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List of pictures belonging to : MuseuMAfricA, P O Box 517, Newtown, 2113 South Africa

PlaceViewDateReferenceArtistArtist qualification
BrightonTheatre, interior20th August 179968/1745, [B1576]Burchell, W.J.
Brightonbeach, from Pool to W20th August 179968/1747, [B1574]Burchell, W.J.
BrightonPool, pump for supplying baths20th August 179968/1885, [B1577]Burchell, W.J.
BrightonTheatre22nd August 179968/1744, [B1575]Burchell, W.J.
BrightonPool, baths and boats22nd August 179968/1887, [B1578]Burchell, W.J.
Brightonroad to Henfield, 3 or 4 miles from180168/1778, [B1611]Burchell, W.J.
BrightonTown Parade; entrance to from N: Steine, Grove House, East St.180168/1788, [B1616]Burchell, W.J.
BrightonMarine Parade, looking W9th September 180168/1779, [B1613]Burchell, W.J.
BrightonNorth Parade12th September 180168/1781, [B1615]Burchell, W.J.
BrightonCharles Street12th September 180168/1782, [B1614]Burchell, W.J.
Cowfoldchurch from NNE180168/1780, [B1610]Burchell, W.J.
Dorking [Surrey]road to Horsham, 1 miles from24th July 179968/1807, [B1570]Burchell, W.J.
Dorking [Surrey]bridge over River Mole from W180168/1771, [B1605]Burchell, W.J.
Dorking [Surrey]bridge over River Mole from E180168/1778, [B1606]Burchell, W.J.
Eridge'on the road to the Rocks, looking towards Tunbridge Wells'15th August 179968/1808, [B1573]Burchell, W.J.
Grinstead, EastBrambletye, ruins11th April 180368/1755, [B1620]Burchell, W.J.
Grinstead, EastFlanders11th April 180368/1784, [B1619]Burchell, W.J.
Grinstead, EastBrambletye, distant view11th April 180368/1786, [B1621]Burchell, W.J.
Henfieldhouse near church180168/1777, [B1609]Burchell, W.J.
HorshamBirchen bridge, 2 miles SE of179968/1806, [B1569]Burchell, W.J.
Horshamcottage, 1.5 miles from Horsham on Henfield road180168/1772, [B1608]Burchell, W.J.
not knownanglers in a wood by a folly4th August 179968/1805, [B1571]Burchell, W.J.
Poyningschurch from NE180168/1776, [B1612]Burchell, W.J.