which 9 separately listed1835994.42anon. after 1815
HastingsVerulam Place and the Esplanade1835994.42anon. after 1815
Hastingsboat7th July 1835946.30.2Harkness, Harriet
HastingsValebrook Cottage9th August 1835947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastings19th August 1835976.38anon. after 1815
Hastingsview from Torfield1836947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingsentrance to1836937.7.1Nattes
HastingsEast Cliff1836939.7.2Nattes
Hastingsbeach and cliffs1836945.7Woodburn, S.
Hastingsentrance to, with buildings1st August 1836937.7.3Nattes
Hastingsentrance to1st August 1836TP.1914Nattes
HastingsEast Cliff, large block of lime and sandstone21st August 1836TP.1454anon. after 1815
HastingsEast Cliff, block of sea washed limestone23rd August 1836TP.1461anon. after 1815
Hastingsrocky cliff to E of6th September 1836TP.1462anon. after 1815
Hastingscart carrying logs, Priory Valley16th September 1836981.27.4Seally, C.M.
Hastingsold tree in the field at the entrance of Hastings after a storm1837947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingscottage1837947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingscottage and garden1837947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsValebrook1837947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsGeorge Street1837947.30.1Harkness, Harriet
HastingsAll Saints church1837947.30.10Harkness, Harriet
HastingsMount Pleasant, near10th June 1837947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastings11th September 1837947.30.8Harkness, Harriet
HastingsAll Saints church1838TP.1482Collingwood, W.
HastingsGalley Hill and Beachy Head1838TP.1485Collingwood, W.
HastingsValebrook , near17th July 1838947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsEast Cliff, block of sandstone1st October 1838TP.1455anon. after 1815
HastingsEast Cliff, middle25th October 1838TP.1458anon. after 1815
HastingsThe Ivy House23rd August 1839947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingssunset1st September 1839TP.1457anon. after 1815
Hastingsthe tidal rocks just beyond the East Cliff19th October 1839TP.1463anon. after 1815
Hastingsfishermen1840975.55.1Brooke, William Henry
HastingsPriory Meadows1840958.28Eldridge, John
Hastingsfishermen's huts1840960.23.3Scott, Caroline Lucy (Lady)
HastingsFishmarket1840L. 1155Wakeman, Thomas
HastingsAll Saints church27th March 1840947.30.4Harkness, Harriet
HastingsEast Hill Cliffs from the Spring Well21st April 1840TP.173Brooke, William Henry
HastingsThe Ivy Cottage from the Carriage Road8th June 1840947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsValebrook7th October 1840947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingsfrom a window at the Ivy House1841947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsMarine Parade1841L. 1154Wakeman, Thomas
HastingsEast Cliff, landslip 18418th May 1841TP.176Brooke, William Henry
HastingsThe Ivy Cottage7th June 1841947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hastingsfrom a window at the Ivy House23rd June 1841947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsEast Clifff landslip looking E7th July 1841TP.177Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff with part of the down1st August 1841949.69.1King, Berkeley
Hastingsroad to London from the entrance to Hastings1st August 1841949.69.11King, Berkeley
HastingsEast Cliff, looking W12th August 1841TP.171Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church18th August 1841949.69.12anon. after 1815
HastingsAll Saints church18th August 1841949.69.6King, Berkeley
HastingsEast Cliff looking E21st August 1841TP.178Brooke, William Henry
Hastingsbeach under the cliffs near Ecclesbourne21st August 1841949.69.3King, Berkeley
HastingsAll Saints church27th August 1841939.64.8anon. after 1815
Hastingsbeach, Castle Hill27th August 1841949.69.2King, Berkeley
HastingsEast Cliff, pigstye31st August 1841TP.185Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff, Pigstye, last on extreme edge of cliff1st September 1841TP.163Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff, pigstye1st September 1841TP.164Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff, pigstye2nd September 1841TP.167Brooke, William Henry
Hastingsfrom the Church Field at Ore2nd September 1841947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsEast Cliff, Rock-a-Nore24th December 1841TP.174Brooke, William Henry
Hastingsbeach1842939.63.5Moxon, C.
HastingsEast Cliff, near the Fishmarket12th April 1842TP.160Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff near Fishmarket3rd May 1842TP.182Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff, Butler's Cave, exterior9th May 1842TP.162Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff, Butler's Cave, antechamber10th May 1842TP.187Brooke, William Henry
Hastingsfarm building1843980.14anon. after 1815
HastingsPelham Crescent1843960.23.2Scott, Caroline Lucy (Lady)
HastingsThe Library House26th October 1843946.9.16anon. after 1815
HastingsValebrook28th September 1844947.3Harkness, Harriet
HastingsRock-a-Nore22nd December 1844TP.183Brooke, William Henry
HastingsRock-a-Nore26th December 1844TP.175Brooke, William Henry
HastingsEast Cliff, Rock-a-Nore26th December 1844TP.189Brooke, William Henry
HastingsOld Rock-a-Nore27th December 1844914.16.109Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church: corbels3rd February 1845TP.145Brooke, William Henry
HastingsAll Saints church from N1847956.48anon. after 1815
HastingsSt Mary in the Castle, interior details1848949.63Brooke, William Henry
Hastings1848958.8Richardson, Thomas Miles snr
HastingsOrient Cottage (view from West Hill towards Old Town and All Saints)1st January 1848981.27.22Scharf, Georgeafter
Hastingsboat on beach1849U/C.41.1anon. after 1815
HastingsBelmont1849947.30.11Harkness, Harriet
Hastingsboat with two sails1st March 1849U/C.41.3anon. after 1815
Hastingsboat on beach24th March 1849U/C.41.2anon. after 1815
HastingsOld Town27th March 1849U/C.41.4anon. after 1815
HastingsEast Hill27th March 1849U/C.41.5anon. after 1815
HastingsAll Saints church14th August 1849946.63.6Rouse, James
HastingsPelham Crescent1850941.5.11anon. after 1815
HastingsSt Clement's church1850982.136.4Jenks, J.
Hastingsentrance to1850981.27.12Ross, Thomasattrib.
HastingsFishmarket1st September 1850934.31.16Pott, Agnes
Hastingsbeach, westwards1851955.64Cole, George
HastingsCastle and East Hill1851L.1892/9Pott, Agnes
Hastingsluggers on beach1851939.10.1Williams, Edward Charles
Hastings2nd May 1851941.5.2Graves, Charles A.
HastingsPelham Crescent and Castle Hill from the sea1852934.31.13Pott, Agnes
Hastingsfishermen1st February 1852941.5.3Dillon, Frank
Hastingsbeach2nd May 1852941.5.2Dillon, Frank
Hastings 'Flying Fish' boat1st August 1852941.5.4Dillon, Frank
Hastingsentrance from the London Road1853931.32.1Bradley, Edward
Hastingsentrance to, from London Road1853931.32.1Bradley, Edward
HastingsThe Marina looking E1853931.34Thorpe, John
HastingsSt Leonards, view of, from above Clock House and Royal Victoria Hotel1853984.79Thorpe, John
Hastingspart of large vessel on beach5th October 1853951.5.2Stanfield, Clarkson
HastingsRock-a-nore1854950.3Rowbotham, Thomas Charles Leeson
HastingsEcclesbourne1855TP.326Pott, Agnes
HastingsAll Saints church from SE1855970.18.1Wigglesworth, Herbert
Hastingsfrom Devonshire Cottage26th April 1855934.31.17Pott, Agnes
Hastings18th August 1855TP.1685anon. after 1815
Hastings27th November 1855U/C.22anon. after 1815
HastingsOld Hastings looking W1856970.31Graves, Charles A.
Hastingsentrance to1856TP.1283L., S.
Hastingsentrance to1856946.11Ross, Thomas
HastingsSt Clement's church: font9th January 1856TP.147Brooke, William Henry
HastingsSt Clement's church: font10th January 1856TP.148Brooke, William Henry
Hastingsnet shops1857933.41.1Buckland, Elizabeth Oke (Mrs H.D. Gordon)
HastingsAll Saints church1857933.41.2Buckland, Elizabeth Oke (Mrs H.D. Gordon)
HastingsHoly Trinity church1857983.54Roberts
HastingsHigh Street, view from the back of nos 85 and 86, showing the Gardens and the Croft1857TP.1160Shorter, Henry
HastingsCastle1858TP.333Budden, Edward
Hastings1858939.30.3Williams, Edward Charles
Hastingsfishing boats1858939.30.5Williams, Edward Charles
Hastingsseascape of beach at Queen's Hotel1st June 1858TP.329Budden, Edward
HastingsCastle1st July 1858TP.332Budden, Edward
HastingsRock-a-Nore1859TP.1670B., R.P.
Hastingsbeach1859900.1.36B., T.
HastingsAll Saints church from rear of All Saints Street1860935.42anon. after 1815
HastingsFishmarket1860L.1986anon. after 1815
HastingsRock-a-Nore1860918.36.6Graves, Charles A.
HastingsCastle from base of mound9th August 1861918.36.10Graves, Charles A.
Hastings1863W226Meadows, Arthur Joseph
Hastingsbeach1864951.56.1Thorpe, John
Hastingsold houses and fishermen1865918.36.1Graves, Charles A.
HastingsFort Rock1868931.32.7Bradley, Edward
Hastingsfrom Bohemia18th April 1870947.20.30Harkness, Harriet
Heathfield1829976.99L., A.L.
Heathfield1829976.99L., A.L.
HerstmonceuxCastle23rd August 1831TP.1569Harkness, Harriet
HerstmonceuxCastle25th September 1832TP.1570Harkness, Harriet
HerstmonceuxCastle, gateway25th September 1832TP.1571Harkness, Harriet
HerstmonceuxCastle25th September 1832TP.1572Harkness, Harriet
HerstmonceuxCastle25th September 1832TP.1573Harkness, Harriet
Herstmonceuxchurch from NE1st August 1833TP.838Vaughan, Thomas
HerstmonceuxCastle, interior1837TP.1574Harkness, Harriet
Herstmonceuxchurch from SW10th August 1837TP.838Vaughan, Thomas
HerstmonceuxCastle22nd August 1837TP.1566Harkness, Harriet
HerstmonceuxCastle22nd August 1837TP.1567Harkness, Harriet
HerstmonceuxCastle from E23rd August 1837TP.1568Harkness, Harriet
HerstmonceuxCastle, gateway22nd August 1840TP.1565Harkness, Harriet
HerstmonceuxCastle1851TP.833Pott, Agnes
Herstmonceuxchurch1851TP.834Pott, Agnes
Hollingtonchurch23rd August 1826TP.1445anon. after 1815
Hollingtonchurch6th October 1840947.3Harkness, Harriet
Hollingtonchurch1851TP.709Pott, Agnes
Ickleshamchurch interior, looking W showing S aisleTP.195Brooke, William Henry
Ickleshamchurch from N29th May 1849TP.191Brooke, William Henry
Ickleshamchurch, S wall interior29th May 1849TP.193Brooke, William Henry
Ickleshamchurch interior, from chancel to nave29th May 1849TP.194Brooke, William Henry
Ickleshamchurch interior looking E from nave29th May 1849TP.196Brooke, William Henry
Ickleshamchurch, E end29th May 1849TP.197Brooke, William Henry
LewesDowns towards Brighton, from Star Inn31st August 1818TP.166Brooke, William Henry
Lullingtonchurch from NE8th August 1853TP.521Vaughan, Thomas
Lullingtonchurch from SW8th August 1853TP.521Vaughan, Thomas
not knownThe GorersTP.1487Scrivens, W.?
not knownstudy of a fisherman983.24.4Stanfield, Clarkson
not knowncarthouses and rustics by stream1840933.14Shayer, William
not knownchurch21st August 1840947.3Harkness, Harriet
OreOre Place, sheep shearing947.3Harkness, Harriet
Orethe Streeters cottage in the Stone Stile Lane947.3Harkness, Harriet
Orefarm at Silverhill1813950.38.1Munn, Paul Sandby
Orenear1813950.38.2Munn, Paul Sandby
Oreview of Hastings Castle, Pevensey bay and Beachy Head1814953.44.1Hearne, Thomas
Orecottage near church1st July 1818TP.764anon. after 1815
Orechurch1st July 1818TP.766anon. after 1815
Orenear Coghurst Wood17th July 1831947.3Harkness, Harriet
Orefrom Ore Lane21st September 1831947.3Harkness, Harriet
Orechurch18th May 1832948.3Harkness, Harriet
Orechurch from Old London Road7th March 1839947.3Harkness, Harriet
Orechurch1840TP.1444anon. after 1815
OreCoghurst Hall1840958.4J., C.M.
Orefrom the top of the Stone-Stile Lane3rd September 1840947.3Harkness, Harriet
Orenear Ore Place26th September 1840947.3Harkness, Harriet
Orenavies huts near Coghurst, 131st May 1850947.3Harkness, Harriet
Orenavies huts near Coghurst, 231st May 1850947.3Harkness, Harriet
PettPett Level and Royal Military Canal961.37.1Standwick, William
PevenseyBeachy Head from direction of941.5.6anon.
PevenseyPevensey Marshes955.48.7anon.
PevenseyCastle showing stocksTP.192Brooke, William Henry
PevenseyCastle1836TP.863Cavendish, William George Spencer, (Lord)
PevenseyCastle1836TP.864Cavendish, William George Spencer, (Lord)
portraitMrs Henry Webster [of Battle]950.29.2Bucken, Richard
portraitThe Hon. Miss -- Hastings, unfinished1842984.3.10Brooke, William Henry
portraitThe Hon. Miss C., Hastings1845984.3.7Brooke, William Henry
St Leonards952.69.2anon.
St LeonardsBlacklands church from the park981.27.60anon.
St LeonardsFilsham FarmTP.1688anon.
St LeonardsBulverhythe, Martello towers, from cliff E. towards HastingsTP1418anon.
St LeonardsMartello Towers near BulverhytheTP.328Budden, Edward
St Leonardsthe Public Rooms946.40.1Burton, James
St Leonardsthe East Colonnade946.40.2Burton, James
St Leonardsthe East gate and adjoining houses facing the sea946.40.3Burton, James
St LeonardsWest villa and adjoining houses on the Marina946.40.4Burton, James
St LeonardsBohemia House979.2Heriot, George
St LeonardsOn the road to BohemiaL.266Johnson, Marianne
St LeonardsThe Chapel BarnL.269Johnson, Marianne
St LeonardsBulverhythe Martello Tower938.19Killpack, Sarah Louisa
St LeonardsSt Leonard's Archway964.27Scott, Caroline Lucy (Lady)
St LeonardsArchery Ground982.111Shepherd, Thomas Hosmer
St Leonardsfarmyard at Bohemia1802946.81.1H., H.
St Leonardsthe Chapel Barn, Bohemia1808964.6.3H., H.
St LeonardsBohemia Farm1813950.38.3Munn, Paul Sandby
St LeonardsWilliam the Conqueror's Table near1815TP.1922Johnson, Marianne
St LeonardsThe Baths, N front1829946.117Burton, James
St Leonardsthe West Terrace1829946.40.5Burton, James
St LeonardsSouth Villa1829949.40.6Burton, James
St LeonardsNational School1833U/C.101B., E.
St Leonardsentrance to1835TP.1395anon. after 1815
St LeonardsNorth Gate1836941.4.45W., E.
St Leonardschurch1842912.63.3anon. after 1815
St Leonardsfrom the sea1848967.2anon. after 1815
St Leonardsview from the sea shore1853977.29Thorpe, John
St LeonardsGingerbread Green1855TP.1687anon. after 1815
Sussexalbum of about 130 small pencil & wc sketches of Eastbourne to Hastings area wrongly attrib. Francis Grose1800950.57anon. before 1816
Westfieldnear17th July 1831947.3Harkness, Harriet
Westfieldchurch15th September 1832947.3Harkness, Harriet
Westfieldfarm house near18th September 1833947.3Harkness, Harriet
Westfieldfarm house near, from fields at back18th September 1833947.3Harkness, Harriet
Westfieldruins of cottage near Westfield water1834947.3Harkness, Harriet
WestfieldOsborne's oast house near Westfield22nd September 1834948.3Harkness, Harriet
Westfieldchurch1840TP.1576Harkness, Harriet
WinchelseaStrand GateTP.1567Scrivens, G.?
Winchelseachancel ruins1814953.44.15Hearne, Thomas
Winchelseachurch from NW1814953.44.16Hearne, Thomas
Winchelsearuins of Friary?1814953.44.17Hearne, Thomas
WinchelseaYpres Gate [sic]1814953.44.18Hearne, Thomas
Winchelsearuins with trefoil arch seen through trees1814953.44.19Hearne, Thomas
WinchelseaStrand Gate1823TP.1536Scrivens, G.